The Death Knell - Chapter 4341 possible contact

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From the overseer's steady stream of flattery, Deathstroke gets detailed answers about where there are well-informed bars, where are good brothels, and where are high-end restaurants.

No matter whether Su Ming who asked the question wanted to know or not, the supervisor said it enthusiastically, without reservation.

And after getting a can of food as a thank you, the strong man offered a lot of good words, but Su Ming had already taken Liana away in the steam.

The overseer was very class-conscious, and Strangler told the host that even if the two walked away, he respectfully watched them leave with a smile, and only waved a whip dipped in salt water to drive the tools to work until they could no longer see their backs.

It's just that his smile is extremely stiff, like a mask that can be changed at any time. It comes and goes too fast. He doesn't seem to have his own thoughts, and is just numbly running the rules of the bosses.

"Steampunk cities are like this. Compared with cyberpunk, the biggest difference lies in people's mental outlook." Su Ming walks in the rugged alleys, and from time to time he encounters copper pipes and air passages, which makes it difficult to walk. Convenient, he chatted with students by the way.

"It's because of the lack of chemical bliss and electronic bliss." The secret guest also understands it well, after all, he is also a supreme mage: "I can see that the lower-level workers here have no leisure activities at all, and they even forget that they are human beings. It's completely a tool."

In the world of cyberpunk, Liana has seen it, and Ciri took her to a place called Night City to play.

Although the company dog ​​there is also a sad existence who is squeezed by the labor force*, but at least after get off work, they can use various drugs and super dreams to numb themselves, obtain spiritual comfort, and the choice of entertainment methods far exceeds the number of choices here. .

The teacher is right, the more choices you have, the happier you are.

"The tools of obedience are cultivated. For example, if the working parents who are already obedient are brought together, their children will also be very docile. In this way, from generation to generation, the final breeding result is that these do not even need their own names. Tools. As for those who are disobedient, they are on the rails."

Su Ming nodded and walked to the new city with the secret guest. The city made up of countless land high-altitude platforms looked like an irregular 'field' shape. The prosperous area is close to its central area.

The living environment is of course linked to money. The richer you are, the better the living environment. This is the same in many worlds.

But here, only the rich can receive a little education, the poor or tools are not qualified, they only need labor.

If you want to inquire about things in the wilderness outside the city, at least ask someone who is literate.

"Sounds like an American farmer cultivating black slaves." Liana smiled. She looked up at the sky, but through the narrow alley, all she could see was steam. The so-called sky is a slightly brighter line slit.

"The workers here are essentially slaves, it's just another way of saying it." Death Knell said with a smile, and shook his head: "Looking at it this way, I'm really kind to the alien workers at Wilson Enterprises, and they still pay for it every week. Give them bouillon once and suddenly feel like a virgin."

This is talking about the Star Wars world, and Wilson Enterprises is doing some work as a 'state-owned enterprise' of the Galactic Empire. …. .


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