The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity - Chapter 1545 best actress

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Why is Hua Xuanhe here? !

I saw Hua Xuan and Da Fangfang walked to the center of the stage, took the envelope, and read out the winner of the letter:

"The one who won the Best Actress in a TV Drama of the Year at the Fengyun Festival is—"

Hua Xuanhe also deliberately paused for a few seconds, waiting for the background sound to reveal the suspense to end, and then pronounced the final name:


The audience burst into applause.

Everyone's eyes and cameras fell on Shi Xi.

The girl's eyebrows are like distant mountains, her eyes are like stars, and she has a sweet smile.

Fans watching the live broadcast had a hunch, but when they saw that Shi Xi really won the award, they began to cheer.

[Shixixi nb! 】

[From now on, it will be Shixi after the play! Sister Xi is here! 】

[The best rookie who is still young in his debut, the super-popular star who is sharp-edged, the best supporting actress who is calm and reserved, and the best heroine who is confident and confident now! Shi Xixi, you are so strong, I love you so much. 】

[Wuwu, the movie won the best director, and then it will hit the queen! 】


On the road paved with flowers and applause, Shi Xi walked very firmly.

On the stage, Shi Xi took Hua Xuan and the trophy in his hand.

Hua Xuanhe gently hugged her and whispered in her ear, "Our family's Xixi is very powerful."

Shi Xi rolled his eyes, "Thank you."

Although I wanted to ask Hua Xuanhe why he was here.

But now is clearly not the time.

Hua Xuan took a group photo with Shi Xi after awarding the award. The beautiful and handsome guys stood together, very seductive.

Shi Xi walked to the microphone and saw the relatives and friends sitting under the stage with gentle eyes, "Thank you for the Best Actress Award given to me by the Fengyun Festival. I have the trophy I am looking forward to in my hand, and I feel a heavy sense of accomplishment."

"Thank you to the fans who have always supported me. Because of your company and support, I am more determined to move forward."

"Thank you to all the crew of "The Ninth World is Safe", without you, there would be no such excellent drama, and I wouldn't be able to get this golden trophy~"

"I also want to say a word to the comrades in the film and television industry: I hope everyone can calm down and polish their excellent works, so as to create the prosperity of the Chinese film and television industry! Thank you all!"

The girl standing on the stage has firm, star-studded eyes.

There was thunderous applause from the audience.

[The layout of Shixi is so big, you deserve your bright star! 】

[A little sister who works hard and knows how to be grateful~]

[Every time I speak, I will be moved, Shi Xixi is really growing up. 】

Shi Xi: No longer the rookie in the entertainment industry who broke the trophy head!

The best actor in the future also fell on Chu Yuan unsurprisingly.

Chu Yuan was dressed in a white suit, tall and straight, elegant and elegant, and steadily walked to the stage to accept the award.

Chu Yuan, who has already won the best actor, won the award again, which is just the icing on the cake.

After expressing his thanks, Chu Yuan added: "In this industry, I found that some works did not perform well, and the production team said that the audience did not know how to appreciate them.

I want to say: Excellent works must be loved by the public.

I hope everyone can work together to produce better film and television works, instead of one bad drama after another.

In the new year, I wish you all the best of luck. "

Chu Yuan's speech was much harder than Shi Xi's.

But it makes sense.

No one wants to watch bad dramas.

[What's the use of saying this? Those little actors who played bad dramas, they also had to choose. Some people can't even act in a play. 】

[I didn't just talk about the actors, I was talking about the whole organization of bad dramas, fans don't take the right seat! 】

[Although the two of them said that probably nothing could be improved, they had the courage to say that it was already progress. How many people dare not say it. 】

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