The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity - Chapter 1546 Has Shi Xi been dumped?

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After the event ended, apart from the best male and female protagonists, the most discussed topic was #rectifying the entertainment circle#.

[I really want to see a drama with a hundred flowers blooming, not a misunderstanding of various routines. 】

[This kind of drama is a scarce resource, right? Like Shi Xi and Chu Yuan's dramas, there are almost no bad dramas. 】

[Both of them are very good at picking scripts. 】

[Because they can choose the script, the young actors don't have to choose at all. Isn't the female supporting role in Shixi's first drama also a vulgar school drama? All rely on her face to attract powder. 】


Everyone was discussing and discussing, and they went off topic.

Just under the topic of #Rectify the entertainment circle#, the preview of "The Legend of Emperor Ji" starring Shi Xi was broadcast.

Shi Xi was wearing a golden brocade robe and a golden crown, and was the most respected princess. Lift your eyes and smile, infinite beauty.

As soon as the picture turned, the sky was filled with gunpowder.

Shi Xi was dressed in golden armor, holding a halberd, and his eyes were cold and stern.

Then came the shots of the male supporting cast.

Compared with "The Ninth World is Safe", the plot of "The Legend of Emperor Ji" is more biased towards the heroine.

"Ninth World is Peace" is mainly about the ninth-life love between the male and female protagonists.

And "The Legend of Emperor Ji" is a pure heroine drama with only superficial male protagonists, but in fact there are countless male supporting characters.

At the same time, "Star Air" also issued a current notice.

The background of the story is in 2333, human beings have been able to travel through interstellar and found planets with other life forms in the universe.

The heroine played by Shi Xi is an interstellar businessman who travels across different planets, reselling items and earning the difference.

During her voyage, she encountered all manner of humans and aliens.

Shi Xi was sitting on the starship chair in a white shirt, with a lollipop in his mouth, leaning against the back of the chair, looking mature and playful.

Cute plus!

Fans were excited to set off firecrackers to celebrate the New Year after seeing the two previews.

[Ah, ah, is "The Legend of Emperor Ji" finally going to be broadcast? ! "Star Air" together? So excited, so excited! Fresh goose! 】

["The Legend of Emperor Ji" should be broadcast, "Star Air" has just finished, it should take some time. 】

[Mom, at the party, Shi Xi and Chu Yuan didn't even mention it at all! You two can hide it! 】


"The Legend of Emperor Ji" is well-made, impeccable from the costumes to the plot, not to mention the appearance of the leading and supporting actors.

And when Shi Xi finished "Star Air", he joined the crew of the movie "Pentium".

According to Xie Yunzhou's words, "work is more important than your boyfriend, isn't it?".

Shi Xi laughed: "You must be more important than work!"

Actual: [Working in the crew 360 days a year. 】

Men can be coaxed, but if you lose your job, you will lose it!

Shi Xi was particularly sober in this regard.

This is also a point that fans have loved Shixi for a long time.

Although in love, but sober work.

What happened to the female star in a relationship?

As long as you don't help the poor, you can talk about a few at the same time!

Xie Yunzhou was also busy.

Fortunately, both of them are in Yanjing, so they spend more time together.

Distance produces beauty.

Shi Xi felt that every time they came back from a small separation, there was a sense of happiness and joy of reuniting after a long absence.

The kind that knows the difference and counts the days waiting to meet.

It's as surprising as opening a blind box.

Xie Yunzhou's existence is too weak, UU reading www.uukanshu. com often makes people forget that Shi Xi is in love.

There are even sunspots who are starting to pick things up.

[It's been a long time since there was news of Shixi's relationship, was Shixi dumped? 】

[I don't know, I heard that her boyfriend is a rich second generation, this kind of man is very busy, how can he be with Shixi for a long time? 】

good night~

Two days before registration + examination + dinner [I waited for two hours for the dinner and then the wedding candy was dropped by me in the taxi]

Cash is required for dining

When I got to the ATM of the bank, I tried to take out my bank card and found that it was a supermarket shopping card.

I've been through a lot these two days

(End of this chapter)

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