The Female Partner Refuses To Be Cannon Fodder - Chapter 2561 Yan Yan sixteen

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Director Liu sat down beside Yan Yan: "Yan Yan, uncle won't beat around the bush, what about the script?"

Yan Yan picked up the backpack on one side, and took out a printed script from it. Director Liu seemed to have received some kind of treasure, and was quickly immersed in it.

Yan Yan knew his temperament. Seeing him concentrate on reading the script, she didn't say much. She just watched the video just filmed over and over again. At the same time, she discussed with Jiang Chan how she would interpret the scene if it were her.

In some ways, she has become more and more like a lunatic. For her enthusiasm, Jiang Chan agrees. If you want to become a top actor, this kind of hard work is necessary.

Look at Lao Liu, then look at Yan Yan, Director Li snorted, but Lao Liu rarely found a thing he loved, so he still didn't pour cold water, although he felt that Lao Liu's play had no connotation.

When Director Liu came over, Yi Mingzhe couldn't be more happy. He carried the pony and sat next to Director Liu. Hearing the movement, Director Liu looked up at him, and then shoved the first two episodes of the script into his hands.

"The hero of the new play, do you want to try it?"

Yi Mingzhe hugged the script: "If you want, thank you Director Liu."

As he wished to kidnap Yi Mingzhe, Director Liu smiled: "After returning, read the script carefully, old Li, is Mingzhe's role almost the same?"

Director Li was annoyed: "His role ended early. This kid is eager to learn. He has been doing errands in the crew recently. You should take him away! I have a word in advance. If I ask him to try the scene in the future, you are not allowed to stop him."

Director Liu said with a smile: "That's definitely not possible, and I can't delay Mingzhe's development, can't I? Yan Yan, Mingzhe and I went back first. When will your play end? I'm still waiting for you to do the styling."

Director Li is not happy now: "Okay you old Liu, are you digging your feet? Don't take you like this? Yan Yan is very important in our crew, how can I go with you so easily? "

Seeing Yan Yan being scrambled by the two directors, everyone could only sigh, when would they be so valued by the director?

Director Liu: "Seeing that my drama has become popular, there must be a lot of people following the trend. I have to strike while the iron is hot. I watched it, and then I will also move the crew here, and then it will be convenient for me to find Yan Yan."

Director Li also knew that what Director Liu said was true: "Okay, the role of Yan Yan is over, and she can learn something by going to you. In this world, will there be a way for people to live?"

Seeing Director Li talking about Yan Yan's mantra, Director Liu smiled: "Then it's settled, Yan Yan, let's discuss and discuss the starring role? The first male must be Mingzhe, and the female one? Where are the male two and the second female?"

Seeing that Yan Yan went to get her small bag again, Director Liu knew that she was someone who would not fight an unprepared battle. Sure enough, after seeing the starring's information, Director Liu said with a smile: "Your vision is not bad in the past. I'll go to the audition first. After the crew is set up, I will contact you again."

Director Liu left with Yi Mingzhe, and the ripples that were aroused were not so easily subsided. For a while, there were more people in the crew surreptitiously watching Yan Yan, so the script was given out like that?

Director Li was a little unhappy: "It's really easy, Lao Liu, to ask you for a book. When will you give me a book?"

Yan Yan smiled bitterly: "The script that Director Liu wants is easy to write, but the one that you like is not so easy to write. Work slowly and do meticulous work."

Director Li was cheered by Yan Yan in a blink of an eye: "It's really good, Lao Liu's drama this time is really good, and the actor's style is also very good-looking, and it looks very different from the current style."

Yan Yan is proud: "It's natural, I don't like the current style, the hair is long enough to cover the eyes, and it is dyed in various colors, so it makes my eyes hot."

"Spicy eyes, this is a good word." Director Li pondered a few words, "The rest time is over, let's continue shooting! Everyone, work harder, and finish the shooting early, everyone will stop working early!"

An Ru: "Director Li, how long do we have to finish the project?"

Director Li thought about it: "At least a month, this girl has written a good script and her lines are very tight, so the requirements for you are high. The script has a total of thirty episodes, and we have only shot less than two-thirds. "

Yan Yan: "Our progress is already very fast. The actors have been selected very well. When everyone is on the show, the progress is moving forward. If every crew is like this, how good would it be?"

Director Li: "Thirty episodes are too few after all, but once it's taken apart, the plot looks a little watery."

Yan Yan is firm and firm: "If you don't dismantle it, it won't be the same as before."

Director Li also said that his requirements are still very high, but he doesn't care about his works just because he wants to sell more money.

"An Ru, you ask this, do you want to go to Lao Liu's place to try the show?"

An Ru didn't hesitate: "Indeed, I'm also forty, and it would be embarrassing to want to act at this age. Let's play the female lead. When I'm older, I'll see if there is any mother's role."

What she said was sad, but it was the truth. Yan Yan pondered: "Actually, we can write an urban workplace drama, from a female perspective..."

The more she spoke, the lower her voice became, and everyone stared at her with burning eyes. Yan Yan shrank her neck: "You... why are you all looking at me like this?"

Director Li patted Yan Yan's shoulder heavily: "Little girl is very The urban workplace drama you are talking about... I think it is very interesting, do you take the time to write it out? We are the actors and directors here. , take your pick! As long as you have a script!"

Yan Yan stammered: "I'm just talking... talk about..."

"You have this idea when you talk about it, and it's even more incredible when you write it!" Director Li couldn't bear Yan Yan's rejection: "That's it, a month should be enough for you to think about it!"

After Director Li said this, Yan Yan agreed in a dizzy manner. She didn't recover until she sat down in a small corner of the studio: "I was fooled by Director Li like this? Sure enough, it's an old fox!"

She stared at Director Li resentfully, wanting to go back on it, but she couldn't open her mouth, so she could only get sullen in a small corner.

Jiang Chan gloated: "It's also an opportunity to exercise. Didn't you write the script of your idol drama well before? This time it's a workplace drama, have you watched less? Come on, I'm optimistic about you."

Yan Yan: "I can write it. Teacher, can you help me revise it? I'm not sure I can write well."

Jiang Chan agreed: "No problem! Don't you think you are quite confident now? You are still talented in screenwriting. With so many years of advanced vision, pigs can fly to the sky. You are much smarter than pigs. ."

Yan Yan: "Teacher, do you compare me to a pig?"

Jiang Chan: "You can still play tricks with me. Obviously, this script is not difficult for you."

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