The First Cause of All Realms - v2 Chapter 968 Killing God Soldiers: 2-edged Knife!

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God, it's bleeding!

The extremely intense blood color, as soon as it appeared, filled the crypt, the void, and even the perspectives of all outside observers with an incomparably domineering posture.

All of a sudden, not to mention Zhong Lilie, Old Demon Cholera and others, even the Taoist Sanchi who was urging his sword to cut people eight thousand miles away, Zhao Xuantai and Heihu in the clouds and mist were all stunned for a moment.

I just feel that the blood is boiling for a moment, as if it is melting and decomposing!


The moment of time difference, almost collapsed, Taoist Sanchi woke up suddenly, eight thousand miles away, he screamed loudly and urged the sword formula.

Eight thousand miles away, in the catacombs, thousands of blades were screaming, the flames were raging, and all kinds of colors appeared, trying to suppress that ray of blood!


The sword made a human voice, moving the cave, and at the end of the jet lag, the appearance of the flying sword was truly revealed.

Three feet in length, sessile and transparent, with sharp edges.

"What my uncle said makes sense. It's so quiet four thousand miles away, it's worth a visit..."

Zhong Lilie let out a clang, and was suddenly interrupted. Before the sword's momentum fell, before Zhong Lilie advanced and retreated, Yang Jue suddenly stretched out his other hand and grabbed the violently shaking Zhong Lilie:

"The Heavenly Sword is three feet long, the half is four poles, and the three-foot Taoist..."


The blood-colored sword light rose with the shocking sound of the sword, and it was mighty, like a blue dragon in the abyss, roaring from the sky to the earth.


Four thousand miles away, dark clouds were densely covered, and the incarnation of Taoist Sanchi was even more dazzling.

Flicking his palm lightly, a lot of dripping blood has flowed back under Zhong Lilie's gaze, Yang Jue nodded his thanks.

The sound of clanging swords turned into human words, and the Sanchi Taoist, four thousand miles away, let out a muffled grunt. In a trance, he felt as if a god-man sitting far away in the sky cut down a heavenly sword.

"This knife is like an abnormal killing treasure..."

The moment he glimpsed the old monk, Taoist Sanchi completely disappeared into the void here, even if Zhong Lilie was taken down, he couldn't care about it for the time being.

Don't say that the magic power of his avatar has plummeted at this moment, even if it is intact, he is definitely not the opponent of this great monk!

The scarlet light was shining, Yang's prison clothes were all flaring, and he walked forward with a knife, every time he took a step, Zhong Lilie was pushed back by him.

He advanced very fast, but the surprise attack he expected did not come, so he couldn't help turning around in astonishment.

In the crypt, there was a sudden silence.

Its speed is not too fast, its momentum is not too weak, it is natural, but it seems to be omnipresent, like a shadow, which makes him feel a chill in his heart.

But his physique is only a thread behind that of the four-flaming Canglong. It is impossible to destroy such a gathered sword energy.


This Buddha's name is not high or not, and it doesn't contain any magical powers, but when it exploded, the eyelids of Taoist Sanchi couldn't help but twitch.

But in the eyes of all the onlookers, the crypt, the void, and the earth all lost their color where the blood was shining.

【Killing the Divine Soldiers: Two-Edged Knife】

"Monk Kuiyin!"

"On behalf of my uncle, I will take a look..."

With that sword slash, the avatar of Taoist Sanchi was dimmed a bit, and his magic power was exhausted.

At this moment, no matter it was Zhong Lilie, Old Devil Cholera or the others, there was a trace of astonishment in their eyes.

"You are actually refining and killing divine soldiers!"

Monk Kuiyin waved his big hand and turned away with the other monks. After walking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and looked at the young monk standing still on the hill:

So many times, the red light like blood filled this mountain forest, almost dyeing the dark clouds that were pressed down by Rumble in blood red.

"Finding the place where the Buddha was born and guiding me to the Buddha's return is the most important thing..."

At this moment, the crypt transformed from the fragments of the cave sky began to shake violently. The billowing smoke and dust engulfed many instruments, materials, and even a sea of ​​magma burst out.

Not devour!

"I haven't fought against anyone for four hundred years, and my cultivation of mind and character has reached the pinnacle. Brother, he doesn't need to worry about it!"

Half of the four poles also has the power of the four poles.

He didn't seem to care about the retreat of the three old demons of cholera, and his mind just fell on the red magic knife in his palm:


If he misses a blow, he will cut off his breath and escape thousands of miles away. Even if Zhong Lili falls into his hands, he will not miss it at all. This life-saving decisiveness is no less than Lu Chen...

"Is this going?"

The incarnation can't compare with the deity, but his sword has been urged to such a degree that even the deity of the four extremes will be cut off by him for a while.

"The ancestor of a family is nothing more than that..."

One sword turned into ten thousand swords, but he had already extinguished the idea of ​​capturing and killing him, but wanted to chop his body to pieces, capture his soul and return.

"Pretend to kill, but actually don't dare to show your face, how ridiculous?"

Like a gas dragon mixed with red and red, it soars into the sky.

But before this thought could pass, he couldn't help but gasp again. It was a magic knife that was as red as blood and breathed rhythmically as if alive.

Talking to himself, Yang Ju stretched out his hand, and pulled out the re-hardened double-edged knife from the billowing flames.

The young monk didn't change his face.

The great monk of Zhang Er glared at his nephew:

It's like thousands of flying needles piercing, trying to destroy his body.

Baihu was astonished, but Zhao Xuantai's expression was a little subtle, as if he was recalling, but also sighed:


This knife seems to be very random, the light of the knife even has only a faint line of blood.


Like countless chains, they pierced through the front flames, and slashed towards the red-clothed swordsman who was sitting cross-legged under the lava sea of ​​flames!

"Finding the place where the Buddha was born is the most important thing

A young monk dressed in a moon-white monk's robe with a face as crystal clear as jade bowed slightly and said:

I saw big monks dressed in monk's robes coming out of the forest, and standing in front of them was a middle-aged monk who was two feet tall, as burly as a mountain, and covered with a touch of gold!

What about such a junior who just made it to the top ten gold list by relying on his heels?

Zhong Li fiercely took a step back, his pupils constricted violently, he has supernatural powers and has excellent eyesight.

"Blood Transforming Sword!"

Even though they were four thousand miles away, they were by no means comparable to the other four. Even though Yang Qian's horizontal knife blocked this lore, the piercing sword light still penetrated into his body.


Outside the burrow, Yang Jue, who had caught Zhong Lilie and was about to step forward to pursue him, couldn't help but frown. Of course, it wasn't because Zhong Lilie had cut his palm with many wounds.

The roar of the tiger came out of the clouds, and the white tiger stood up on its forelegs, with a look of shock:

"Uncle Kuiyin. Before leaving, Master once said that during this trip to Nanling, you are not allowed to fight any practitioners..."

"Blood Transforming Sword..."

Although the monk Kuiyin is not as stunning and talented as his senior brother, the monk Longyin, what he does is the way of Buddhist Dharma protection, the ultimate level, and the power of the king!

"One line of four poles, but it is beyond the reach of four glory...

"The Cangjiang River is three feet, it's a bit decisive. It's a quick walk..."

"Dare to take the old man's clock away?!"



"Mi Xin, are you not leaving?"

Monk Mi Xin clasped his hands together, bowed slightly, and in the angry eyes of Monk Kuiyin behind him, it turned into a streak of light and disappeared without a trace:

Among them, what such a huge sound wave could not cover up was Sanchi Taoist's groaning sound with his sword!

It was broken down into tiny particles that even his eyesight could not see!

"It's a familiar taste..."

"Amitabha! Good, good..."


However, this

Obviously, the sound of the saber was shaking the sky, but it gave people a feeling of silence, which was extremely miraculous.

Outside the burrow, Yang Jue slashed his sword in front of him, and with a mouthful of Zhongli that was as transparent as glass, he drew back thousands of sword threads and came straight to the center of his eyebrows, but was stopped by his slash.

Monk Kuiyin clasped his hands together and watched Sanchi Taoist go away, the faint golden light lingering on his body just dissipated:

He actually made a knife? !

But he didn't seem to realize it, or, he didn't even have the time to be firm, only...

But before the sound wave fell, the flying sword had turned into thousands of thin sword threads that were almost invisible to the naked eye after a slight tremor!

this is......

One person and one tiger had different expressions, and outside the burrow, in the wild forest, the redness of the sky disappeared, and the sea of ​​sword light that came through it had completely disappeared.

With more than a thousand years of practice, Taoist Sanchi is keenly aware of something wrong even if he is three thousand miles away.

"Is there still an inheritance in this world?"

"Interesting, interesting!

The sound of swords and swords became one, and the two colors of light, centered on Yang Yu, collided violently and rubbed against each other. Taoist Sanchi sneered, and when he was about to urge the sword formula, he suddenly heard a fierce and long Buddha's chant:

Among the raging flames, Yang Ju, who had been sitting quietly all day and night, raised his brows, his eyes were as clear as a mirror, reflecting everything that happened inside and outside the cave, before and after.

However, in the next moment, his eyes seemed to freeze. Four thousand miles away, his eyes couldn't help but feel a tingle of pain.

But it seems that in less than a thousandth of an instant, the **** light has already filled the crypt, the void, and even, visible to the naked eye, the world!

After a moment of stagnation, there was an earth-shattering explosion.

And the moment Yang Jue held the knife, he felt the blood all over his body, which quickly disappeared and was swallowed by the double-edged knife.

Even, I saw the Sanchi Taoist four thousand miles away, screaming and kneading.

This voice is only a hundred feet away from him!

"Four thousand miles away, there seem to be a few young masters, among them not only the Wanshi Tianzong Zhonglilie, but also the sword fairy Nanling who has recently gained fame. Isn't it worth visiting?"


He clearly saw that wherever the light of the saber came, whether it was sword energy or vegetation, they all melted away like snowflakes exposed to the scorching sun!

A momentary thought flashed by, Taoist Sanchi had once again pinched the sword formula:

Then, cut it out!


Even the sea of ​​sword energy that Sanchi Taoist cut out four thousand miles away was swallowed by the light of the sword without a sound.

clank clank clank

Almost without any firmness, the sword formula that Sanchi Taoist squeezed out halfway dissipated, and his figure disappeared into the forest here like smoke.


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