The First Cause of All Realms - v2 Chapter 969 The magic weapon karma, the blood prison reappears!

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[Soldiers: Two-edged Knife]

【Fate: Blood Transforming Sword】

[Fate number: four purples, two golds, three reds, three blues and one black]

[Blood Transforming God's Edge (Lavish Purple), Bloody and Strong (Lavish Purple), Taibai God's Edge (Lavish Purple), Poisonous Blade (Lavish Purple)

Shapolang (light gold), Immortal Blade (light gold), Seven Tribulations True Meaning (light red), Invincible (light red), Size Ruyi (light red)

Bloodthirsty Blade (Light Blue), Night Devil (Light Blue), Armor Breaker (Light Blue), Karma Encumbered (Black)]

[Rank: Under the Soul]

[Rank: Unopened Front]

Turned upside down!

Although it only took less than a day, the drastic change of the double-edged sword was beyond Yang Yu's imagination.

Before the gunpowder smoke cleared inside and outside the forest, Zhu Liying had already rushed over. The suffering master didn't care that most of the burrow was destroyed, but just looked at the red long knife with interest.

On the Golden List of Ten Capitals, among the younger generation, his ranking is second only to Zhong Moulie.

This Zhong Daoyou was born as the leader of the Immortal Sect, and he didn't like the magic knife, which is also what he should have meant. He was poorly born, and he was considered among the Immortal Sect, a rare person with a bit of immortal energy. "

Karma ridden...

"What are some small things?"

Yang Yu asked back.

Mi Xin blinked.

"If Fellow Daoist really has the heart, how about telling Zhong about the affairs of the Yin Tian Palace? The world's mystical arts are all in the Ten Thousand Immortals Catalogue. Zhong has never been there, but he is curious!

"Mi Xin followed suit:

"No, no, no.

[Kamma is entangled: the murder knife is unknown, the murderer is also hated by others, and kills for others... There is no good death for those who hold the blood-transforming magic knife. 】

"Fellow Daoist has forged a magic weapon. It may be a beautiful thing. It stands to reason that Zhong should hold a banquet to celebrate, but if you think that Fellow Daoist still has something to do, let's postpone the celebration for a while!

A slightly surprised voice followed the footsteps of a very handsome young monk.

"If I had known that you sacrificed the magic knife, Zhong would never have protected you!

"Mi Xin?"

Among the many sects in Longquan, Buddhism is the most mysterious, and there are almost no records about Ximo in the catalog of ten thousand immortals.

Before he could answer, he heard a faint knife sound, and a **** light suddenly appeared in the nearby mountain peak. ask:

"so what?"

After all, he has already turned into a long rainbow and disappeared into the void, but he has already extinguished the heart of challenge at this time.

Yang prison's pace slowed down.

"Scattered people from a certain family are no better than the head of the Holy Land of the Wanshi Tianzong. If you want anything you want, you will naturally have a sword with a sword, and a sword with a sword. How can there be so much attention?"

"He is known as the Sword Immortal, but he actually forged a magic sword?"

Yang Jue's response was very cold, he just raised his eyebrows, but Zhao Xuantai, who was always smiling, didn't even raise his eyebrows, he just glanced at him lightly.

[Blood Transforming God Front: The essence of killing divine soldiers and transforming blood sword is the essence. With this sword, you can kill thousands of people, all spirits of heaven and earth, and flesh and blood. If you rub it, you will be injured, and if you hit it, you will die...]

[Blood and strong: bloodthirsty knife, drinking blood one point is stronger, drinking blood is ten, strong is very...]

The young monk muttered in his heart, then looked up again, only to see the legendary Nanling Sword Immortal, also turning around to leave with the magic knife in his hand.

Recording the fate of the double-edged sword in his heart word by word, Yang Jue thought about it, and fell on the last and only one, the white fate.

In all parts of the world, outside the West Desert, there are many people who hate Buddhism, just like outside Nanling, there are many monster slayers, but this is a bit too disgusting...

[Blade of the Immortal: Because of drinking the blood of the Immortal during the tempering, the ability to regenerate the severed limb of an Immortal...Even if it is broken, it can be repaired automatically...]

"Who is coming?"

[Blood-melting magic knife, start bathing in blood]

"Fellow Daoist, you know that the story of you beheading the Water Dividing Dragon General has been reported back to the Endless Sea. The Dragon Lord of the Han Sea was furious and engraved your name on the 'Dragon Blood Terrace,'!"

He seems to be inferior to the weak crown, but he is actually a little older than Zhao Moulie, and he practiced very late. After he was a hundred years old, he found the fruit of the Tao and entered the gate of immortals and Buddhas.

"This time refining the sword destroyed the burrow of the God of Wealth, and there must be compensation in the future..."

But the double-edged sword at this moment has the life of four purples, two golds and three reds, and its characteristics are so high that it has surpassed the golden scissors, the human race bag, and even Yang Yu himself!

Of course, Yang Jue didn't care whether he accepted the gift or not, he just thanked him with his hand, and after watching him leave, he looked at Zhu Liying:

【Toxic Blade: Blood-melting poison, the flesh and blood in it melts, and the soul decays, as if suffering from the five declines of heaven and man...】

"Zhou Jue Yintian Palace?"

Yang Jue glanced at the reddish double-edged knife, ripples appeared on the surface of the knife, as if responding to his gaze.


Yang Ju's mind turned, only for a moment.

The life of lavender in mountains and seas, in Longquan, is only light red.

"My little monk, Mi Xin, I have met the God of Wealth, and fellow Taoist Nanling."

[Note: The blood-transforming magic knife does not drink ordinary blood]


"Mi Xin scratched his head, just as he was about to say something, Yang Jue turned around and left. He has few troubles, and he really doesn't want to mess with this monk anymore."

At this point, the two suddenly frowned, and looked at the mountain forest where the smoke and dust hadn't cleared almost one after the other.

Mi Xin stunned and murmured in his heart.

"Fellow Daoist Nanling!

"Purple is the most precious number of lives, regardless of mountains and seas or Longquan, however, depending on the upper limit of the world, the number of lives will not change accordingly.

"Fellow Daoist Nanling?"

"Blood Prison Minghe Dao!

"Zhu Liying was more than ten feet away, and they opened Yang Prison almost at the same time and answered Zhu Liying first, expressing his gratitude to his former guardian.

"What's the name of this knife?"

What made him remember deeply about this person was that this monk suspected to have obtained the 'Wei Tuo relic, if he became Siyao, he would be the guardian of Wei Tuo!

【Taibai Divine Front: The gold of sharpness, the treasure of killing and cutting, the divine weapon tempered by this iron, has the ability to be as big or small as you want...】

Zhao Xuantai cupped his hands slightly, then turned around and left with a flick of his sleeves.

Yang Ju raised his eyebrows slightly.

Seeing that he was interested, Mi Xin continued:

"In the future, if Zhong finds out about your reckless behavior, he will come and kill you!"

"For millions of years in Longquan, the battle between immortals, demons, Buddhas and demons has never stopped! Even in the past ten thousand years, the fighting on the surface is fierce, but the fighting in secret is also very fierce!

"What's wrong?"

【Note: What kind of blood is used to start the attack will change the characteristics of the magic weapon to the same extent...】

[Note: The level of Buddhism, UU reading can resolve karma]

Zhu Liying smiled and said indifferently:

Yang Jue's eyes moved slightly, and his mind was already on 'Kaifeng'.

Zhao Xuantai thought for a while, and still said something.

But he recognized this monk.

"Dragon Blood Terrace, all dragons will be punished together! Fellow Daoists, even if you have a magic sword in hand, how many times can you resist it?"

"As far as I know, not only dragon masters, but also some shady sects, such as Wanfalou Walker, have people who have accepted the task and come to kill you..."

As far as he knew, the monks in the Western Desert still had to leave the Mohai for thousands of years, and if they came out, they would see a ghost if they had no trouble!

Zhao turned around with a flick of his sleeves, without thanks!

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