The First Family of Tang Dynasty - Chapter 2881 Goguryeo, Oji Alliance to raise troops, target: Silla

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Yuangaishuwen listened to the resourceful brother's analysis there, while he continued to slowly pace back and forth in the house.

When I thought that I had traveled to many places in the past two weeks, I noticed that the harvests in various places were not optimistic this year.

If there is a fierce battle in the front, and the rear is in chaos due to lack of food, Yuangaisuwen felt chills just thinking about it.

After the analysis of Yuan Pure Land was completed, the final conclusion was. Goguryeo should form an alliance with that Baekje, after all, for today's Goguryeo.

There are benefits without harm, but the conditions can still be negotiated. After all, the other party comes to the door, and the initiative is on their side.

"Tell the Baekje envoys to agree to their conditions, but there are two more things, first, to march into Silla within five days, and second, after the pacification of Silla, all of Silla's food will belong to me, Goguryeo."

Seeing that the elder brother who stood still suddenly came to say such words, Yuan Jingtu's brows were slightly wrinkled, he always felt that his eldest brother wanted too little, and of course he couldn't say it too clearly.

"Brother, will doing this make us seem too urgent? Otherwise, let's talk about it..."

Yuangai Suwen looked at his younger brother and said in a deep voice.

"Second brother, did you know that this year's autumn food will only be 70% of last year's at most."

"What?!" Yuan Jingtu's expression changed and he stood up. He knew very well that in the past few years, the **** of heaven has not been beautiful, and the grain output of Goguryeo has not been high.

It can be said to be barely able to maintain, and now, when the Great Tang Dynasty is coming, it needs a lot of food and grass.

However, if the grain production suddenly dropped so much, Yuan Jingtu immediately wondered if Tang Guo did it on purpose.

"Now is not the time to continue to worry about the reason for the reduction of grain production in Goguryeo, but to think about how to obtain more grain to the greatest extent and solve the problem."

Yuan Pure Land bowed towards Yuan Gai Suwen with a serious expression. "Big brother, little brother, I understand, is the big brother going to meet Fuyulong from Baekje tomorrow?"

"Let's just today, see him and resolve the big matter as soon as possible, so that I can feel more at ease for my brother."

Speaking of this, Yuan Gai Suwen thought for a while and then turned towards the Yuan Pure Land. "Have you ever found out what kind of weapon Tang Guo navy used?"

"Then Tang's soldiers and horses are very closely guarded for that kind of naval weapons. My brother only heard that the name of that weapon is artillery. As for the others, there is really nothing that can be done."

Yuangai Suwen nodded, thought about it, and then pretended to be relaxed.

"Fortunately, it's just a navy weapon running rampant on the ocean, otherwise, the problem will be big..."

"..." Hearing these words, Yuan Jingtu glanced at his brother, and in the end didn't say much, but after saying goodbye to his brother, he walked away quickly.

In the afternoon of that day, Fuyu Long finally received an invitation from Yuan Gaisuwen, a powerful minister of Goguryeo, which made him relieved and rushed to visit the actual ruler of Goguryeo immediately.

He stayed until the beginning of the lantern, and then he left with an unbelievable surprise on his face, and the same happy color ghost house Fuxin.

Three days later, Yuangaisuwen ordered Nangsa (the governor) Niu Zhenwei to lead 50,000 elite soldiers to send troops from Yangkou City, and march south along the west side of Taibai Mountains, heading towards Zhuling.

He also collected all the ships along the East Sea of ​​Goguryeo, and collected more than 300 ships in Dongtai City, carrying 7,000 elites, quietly advancing towards the coast where the Golden City is located.

And after seeing the good news brought back by his own son, Fuyu Long, Fuyu Yici also agreed with Na Yuangai Suwen's idea of ​​a quick solution.

Taking advantage of the fact that the navy of Tang State has not been repaired yet, before coming back to fight for himself, he will destroy that Silla, and when the navy master of Tang State arrives, he will avoid the possibility of being attacked by the enemy.

The battle-hardened Fuyu Yici personally commanded 50,000 elites, crossed the small Taibai Mountains, which were snuggled up by Silla, and headed for the hinterland of Silla with murderous aura, pointing directly at Jincheng, the capital of Silla. where.


Kim Pidam was standing in the large camp set up not far from Daye City, looking at the important town in western Silla, which had been captured by the Baekje people.

After the Baekje people captured Daye City, they originally intended to advance eastward, but were ultimately defeated by Kim Yu-sin, who led the army to help.

After that, the Baekje army retreated, but the important city of Daye, which they captured, was firmly under their control.

And this time, Jin Pitan was ordered by the queen. In order to cooperate with the strategy of the famous Tang general Cheng Sanlang, he led 20,000 soldiers and horses, together with the remnants and defeated generals gathered before, and recruited nearly 20,000 peasant soldiers. Only 50,000 troops came together.

Once again, he acted as if he wanted to launch an army to attack Baekje and regain lost territory.

Although Jin Pitan only dared to say a little about military strategy, but at least one good subordinate, Jin Wenying, was also the first-class soldier in Silla.

Under his leadership, Jin Pitan led a large army step by step, advancing outside the city of Daye, and even launched several attacks.

Although there is no way to take this sturdy Daye City, Jin Pitan is very clear that if he makes a fuss here, it will be easier for Cheng Saburo to do big things.

The best thing is that he can command the navy, go directly along the water into the hinterland of Baekje, and capture the king of Baekje alive.


After looking at Daye City for a long time, Jin Pitan whispered to Jin Wenying next to him.

"We have been stationed here for half a month, but why? There are only a few soldiers and horses to help, and not many."

"Could it be that we don't have enough momentum?"

Jin Wenying slowly shook her head.

"It must be because General Cheng San and the others have already led the navy in a fierce battle with the main force of Baekje. Therefore, it is difficult for Baekje to divide troops to come to aid."

"It's a pity that we are on the battlefield, and it is inconvenient to transmit news, and we don't know where the capital is, but we have received news."

"I received news earlier that General Cheng San had already led the navy to the coast of Baekje to join up with the famous Tang general Li Ji."

"With these two famous Tang generals shooting at the same time, it will definitely put a lot of pressure on Baekje..."

Jin Pitan nodded in agreement, and looked at the Baekje soldiers on the top of the city, who were taking advantage of the battle to repair the damaged city wall with planks and stones.

"How about we simply attack Daye City?"

"It is absolutely impossible to be a high-ranking student. Although we seem to have a large number of soldiers and horses, there are many remnants and peasants here.

There are only those 20,000 horses that can really fight. If the loss is too great, I am afraid that in the end, not only will it fail to contain Baekje, but it will let the people of Baekje see our reality. "

Just above a mountain top ten miles away from their camp, several figures quietly appeared on the top of the mountain, looking towards this side endlessly.



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