The First Family of Tang Dynasty - Chapter 2882 This is the perfect chance to pacify Silla

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It was night, and Jin Pitan was sleeping peacefully. He was sleeping very sweetly when suddenly there was a sound of fighting.

When Jin Pitan woke up, he rushed out of the tent with a weapon in shock, and then he learned that it was the Baekje soldiers and horses in Daye City who were attacking the camp at night.

Jin Wenying also specially sent someone to tell him, and the other party would only have one or two thousand people at most, so that Jin Pitan could feel at ease, and he would definitely be able to settle it if he had already prepared.

This made Jin Pitan finally relieved, and returned to the tent. After lying down, he tossed and turned. The sound of fighting from time to time made him unable to sleep, so he could only sit on the couch in a daze.

At this moment, a louder shout and clamor suddenly erupted from the camp.

Jin Pitan had to walk out of the tent again, but was horrified to discover that the noise this time did not come from the direction facing Daye City.

I don't know when, in the camp behind you, sparks ignited everywhere at this moment, and those roars and screams resounded.

And the thunderous sound of hoofs and slaughter, getting closer and closer...

If the personal soldiers around him hadn't come to surround Jin Pitan immediately, I'm afraid he would have been trampled and injured by those chaotic troops that fled like a headless fly.

Jin Pitan immediately directed those personal soldiers to protect him, heading towards the north where the sound of fighting was the least, while walking through the chaos of the camp.

From a distance, there were bursts of cheers, and Jin Pitan's face instantly turned dead gray, because he heard the meaning of those cheers.

That Baekje king, Fuyu Yici, actually led his army to attack, what the hell... What the **** is going on?

Fuyu Yici watched the sparks soaring into the sky in the Silla camp, and saw that the generals under his command frequently came to report the victory, and he couldn't help but wonder why this Silla army was defeated so quickly.

It wasn't until someone brought the captured Silla general to the horse that Fuyu Yici learned the truth.

Knowing that in order to cooperate with Datang to cooperate with the last tens of thousands of elites in the country, Silla has called out 30,000 to follow the Datang Navy, plus the 20,000 trapped here.

That is to say, there are not many soldiers and horses in Jincheng, the capital of Silla, facing such a powerful Silla.

In addition, with the cooperation of Goguryeo, the Baekje King Fuyu Yiji couldn't help laughing. This was simply a perfect opportunity for him to conquer Silla.


At this moment, Li Ji was standing twenty miles west of Dengzhou City, standing on a high hill, constantly looking into the distance.

The navy commander Wu Zhonglang on the side looked very nervous at the moment, and the navy general behind him was not much better.

The reason why they appeared here is because the wise and powerful Emperor Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty suddenly changed his mind and wanted to come here to visit the navy of the Tang Dynasty.

Of course, this was an excuse on the bright side. After Li Shimin and his party arrived in Qizhou, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty thought, now that he has arrived in Youzhou, he has to wait there for the harsh winter to pass.

That being the case, it would be better to go to Dengzhou. After all, his three sons, Li Tai and Li Zhi, who were demoted to the county king's land, are here.

Coupled with the fact that the navy of the Tang State had lost to Baekje and the navy of the Japanese state, as the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, although he named the new weapons of those navy masters, the problem was that he didn't see it before, and he felt unwilling.

And Li Shimin shared his thoughts with the ministers, and everyone thought about it, they are all here, and it's not too far from Qizhou, so let's just go.

After all, everyone is also full of curiosity. Besides, the method of drying salt offered by those who took credit has already been vigorously promoted in Jiaodong Peninsula. The big guy just happened to go over to investigate.

The monarch and his ministers hit it off, so they headed towards Dengzhou.

Li Ji, the chief marching officer of the Pyongyang Road, also received the news early this morning, and rushed over with a cadre of generals as soon as possible.

Of course, he did not forget to send someone to inform Li Ke, the king of Qi who habitually slept late.

On the other hand, when Li Ke, who was paralyzed on the couch, holding the delicate-looking young lady in his arms, and snoring with a straight belly, opened his eyes, it was almost half an hour before the messenger sent by Li Ji arrived at the Qingzhou Grand Governor's Mansion.

After all, no one dares to be like Cheng Sanlang, who dares to disturb His Royal Highness King Qi who has been tired all night.

When he woke up, Li Ke, who heard that his father was going to run over, was shocked. He hurriedly started to clean up and clean up. He ordered the servants to clean up the mansion quickly. .

To prevent my father from using his own house as a palace, and seeing something he shouldn't see, he picked up a big stick and staged a hands-on version of "filial piety to the father" in this Dengzhou city.


Li Ke picked up the porridge bowl and took a big mouthful, then picked up a crispy baked sesame cake and nibbled it, then strode out of the mansion.

He just arrived at the gate of the mansion, when he happened to see a horse galloping in the distance, shouting loudly, with good news.

"Good news?" Hearing this, Li Ke couldn't help but feel relieved. Even if he was late to pick up his father, it was a reason.

"Come here, show it to this king..." Li Ke stretched out his hand with a smile and took the letter of victory.

With just one glance, Li Ke's eyes instantly turned into geometric shapes, and his mouth expanded exaggeratedly enough to fit a fist the size of a bowl.

After being stunned for almost a breath, Li Ke began to gasp frantically like a hapless ghost who was about to drown.

"This, this, how is this possible..."

"Your Highness, could it be that General Cheng San has already wiped out the remnants of the Japanese Navy?"

"No, it was he who destroyed the Japanese kingdom."

"As expected of General Cheng... What did you say, Your Highness?!"

"General Cheng San, he has led the army to destroy the Japanese kingdom."

"What?!" The guards at the gate of the Qingzhou Grand Governor's Mansion, his entourage and others all made exaggerated exclamations.

Li Ke raised his head and looked at the blue sky, his face was full of resentment and melancholy.

Brother Chubi made another contribution, and what he made was to destroy the country. But this time, he wasn't by his side, but all the friends were eating and drinking spicy food after Brother Chu Bi's ass.

Li Ke, who was in a very unhappy mood, let out a long sigh of resentment. Only then did UU read set his eyes on the rich document in his hand.

At this time, Li Min couldn't help but reminded in a low voice.

"His Royal Highness, I'm afraid we have to hurry over there. Your Majesty will arrive at Dengzhou. If you learn that the Qingzhou Governor's Office has made such an extraordinary feat, I believe Your Majesty will definitely like it very much."

"...Let's go, hurry up to see my royal father!"

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