The First Family of Tang Dynasty - Chapter 2899 1 gang of old people who don't want to touch their faces for rain and dew...

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【The first family of the Tang Dynasty】【】

After being thrown into Dengzhou, Sao operated one set after another, making frequent contributions, and threw him into Pyongyang Road as a deputy general manager.

As a result, before the troops and horses were fully assembled, this little **** encouraged the British prince, and the two of them carried the Tang Dengzhou navy, who had been refitted less than half, jumped over the vast ocean.

As a result, they made great contributions again and again, first defeating the Baekje navy, and then destroying the Japanese navy who came to Baekje for help.

But this wasn't the end, that kid Cheng Sanlang led half a navy to say that he was going to suppress the remnants of the Japanese navy.

What if this kid is really allowed to continue to squat with the famous Tang general who is also very active in England.

Zhao Kun couldn't help but be a little worried, what if His Majesty led a hundred civil and military officials and commanded an army of 200,000 people, in the eastern Liaoning, when they worked hard to attack the northern part of Goguryeo.

What if these two demon moths, the old and the young, get their heads, and they will take advantage of the situation and copy Goguryeo's shy eyes, oh no... what should I do if they copy Goguryeo's nest?

Thinking of this, Zhao Kun took a painful breath and suddenly understood why His Majesty was full of resentment.

But in the end, His Majesty did not continue to dwell on this issue, and fell asleep early because of the rush of alcohol.

After a good rest all night, the next day, Li Shimin continued to discuss the matter of expedition to Koguryo.

And today, Cheng Sablang, who was going to buy fresh seafood on the pretext of yesterday, was also brought to the scene, standing here side by side with Li Ji, the chief executive of Pyongyang Province.

Li Daozong, the head of the Ministry of War, is speaking, and he has made a detailed plan for Datang's offensive strategy after the spring of next year.

Cheng Chubi stood there, watching the gang of elders spit and tell how to attack the city and loot the land. Cheng Chubi felt that he did not have much say in this kind of talk on paper.

After all, he has already arranged to go to Pyongyang Road, and he and Li Ji have shared weal and woe side by side.

Li Ji could only be envious of the other side. After all, His Majesty's expedition to Koguryeo was naturally based on His Majesty's marching and combat.

The so-called partial teacher is responsible for flanking and responding. Instead of letting himself be the main attacker, Li Ji was also very envious.

The corners of his eyes squinted, and he saw Cheng Saburo standing beside him, looking at the huge sand table in front of him intently, he couldn't help but push his elbow against the junior and asked.

"Nephew, now 20,000 elites have gathered in Dengzhou, and the modification of our navy artillery has also been quite effective. What do you think next?"

"Uncle, do you think Your Majesty will allow us to do it first?" Cheng Chubi whispered.

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Li Daozong speak.

"Now the Dengzhou navy has cleared the four seas, leaving me, the Tang boat master, unimpeded and helpless in the sea.

Moreover, if the people were transporting grain, grass, and luggage, it would require at least 200,000 people. As a result, it would be too labor-intensive.

Therefore, after repeated discussions, I feel that if we use the Dengzhou navy to supply the army, it can relieve the hard labor of the people..."


"..." Li Ji's expression changed involuntarily, and his face collapsed immediately. "What do you mean when I say Li Daozong?"

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【The first family of the Tang Dynasty】【】

"A certain is the chief commander of the Pyongyang road march, and the Dengzhou naval division is the division under the jurisdiction of this official, and now he has made a great contribution..."

Before he could finish speaking, Li Ji felt a heavy weight on his shoulders, saw Yuchi Laohei's big slap on his shoulders, and tried his best to persuade him in a low voice.

"Oh, brother Mao, look at you, none of our brothers have been able to follow His Majesty to make a fortune.

You and a bunch of younger generations have made a lot of contributions, so you can't always take all the credit, right? "

"Brother Yuchi said very well, Brother Maogong, you and nephew Chubi have already been responsible for destroying the country. We must let us old brothers be the ones."

"Why, you don't even want to leave some leftover water for Your Majesty, or what?"

At this moment, Cheng Chubi looked at the elders who were suddenly squeezed in with a bewildered expression. One or two fat and strong people directly surrounded Li Ji, the uncle.

Then, the old uncle Niu Jinda slapped him on the shoulder with a smile.

"Mr. Cheng, you have done a good job, but you have to be steady, don't ruin your Majesty's enthusiasm, what uncle said is from the bottom of your heart..."

Seeing that Li Ji's face was extremely depraved, and he was in an unpredictable posture, Cheng Chubi, a junior, wiped the cold sweat on his face, and quickly squeezed out a pleasing smile.

"Don't worry, Uncle Niu, I understand my little nephew, and I will definitely not disturb Your Majesty and Yaxing, who is attacking the city and looting the land."

Hearing this, Qin Qiong, who also came over, has not been able to gain military merit for many years, and smiled approvingly at Cheng Sanlang.

"Okay, okay, this old man's pair of bright silver mace is not borrowed by the wrong person."

"What is borrowing, my father clearly said that second uncle, you gave it."

Cheng Chubi was suddenly unhappy. How could he have borrowed those pair of trump cards that he had followed him for many years?

Hearing this, Qin Qiong had a dark face, raised her fingers and made a gesture with Cheng Saburo, as if to say that your kid has a thicker skin than your father.

Cheng Chubi touched his handsome face, hey... No, it seems that his father said he borrowed it from Brother Qin's house. .

Is there any reason to return the things that stayed in the old Cheng's house for a while?


His Majesty the Tang Emperor, who did not speak of martial arts, was like a deaf and mute man with unclear eyes and deaf ears. He was there talking quietly and loudly with Ma Zhou about other trivial matters.

Turn a deaf ear to the fact that a bunch of veteran ruffians are obviously bullying the market.

A group of sub-wenchens had very strange expressions at the moment, their eyelids twitched, but they all turned a blind eye to the noise here.

The weather was good when the blind chickens squatted over there in the wind and snow, so tonight I'm going to have two bowls of sea cucumber eye soup to complement the shape and other ghostly topics.

Li Shimin couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief at this moment. It seems that it is not only himself who has such worries. Which of the civil and military officials is not a smart person?

Certainly not willing to continue tossing these two demon moths, the old and the young, after all, the emperor himself had to fight a few battles to conquer Goguryeo.

It is only right to let the civil and military officials who are accompanied by the driver can make frequent contributions.

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【The first family of the Tang Dynasty】【】

After a long time, Li Shimin seemed to come back to his senses and began to control the field, and then signaled Li Daozong to continue...

"A bunch of shameless old people, hum..." When he heard Li Daozong's old story again, Li Ji also understood that it was difficult to be angry, so he could only sigh bitterly.

Cheng Chubi nodded silently on the side with deep approval, and let it go. We are juniors, and we must know how to respect the old and love the young.

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