The Great Qin: Stop Pretending, Your Father, I Am Qin Shihuang - v2 Chapter 27 Go for it!

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Listening to Li Shimin's words, the expressions of the others also moved slightly,

That's right, both Liu Xiu and Qin Zheng have said before that the expert named Brother Lang is extremely powerful, and the expert in the sixth stage is also a one-hit kill!

They have also seen the strength of the other side's dragon!

Although there is an ambush ahead, they have already discovered each other, and they can completely attack the opponent in turn.

As for the practitioner on the other side, just leave it to Brother Lang.

If you can swallow this part of the enemy, kill the master of the ghost and beast clan, and then remove the settlement of that ghost and beast clan,

Then, not only can you complete the task, but you will also get extra credit. In this way, you don't have to worry about being punished when you go back.

Qin Zheng also saw everyone's thoughts at this time, so he took a deep breath and said with a bit of seriousness,

"Although Ah Lang is powerful, since he told us to retreat, he must have his reasons."

"Moreover, if a practitioner whose strength is above rank 6 makes a move, even if he blocks us, we are likely to suffer heavy casualties!"

Practitioners above the sixth stage can fly freely, which cannot be stopped by them.

Hearing this, Li Shimin did not flinch in the slightest, but said,

"There are indeed risks, but which step in the way of practice is not dangerous?"

"We came to the border. Which one of these days has not lost any battles? If you are only worried about casualties, then everyone should stay at home. Why come here?"

"Now, if we go back directly, think about what kind of punishment we will face! We finally have such an opportunity, how can we let it go?"

The others nodded in agreement. They are not kind people, and casualties are not their only criteria for judging things.

Seeing this scene, Qin Zheng's face couldn't help but look a little ugly. He didn't expect these people to reach a unity on this matter.

He wanted to be the leader of this group of people before, but he was too naive.

Without the support of strength behind them, these people just want to use his overall planning ability,

He will not be sincere and let him be the leader.

Even Liu Xiu and Zhu Yuanzhang would only think about their own family at this time.

On the contrary, Li Shimin's current behavior has been recognized by the children of these aristocratic families.

Having figured this out, Qin Zheng no longer hesitated at this time, and said with a somewhat cold look on his face,

"If you want to go, you can go. The children of the Qin family and I will not follow. If we don't go, Ah Lang will not help you."

He can see that the most important thing now is A Lang, without A Lang to deal with the ghost and beast cultivator above the 6th stage,

Even if the opponent only has 300 fighters and they have 1000 people, there is no chance of winning!

A high-level practitioner is too scary!

The simplest, as long as the opponent is flying in the sky, they can attack anytime and anywhere, while they can only defend passively.

Sure enough, upon hearing this, the faces of the others were a little ugly, Li Shimin's face turned slightly red, and then he said,

"Qin Zheng, you don't think that we people have no other means but to rely on you!"

They are the pride of various families, in addition to sending clansmen to protect them,

Of course, there will be some life-saving means in hand, otherwise, if the enemy of his family sends a master to kill him, then it will be a heavy blow to the family!

Of course, these life-saving means are also extremely precious, and they don't want to use them at will unless life and death are at stake.

Just like this, everyone became a little deadlocked.

Suddenly there was a voice from the side,

"It doesn't matter if Qin Zheng doesn't go, all the children of the Qin family will go!"

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, and Qin Zheng was no exception.

Seeing the other party, he couldn't help but change his face slightly,

"Qin Yu! What are you talking about!"

The person who spoke was precisely Qin Yu who had been following Li Shimin. Although he had seen him before, he didn't want to make any more entanglements.

Unexpectedly, the other party actually stood up at this time,

Qin Yu sneered at this time, but ignored Qin Zheng, and said to the other Qin family children,

"Brothers of the Qin family, we come out this time with a family mission!"

"Everyone knows the current situation of the family. If you just go back like this, you will definitely be punished by the court. The family's decline is in sight!"

"Now that troubled times are approaching, how can we protect the young and old at home?"

"Now, the opportunity to make meritorious service is in front of you! Are you going to follow him back!"

Listening to Qin Yu's words and other things, the expressions of the children of the Qin family also became slightly complicated.

Because what Qin Yu said was right, the reason why they attached themselves to other families was not because the family was weak?

If this time, without any credit, just go back with Qin Zheng, then the family will definitely be punished!

They can't afford it now!

They can only follow each other.

Seeing that most of the children of the Qin family occupied his side, Qin Yu couldn't help but smile and said,

"Everyone, the Qin family will also go with you! But again, the credit for the leave must be shared equally with you!"

Li Shimin's eyes lit up, he showed a smile, and directly agreed,

"Okay! I promise!"

He just wanted to put this matter to death, because he knew that as long as all the children of the Qin family would pass, Qin Zheng would definitely pass!

Because this is the common feature of all the children of the family, they can live and die for the family!

Family is everything!

And as long as Qin Zheng passes by, that Brother Lang will help them!

It's just that Qin Zheng, now it can be said that he has lost the control of all the children of the whole family, and is still being used.

It's really too miserable.

But at this moment, there was a burst of laughter beside him,

"Tsk tsk tsk, you really can't think about provoking Xiao Qin like this."

Everyone looked over, but found that it was the little boar, looking at them with a bit of sarcasm.

But everyone didn't pay much attention to it, it was just a little boar.

Hu Hai never expected that these people would dare to play such a trick with Dad,

This means that Dad has not recovered his memory, otherwise he will kill them every minute,

But even so, the Liang Zi was settled today, and after the father recovered his memory, the more wronged he suffered today, he would definitely settle accounts with these people!

Soon Li Shimin said again,

"Brother Qin, please take the children of the Qin family to prepare early. After we rest, we will set off immediately tomorrow morning!"

Of course, this brother Qin was no longer calling Qin Zheng, but Qin Yu.

Qin Yu showed a smile and was about to agree, when a cold voice came from beside him,

"Leaving early tomorrow morning, you will only waste time."

When everyone turned their heads, they saw Qin Zheng looking at them coldly.

Hearing this, Qin Yu said with a bit of anger,

"Qin Zheng, don't you want to go?"

Qin Zheng glanced at Qin Yu indifferently, and then said to the others,

"Your plan has succeeded, I will go with you, but from now on, the Qin family is just like you, a separate family, and this time, the Qin family will take the lead!"

"This is not to discuss with you. If you don't agree, even if the Qin family's children die this time, I will not beg A Lang to do it!"

Hearing this, everyone's expressions became complicated, but it has to be said that the other party grasped the most important point,

At this time, Liu Xiu on the side first said,

"Brother Qin, since there is such a request, there is nothing wrong with it, the Liu family agrees."

Soon, another voice came from the side,

"The Zhu family also agrees."

With the support of the two big families, Li Shimin and Wu Meier could only grit their teeth and nod at this time.

Qin Yu on the side was anxious, and said involuntarily,

"I contributed to this matter! I should be the leader of the Qin family!"

"Brother Li, you just agreed!"

Hearing this, Li Shimin on the side looked at Qin Xun with some distaste, of course he was just using him just now,

Everyone knows that Qin Zheng has Brother Lang's support, and that is the real trump card, so he said,

"This is a matter for your Qin family. Brother Qin should tell you how to act now."

Brother Qin this time, of course, was calling out to Qin Zheng.

Qin Yu was dumbfounded for a moment.

Qin Zheng didn't even look at Qin Yu at this time, he never regarded the other party as his competitor,

quickly said,

"Now that the opponent is not on the original route, it must be to sneak attack us."

"So there is not much time left for us. Soldiers are precious and fast. Now advance at full speed. After arriving nearby, take a short rest to recover your strength and attack with all your strength!"

"Only in this way can the effect of the sneak attack be maximized!"

"We have a better chance of winning."

Hearing this, the children of other aristocratic families glanced at each other, then nodded,

Li Shimin said at this time,

"Okay, we listen to you, let's go now."

Qin Zheng didn't say any more, grabbed Hu Hai, turned and left,

When he got to the side, he quickly said,

"Go and send a letter to A Lang, just say that we choose to take a risk! Let him prepare early!"

Hearing this, Hu Hai did not show any surprise,

This is his father's character,

As long as there is a chance, it is impossible to be inferior to others, and now it is up to Brother Lang.

So, he quickly headed towards the place where he met Brother Lang before!

Soon the night fell, and there was nothing on the entire grassland except for a trace of moonlight, and there were no other colors.

At this time, the camp of the ghost beast clan was brighter than the surrounding area.

Because the moonlight seems to have become tangible, gathering from 4 weeks,

In the middle is the carriage covered with spells, and the priests of the ghost and beast tribes around are chanting,

As they recited the mantra, ferocious illusory figures appeared from time to time in the four weeks, devouring the moonlight,

This scene seemed extremely strange and terrifying.

But Noda watched with a smile on his face, because the priest was using the moonlight to warm the gods in the carriage. The more terrifying these gods were, the stronger their strength was.

Nature is better for them,

And, it's waking them up too,

After all, according to the speed of those big cadres, they should be here soon.

After the ceremony was completed, Noda reminded at this time,

"Take care of the gods and don't let your guard down!"

Their plan is about to come true, and they must not relax until the last moment.

After the instructions were over, Noda didn't relax, but started to patrol around 4 weeks ago. He was still right about the feeling of being spied on during the day today.

After Noda left, the two priests who had just cast a spell on the carriage breathed a sigh of relief, and then whispered,

"General Noda is too strict, who would come to this place?"

The other smiled bitterly and said,

"Strictly, let's be strict. We can't relax. If something goes wrong, General Noda doesn't show any sympathy."

The priests could only shake their heads, and they couldn't do anything to change it. Then they brought a few complaints and said,

"I don't know what's going on. Summoning Moonlight feels very difficult today, and the gods don't seem to be full yet."

The other priest couldn't help but nodded when he heard this, and said,

"I also have the same feeling. Maybe it's been too long since I've been out. The gods are almost exhausted, so it's better to hurry up."

"It doesn't matter when the gods devour fresh flesh and souls and distribute them to the soldiers."

"Let's take a good rest and prepare for the future."

Soon the priests sat upright and began to recover, of course no one knew,

Under the ground of the camp, a lion-like monster burped hard.


Zhao Lang wiped his mouth, and said with some insincerity,

"Why did it stop?"

He had been devouring the spiritual power generated by the moonlight just now, but he was hiding in the ground and couldn't swallow it all.

He didn't expect that moonlight could be eaten.

These ghost beasts have some means.

It's just that the more he thought about it, the more regretful and greedy Zhao Lang felt.

The taste of these moonlights is so good, and the spiritual power they provide is also very strong.

The so-called ghosts and gods raised by moonlight in the carriage,

Whether it's the taste or the spiritual power it provides, it should be extremely good.

Unfortunately, this time, there is no chance.

Others, ordinary ghost or beast cultivators, are not a problem for him,

Now that he is underground, he can enter the carriage silently, get the small porcelain bottle filled with ghosts and gods,

But the problem is that Noda is too cautious,

This place where the birds don't shit, is so strictly guarded!

If only someone could lure the other away.

Of course, this is naturally impossible,

Calculating the time, UU Reading, he only waits until the father and the others withdraw from the safe distance, and then he will leave,

During this period of time, I can absorb more moonlight, and I am idle anyway.

Soon, the sky slowly brightened,

Zhao Lang counted the time, Dad and the others should have already evacuated,

Immediately stretched, he also prepared to leave here from the ground,

But just as he was about to leave, there was a sudden noise on the ground, Zhao Lang heard a few, and the ghost beast clan said with a smile,

"Come on, come on, luck is good today, the general caught a wild boar with good strength, you can replenish your strength tonight!"

Zhao Lang looked over through the perspective, and saw Hu Hai being held in his hand, croaking,

"You bastards, dare to catch me! When Brother Lang finds me, you will all die!"

Zhao Lang's face suddenly turned ugly.


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