The Great Qin: Stop Pretending, Your Father, I Am Qin Shihuang - v2 Chapter 28 Li's Xuanjia!

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Hu Hai is very angry now, he just ran over along the previous route, wanting to find Brother Lang,

I just searched, but I didn't see the other party's shadow for a long time, so I could only take two steps forward and shouted twice,

But he didn't expect to meet Noda, he originally wanted to resist,

In the end, he was directly caught by someone, and only then did he realize how big the difference in strength between the two sides was.

It's good now, being tightly trapped by the other party, although he can't understand what these ghosts and beasts are saying,

But looking at their greedy eyes, you know that it must not be a good thing, so you can only blurt out curses,

"You still don't let me go, when Brother Lang finds me, you are all dead!"

"Let me go now, the uncle is merciful, and I will leave you a whole body later!"

Hu Hai scolded and looked around, looking for a chance to escape, but seeing the tightly guarded surroundings, he couldn't help feeling a little desperate.

At this time, the ghost and beast clan on the side also frowned when they heard his curse, and one of them walked up to the harmless person with a cold face,

Said in unskilled dry language,

"You are a big boar, and you can actually talk. It seems that you have a good cultivation."

"But if you shout a few more words, I will kill you right now!"

If it wasn't for worrying, if he killed the other party too early, and if he ate at night, he would lose some spiritual power. Now he seemed to have killed the other party. This pig scolded him too badly.

Facing threats, how could Hu Hai listen to this?

He had already died once, and now the situation is about death, so it's better to be happy,

He opened his mouth to curse, but at this moment, a familiar voice floated into his ears,

"Shut up and wait for my order!"

If other people dared to use such an orderly tone, Hu Hai would only climb up to the other party's face and mock him, but now Hu Hai closed his mouth very obediently,

He even grinned and smiled at the ghost beast clan in front of him.

Seeing this scene, the ghost beast warrior couldn't help but sneered and said,

"The big dry pig is also so spineless."

Then he walked aside, who wants to be angry with a pig?

Even if it is a cultivated pig.

As far as their generals are concerned, they just regard each other as a dish that can be used as an extra meal at night.

I have to say that people who work hard are not good, but this area is really excellent, even wild boars can have such a cultivation level,

In such a place, the ghost beast clan should live here.

After eating the other party, it happens to be used to increase one's own cultivation base and kill more powerful people!

After the other party left, Hu Hanton looked around with some surprise, but of course he didn't find anything, so he could only shout in a low voice,

"Brother Lang! Brother Lang, where are you! Hurry up, save me!"

The voice just now was, of course, Zhao Lang's voice,

Soon the voice came again,

"Be quieter, I can hear you, why are you back?"

It was only at this time that Hu Hai remembered his mission, so he hurriedly explained the general situation.

"Brother Lang, those **** are crazy about military exploits. Instead of going back, they forced Dad to join them in raiding this group of ghosts and beasts! They also want to force you to take action!"

"They should have arrived nearby now. According to their plan, they will take a rest during the day and launch an attack at night!"

Soon Hu Hai explained all the situation clearly, and finally said,

"Brother Lang, I think this group of ghosts and beasts are very powerful. Those **** probably have no hope. When they really fight, you save me quickly, and then take daddy and them back!"

It's fine that he didn't have the slightest resistance in front of Noda just now, after all, the opponent's strength far exceeds him,

But even these ordinary fighters don't seem to be weak, they are even stronger than him, you must know that he is the third tier of strength!

Those people want credit, so the one who died is not wronged, but why should he be buried with him?

It's the business to let Brother Lang take them away as soon as possible!

He didn't bother to care about the lives of other people.

At this time, Zhao Lang, who was under his younger brother, couldn't help but become a little ugly after hearing these words.

He didn't expect that this group of people would be so courageous. He warned them in advance, and they didn't want to withdraw quickly, but wanted to use him to deal with Noda.

Dad doesn't stop at all, his current strength, in a head-to-head fight, he can't beat the opponent at all, he...

But when he thought of this, Zhao Lang was slightly taken aback, and then he couldn't help showing a wry smile,

"The bragging is blown..."

He just wanted to intimidate others before, so he pretended to be a master,

And at that time, he also killed a tier 6 ghost beast clan in one blow,

Now Dad and the others must think that their strength is far superior to those people,

That's embarrassing.

If it doesn't work, then he can only follow what Hu Hai said, and just take Hu Hai and the old man away while taking advantage of the chaos, and he can't care about the others.

For the sake of credit, these people pin their life and death on an object that they don't understand, let alone control.

Purely looking for death, I can't blame others.

He even took a look to see if he could take away the bottle containing the ghost beast god.

After making up his mind, Zhao Lang no longer struggled, and quickly said,

"I see. I will take you with me depending on the situation."

Hu Hai nodded, but soon thought of a very serious question, and then asked in a low voice,

"Brother Lang, I'm afraid these people will eat me when it gets dark."

You must know that the children of those aristocratic families must attack in the middle of the night, after these people relax their vigilance,

But at that time, his bones were cold.

Zhao Lang returned soon,

"Don't worry, they are not so safe at night, I have a solution."

Zhao Lang wasn't worried about these people, he ate Huhai as soon as it got dark,

Because he stayed all night yesterday, he snatched the moonlight essence from those ghosts and gods. When it gets dark, those ghosts and gods will eat it.

There won't be much time for them.

If it doesn't work, he's making some noise to attract the attention of these people.

Now, he had to start accumulating all his strength, and it was bound to be a fierce battle at night.

With Zhao Lang's guarantee, Hu Hai was immediately relieved, and began to continue his own strength honestly, and he was very careful about escaping for his life.

Once a person concentrates, he will feel that time passes quickly. When Hu Hai opens his eyes again, the sky has begun to gradually darken.

He also saw Noda who had brought him back again, but the other party didn't even look at him,

In the eyes of the other party, he is just a kind of wild wild boar for cultivation, food for supplementing spiritual power.

Of course, when a ghost beast came towards him with a knife, Hu Hai couldn't help it, he was a little nervous,

Fortunately, soon, another ghost beast came over and said,

"Don't worry about this for now, go to the surrounding area to be vigilant, the gods need to eat the essence of the moon!"

When the gods are eating, it is also when they are most vulnerable, and of course they need protection.

Originally, they didn't want to be so troublesome. After all, there is no one here.

But General Noda's order, no one can do anything about it.

Hearing the order, the ghost beast clan couldn't help but frowned and said,

"Why is it so early today?"

Generally, their gods eat when the moon is at its fullest, which is too early today.

Another ghost beast clan couldn't help but smiled bitterly and said,

"I don't know, that's what the priest ordered. Maybe it's because I've been away from that mountain for too long, so I'm hungry."

"It doesn't matter, after killing the group of big officials and completing the sacrifice, the gods will naturally be full, and our strength will also increase by then!"

Hearing this, the ghost and beast clan stopped talking immediately, and the status of priests was higher than them.

What his companion said is also right, if he can get a powerful **** at that time, he can also improve himself!

As for that ugly wild boar who scolded others, let the other party live a little longer.

Seeing the ghosts and beasts leave, Hu Hai breathed a sigh of relief, but soon looked at the sky with some surprise, because at this time, the essence of the moonlight was like a substance, slowly falling down,

Then they converged towards the carriage covered with spells in the middle of the camp,

In the next moment, illusory ghosts emerged from the carriage, scrambling to grab the moonlight essence,

But it seemed that he could not be satisfied all the time, and let out bursts of cold, low-pitched howls,

Hu Hai couldn't help shivering, cursing in a low voice,

"Just this group of things can be called gods?"

Seeing this scene, Noda, who had been by the side all the time, couldn't help but become dignified, and said to the priest who was sweating profusely and was casting a spell,

"What's the matter with you? Why is the **** so hungry?"

Of course he could tell that the gods seemed to be hungrier tonight than yesterday, which was not normal.

While casting the spell, the priest gritted his teeth and said,

"General, I don't know about waiting, maybe it's because I've been waiting outside for too long!"

"General, please find the flesh and soul for the gods as soon as possible, otherwise these spells will not be able to retain the gods."

Hearing this, Noda couldn't help but frowned. In fact, according to the previous plan, they should have gone to ambush the group of big men.

Time has indeed dragged on a little longer now, but the gods shouldn't be so hungry.

I can only say coldly,

"Don't you have any other means? If the gods run away, can you afford it?"

Hearing this unreasonable request, the priest gave a wry smile. It was obvious that the other party delayed the time, but now he asked them instead,

But the other party is stronger than them and has greater authority than them, so they can only return,

"General, please bring some spirit stones."

Of course they have a way to deal with it, it's just that it consumes a lot of money.

, Noda did not hesitate, these spirit stones are just consumables, if they are gone, they can be snatched from Dagan again,

Anyway, the other party's compensation is already on the way.

With the support of Lingshi, the priest quickly arranged a simple magic circle,

One after another spiritual power is gathered into the moonlight through the magic circle, so that the spiritual power contained in the moonlight will be stronger, so as to relieve the hunger of the gods.

Sure enough, with the blessing of the magic circle, the howling of the gods quickly became much quieter,

Seeing the effect, Noda's expression immediately eased a little, but the next moment, the mysteries howled again,

This time, before Noda could open his mouth, the priest said loudly,

"General, the demand of the gods is extremely strong, we need more spirit stones!"

"We still need some warriors to inject spiritual power!"

Noda didn't hesitate at this time, he waved his hand, and several ghost and beast warriors also poured their spiritual power into the magic circle without hesitation!

At this time, the surrounding area was slightly illuminated by the brilliance of spiritual power.

This time, the effect got better and better, the gods stopped howling, and began to greedily absorb all the spiritual power.

Seeing this scene, everyone couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, the gods were hungry.

Of course, what no one knows is that Zhao Lang is greedily absorbing spiritual power underground at this time,

It's not that he wants to give spiritual power to the other party, it's too much,

It has to be said that these ghost and beast clans are really strong, and the spirit stones consumed now are enough to feed thousands of people for a month.

The resources of the two sides are not at the same level at all, so it goes without saying that there is a gap in strength.

He will soon be able to reach his best state at this stage, anyway, when he is running for his life later, he will be able to fly faster and longer.

The eating this time lasted for a long time until the moonlight dimmed. Although the gods still had some hunger, they couldn't hold it anymore and could only end it forcefully.

The moment it ended, all the priests fell limply to the ground, and several powerful ghost and beast warriors also began to rest panting heavily, and the discarded spirit stones beside them piled up like a hill.

At this time, Noda nodded in satisfaction. The more the gods absorbed, the stronger their strength, and it would be more beneficial to them.

Soon he said lightly,

"Go down and rest, all the supplies are open for use, and then kill that wild boar for everyone to mend."

Hearing this, the surrounding ghost and beast clan suddenly showed a smile. Although their general was strict, he was also extremely generous.

Their consumption this time will soon be able to make up for it, and their strength can go further, so they said sincerely,

"Thank you General."

Soon, the ghost beast clan walked towards Hu Hai with a knife, and Hu Hai yelled instantly,

"Brother Lang, save me!"

At this time, Zhao Lang's expression became slightly serious, he couldn't just watch Hu Hai die,

So he mobilized the strength in his body and was about to make a move, but at this moment,

Zhao Lang suddenly sensed something, and couldn't help but look up to the sky!

At the same time, Noda also raised his head instantly, and then his face changed drastically, and he shouted loudly,

"Enemy attack!"

Because, several huge rocks in the night sky, dragging flames, smashed towards their camp!

The whole camp was in chaos in an instant!

And just a little further away from the camp, UU Reading

Liu Xiu said profusely with sweat,

"This is something my family gave me to save my life. I can summon 5 boulders from the sky at a time. Now it's your turn!"

Li Shimin didn't hesitate anymore at this time, he directly drew his long sword, and shouted to the Li family's children,

"Where is the Xuanjia!"

In the next moment, all the elite disciples of the Li family stood up and threw a spell neatly,

The spell rose against the wind, turning into a pair of khaki armor, covering their bodies,

Li Shimin is no exception. In an instant, a heavy armored infantry appeared in front of everyone. At this time, Li Shimin pointed his long sword,


This heavy armored infantry headed towards the ghost beast camp and killed it!


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