The Lord of the Rings: Lords of Middle-earth - Chapter 257 forever king

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"For the homeland! For the tribe! The descendants of Turin! Fight! Fight! Destroy the evil spirits!" Nain's whole body was full of fighting spirit, and the terrifying fighting spirit came out through his body. It crossed a stream of light.

"Kill!" With the force of the thigh muscles, the powerful force was transmitted to the legs along the ground.

"Boom!" The figure as thick as a mountain collided fiercely with the Balrog! The dwarf king Nain delivered a desperate blow.

"Winter!" The Balrog swung his flaming greatsword and beat Nain back at a faster speed than he rushed forward. The embarrassed dwarf king was rolling like a poor beggar in the ruins.

"Ahem!" The overlord profession and the earth-type fighting spirit endowed Nain with strong vitality, which was transmitted to his body along the ground, and he spit out a mouthful of blood. Nain picked up the ax and stood up from the ruins again. stand up.

"Go away!" He set up the Balrog's fiery sword and saved a dwarf who was almost torn apart by him.

"Be careful!" Nain had no choice but to re-enter the battle after exhorting.

"Boom!" Nain was sent flying again, but unlike before, there were fewer dwarves besieging the Balrog, and the air was filled with the rotten smell of a scorched lake. They were dwarves who were scorched. remains!

"How dare you! Kill my subjects! Attack and kill my father and king! Destroy our home!" Nain growled and pointed his battle ax at the Balrog. Although Nain, who was covered in blood, looked embarrassed, he did not There is no serious problem, the earth-type fighting spirit endowed him with a tyrannical physique and vitality, and also gave him the unique skill of absorbing the energy of the earth to heal himself!

After an unknown amount of time, the entire fourth hall was almost reduced to ruins, with sloping pillars, a collapsed dome, scattered wreckage, and the lone Nain and Balrog.

"Fight! The dwarves of Khasad-dum! The descendants of Turin! Fight!" Nain, who was alone, attacked the Balrog again. Although the king was alone, he was not fighting alone! Behind him are thousands of Turin descendants! The faith of the Longbeard clan dwarves supports him!

"Fight...Fight! Turin..." Nain wearily swung his battle ax again to attack. He was tired, tired, and he suddenly remembered the dwarf's boneless roast meat, and the rum exuding a charming aroma! The resplendent and resplendent Khasad-dum, the people full of smiles, and the kind father...

"Don't think about leaving! You butcher! You evil creature in the gutter! I curse you as the king of the dwarves! You will surely pierce your heart with ten thousand arrows! Your bones will be ashes!" Tomahawk, the armor on his body has long been shattered, only a few strips of cloth are still hanging tenaciously on his body to barely hide his shame.

"Roar!" The enraged dwarf king jumped up and slammed on the Balrog's head fiercely, and the battle ax that had already smoothed the blade hit the Balrog's head hard.

"Aw!" The Balrog swung his whip in pain, and Nain flew out again.

"Are you in pain? Are you in fear? Hahaha! I thought you were fearless! I thought you were invulnerable! I thought you were going to kill me like a bug! Unfortunately... you can't! Turin! Long live !" Nain looked at the slowly retreating Balrog, and he saw the same fear as himself in its eyes, and he shed two lines of blood and tears...

"This blow will determine the will also determine life and death!" Nain said slowly as if he had made up his mind.

"Bloodthirsty! Crazy!" He dragged the no longer sharp battle ax slowly towards the Balrog, his eyes turned red! Muscles start to bulge!

"Blood is boiling!" He moved calmly, leaving a deep footprint on the hard stone... The veins under the bulging muscles began to burst, and a large amount of blood accelerated and volatilized, forming a pale shape on the outside of his body. Pale blood mist...

"Move the mountain!" He roared through gritted teeth, his bones began to elongate, his originally low body began to inflate like a balloon, and his body began to skyrocket. The dwarves had a little to do with it.

"Burning blood!" He roared two words in a hoarse voice, the secret method of burning blood! The skills of warriors risking their lives are as unique as the sacrifices of knights! It cannot be closed automatically after opening!

Nain's blood began to burn, and every inch of his body was gathering energy. A nearly ten-meter-long ax light extended from the battle axe. He became weaker and weaker, but his eyes became brighter and brighter. He seemed to see the hope of victory...

The Balrog is afraid! He is trembling! He is afraid of Nain's world-killing blow! This blow was condensed by a tyrant's life force, even the existence of the gods!

"Hehe, this blow... the gods apologize!" Nain jumped up frantically, he waved his arms, and the ax that condensed the strength of his life crossed a beautiful crescent moon, bringing death down from the sky...

"Aw~ah~uh! Roar~oh!" the Balrog wailed in pain, it felt the fear of death for the first time, and at that moment it seemed to see the coming of a true god! That shocking blow almost cut its slanted shoulders in two!

"Bang!" The struggling Balrog threw Nain away again, and Nain fell into the ruins but did not get up for a long time...

"Cough cough cough ~ puff! Cough cough ~ what a pity!" The light in Nain's eyes dimmed a little, he stared at the battle ax in his hand, the battle ax that had already been rolled was just stuck on the spine of the Balrog!

"Almost... Almost... Alas... Let's go... Children... Never come back until you can't defeat the Balrog..." Nain, leaning on the ruins, stared at the dying Balrog and sighed a few times. The demon's injuries were serious, but as long as he didn't die on the spot, he could still recover, but it was only a fatal injury!

"Ah...Khasad-dum, what can I do to save you..." Feeling the rapid loss of power in his body, Nain smiled wryly. He struggled to support himself on the collapsed pillar, and looked at the flames receding into the abyss. Demon, Nain, the last king of Khasad-dum, shed a few tears.

"It can't be done... Let's end it like this... Children and grandchildren of Turin, UU Reading I tried my best... I can't move anymore!" The powerless Nain finally couldn't hold his body and fell to his knees with a plop. in ruins.

"The Fire of Udon? I declare in the name of the dwarf king Nain I! I will guard this place! The capital of the dwarves ahead! Evil spirits are forbidden!" Nain braced his body and roared at the Balrog who was about to disappear on the cliff.

"You! You will never be able to set foot in the capital of the dwarves! I will suppress you forever! When you try to set foot here in vain, your wound will burn your heart!" Nain's voice was powerful and passionate, but his body slowly started Petrification, this is the earth's backlash against him, excessive overdraft body burns life to absorb the power of the earth, and will eventually merge into the earth...

"May you be safe..." Nain smiled at the last moment, very peacefully...

From then on, a lonely stone statue stood in the ruins of the fourth hall, firmly guarding the Marsabul hall behind it, and suppressing the footsteps of the Balrog...

"The Balrog is below..." Roland withdrew from the memory of time and space, and he looked at the cliff outside the square with an ugly expression.

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