The Lord of the Rings: Lords of Middle-earth - Chapter 258 to choose

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"What's the situation, King Roland?" The sad Bahrain came over, and he couldn't care less about his sadness. He was terrified when he heard the Balrog now.

"Your heroic spirit of King Nain I is stationed here to suppress the Balrog forever. The Balrog has never entered the fourth hall, which means that the Balrog is now in the abyss under our feet!" Roland saw himself The history of Bahrain has been told.

"Oh my God! The big mine? The Balrog is still in the big mine? This... how do we find him?" Balin panicked. The depth of the big mine can be said to be the first in Middle Earth. The ghost knows how deep the dwarves dug, but Going down to find a Balrog hiding in it is like looking for a needle in a haystack... And the Balrog is the key to this war. As long as the Balrog is not resolved, Moria may be breached again at any time. After all, the dwarves can't do nothing when they come back. ? Mine must be mined! What if the Balrog is alarmed again? The Balrog retreated into the abyss because of the strength and power of Nain I, but the next time the Balrog came out, the dwarves would not have a second Nain...

"It's troublesome, now we have to make a decision... Whether to clean up the orcs in Moria first, or find the Balrog to kill it..." Roland shrugged helplessly.

"Sorry Bahrain, we have to go back before the autumn harvest. After all, we can't spend a long time here! We should be able to stay here for more than a month..." Roland told Bahrain after thinking twice.

"Oh! Turin is here..." Bahrain grabbed his hair and fell into a dilemma. He can be sure that the Balrog is definitely seriously injured, and he will definitely not be able to come out to make trouble in a short time, but it is definitely a ticking time bomb! Although the orcs and goblins are also big troubles, the dwarves can still clean them up as long as they are willing to pay the price!

"Think about it, Bahrain, we are waiting for your decision, whether to move on or wait for it here!" Roland patted him on the shoulder and comforted him.

"Kill it! Damn Balrog dares to attack the silver dragon! See one and kill one! Hey! That guy from the Wind Dragon Clan! Come out quickly! Go down with my aunt and kill it!" The Smurf flapped his wings and flew out, his eyes full of anger and hatred.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't make trouble! Come back, don't lose your temper, I don't know any dragons who are good at fighting underground! Don't take risks!" Roland quickly reached out and grabbed the frantic dead Elf Dragon.

"Let go of me! If you catch me again, your claws will be bitten off! Dragons are not good at fighting underground? Today you will see it!" The Smurf struggled and flapped his wings.

"Caslo! Let Kaldor come out to persuade her! This dragon is crazy!" Roland was thrown aside by the suddenly enlarged fairy dragon and sat on a buttock. The ten-meter-long fairy dragon can no longer see her cute and cute appearance before, and is replaced by nobility and majesty! The long and narrow dragon eyes glanced at a certain Luo who was overpowering himself and wanted to catch the dragon with his bare hands. The Smurf folded his wings and was about to glide down the big mine...

"Bang!" The Smurf, who was about to take off and even put on his posture, was pressed down on the cold ground by a thick dragon claw in an unattractive appearance.

Kaldor, a giant storm dragon with a body length of more than 20 meters, looked up to the sky and let out a clear and passionate dragon chant! Under the tyrannical dragon's claws, the elven dragon of the same family is suppressed, and Kaldor's eyes are full of human disdain.

"It's up to you? Are you going down to feed the Balrog? The abyss is not as big as the sky, but there is no such a big place for you to cast spells! You can't even break free from one of my dragon claws, you? Why are you fighting with the Balrog? Hand-to-hand combat?" Kaldor grinned and laughed, his sharp dragon teeth gleaming coldly. What flows in Kaldor's body is the blood of the storm dragon who has been fighting against the storm all year round! According to legend, the place where the storm dragon appears is bound to be accompanied by a devastating storm, and one can imagine the tyranny of the storm dragon walking through the storm! This is one of the dragon species that is best at hand-to-hand combat along with the golden dragon, black dragon and Yanlong!

"Roar! Let me go!" The Smurf was so ashamed and indignant that he spit out a breath of the elemental dragon.

"That's it? Tickle it?" In the terrified eyes of everyone, Kaldor resisted the dragon's breath of chaos containing all elements from the dragon archmage!

"Enough trouble? Don't you think there's not enough trouble?" The mature Kaldor looked helplessly at the Smurf who was crushed under his claws and was very speechless. This little guy really likes to mess around. The breath is indeed not so easy to catch, everything is thanks to the strong defense of Dragon Scale and Kaldor's fast defense, otherwise the part that will be hit will definitely be bruised...

"Don't make trouble! Your Highness has your own considerations! Remember that you are loyal to the empire!" Kaldor let go of his claws helplessly and warned. The young elf dragon may treat war as a trifle, and he cannot defeat the Balrog with his blood. ! Judging from the fact that this race can hunt and kill Silver Dragon Dragon Knights, one cannot take it lightly! And this is the fire of Udon that destroyed the dwarf kingdom! Survivors from Wrath of War! Any contempt will pay the price of life!

"Okay, stop messing around, the Smurfs come back, we will have revenge, but I have to listen to what our friends say first!" Roland coaxed the Smurfs, and the pressure was put on Bahrain again.

"What's your decision? Your Excellency Balin? Is it to quickly clear the half-orcs of Moria and become the king of Moria, or to solve the historical problem of the Balrog here?" Roland looked at Balin, waiting for his answer.

"..." Balin looked at the abyss, then at the remains of Nien kneeling in the ruins, and immediately his eyes were red again...

"Let's stay here! Kill it! The dwarves need its head to give an explanation to their ancestors!" Balin said coldly. Both parties are in an endless relationship, UU reading www. One disturbs one's own slumber, the other destroys other people's homes, and when you meet a dog, you can type out your brain!

"Well, let's camp in the fourth hall! Balin asked your people to lead the way for us to guard the exit of the fourth hall. From Marsabul Hall onwards, all orcs are in the world!" Roland sighed, The half-orcs encountered here are relatively few, and most of them are goblins who are good at climbing, because Nain's dwarf Wang Wei blocked most of the half-orcs who wanted to cross the fourth hall, but the people behind the fourth hall The Marsabul Hall is different. It was the place where Azog established the half-orc kingdom. Although Azog took away a large number of elites in the Battle of the Five Armies, the population base of the half-orcs in Moria is still not to be underestimated. underestimated.

"No problem! I'll take you there!" Bahrain nodded. He didn't want half-orcs to come out from behind and "steal the ass" when the coalition forces and the Balrog were fighting fiercely. That would be fun!

"Omsk! You go and lead the Dovinian heavy swordsmen to garrison the exit! They are good at fighting in such a narrow field!" Roland turned to look at Omsk.

"As for Caslo, come and think of a way to catch this big guy down there with me!" Roland rubbed his chin and looked at the big mine pit, lost in thought.

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