The Monster I Was Redeemed - v2 Chapter 4 early childhood

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After Ai Liang finished calling, Mr. Zao gave him a surprised look.

After being sent to Feng Yue's arms, Ai Liang called out clearly.

In order to confirm the situation, Mr. Zao signaled Ai Zhe to go to Feng Yue's side to attract Ai Liang's attention.

Ai Liang turned her head to look at Ai Zhe and called out in the same way: "Pfft."

Ai Liang couldn't use the baby's vocal cords to pronounce the syllable of the word "Daddy", so he used gas to impinge on his lips to make a papa sound similar to Daddy.

During the examination in the hospital before, it was this ability to distinguish different things that convinced the doctor that Ai Liang's intelligence level should be above the average baby.

After being an early teacher for so many years, this is the first time she has encountered such a situation.

Originally, she thought Teacher Zao was invited to take care of the child's daily life, but the performance of the maid and nurse standing beside her and Ai Liang made her have an absurd idea.

"The child is indeed very smart, but Mr. Feng is going to start preschool education now?"

Teacher Zao asked in a half-joking tone.

"You are an expert in educating children, just watch and teach according to your understanding."

Feng Chengfu, like Party A in Party B's dream, said casually: "We need to reach a certain age to start our own education. Before that, Xiaoliang will entrust you."

"What's the matter, it's too late for me to be happy to be the first teacher for such a young genius."

Ai Liang was very happy listening to the conversation between grandfather and Mr. Zao.

At least in the future, he doesn't have to be hugged and dangled by the maid as soon as he starts babbling and learning to speak.

It's a pity that his current eyesight can't see things half a meter away, and he can't tell who the people standing are. He can only judge by his voice and feeling.

Various examinations have been tossed all morning, and sleepiness once again occupied the brain.

Adults can survive with willpower when they are sleepy, but the baby's body is sleepy, Ai Liang can't hold on for even a minute, and falls into a deep sleep almost as soon as he closes his eyes.


Time flies, and three years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Ai Liang turned from a babbling baby into a three-year-old child.

During these three years, he also gained a certain understanding of the world he lived in.

The earth is still the same earth, and there have been Xia, Shang, Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn, and Warring States in history... But in more than 600 AD, a unified world regime appeared in human history.

The wheels of history have since turned in a very different direction.

It stands to reason that this kind of world unification event will definitely leave a strong mark in the history books.

But Ai Liang searched through the historical documents that he could get access to, but he didn't see a specific description.

Regarding the two hundred years of world unification, no matter what history book is written, it will be mentioned in one stroke.

How did the emperor unify the world, how did he manage the huge empire in ancient times with backward transportation and communication, none of these left any detailed records, as if that dynasty was just a legend fabricated by a group of storytellers.

However, the officials of the Asian League and the European Union have never denied the fact that the world has once been unified.

Both polities admit that they were born out of that huge empire, which has existed since ancient times.

As for the regimes in America and Africa, they were only separated from these two major regimes in the past hundred years.

The history here completely violated the common sense that Ai Liang knew.

According to Ai Liang's understanding, a series of problems such as the backwardness of transportation and communication, the lack of productivity, the fragmented social system, internal and external conflicts, and the dispersion of power are the reasons for the division of a huge empire.

But the history of this world is just the opposite.

An empire that unified the world could be established more than a thousand years ago, and after ruling the world for two hundred years, it split into two major empires, the East and the West, and continued to rule the world for thousands of years.

In modern times, the two empires became polities, and when the productivity was sufficient and there were no natural or man-made disasters or internal racial and ethnic conflicts, they actually separated into the American polity and the African polity.

Ai Liang really can't understand this series of magical operations...


After two knocks on the door, Mr. Zao opened the door and entered.

Ai Liang put down the collection of poems in his hand and followed Sheng Sheng, an old woman with gray temples in Tang suit was smiling and waving to him.

"How are you resting, is your head still hurting?"

Teacher Zao walked up to Ai Liang and touched his forehead: "If you feel uncomfortable, stop today's class first, and your grandfather doesn't want you to use your brain too much."

Ai Liang tried her best to control her brain not to recall the past, and tried to focus on the early teacher's problem: "It's okay, as long as you don't think too much, you won't have a headache."

"To be honest, your child is a bit too precocious. When I close my eyes, I can't imagine that standing in front of me is a three-year-old child."

Teacher Zao touched Ai Liang's hot forehead, sighed and slowly squatted down to look at Ai Liang: "You learn everything very quickly, but don't forget that you are only three years old now.

Excessive brain fatigue is likely to cause the root cause of the disease and affect the future health of the body. To be honest, did you secretly stay up late again last night? "

Ai Liang really wanted to deny it, but considering that there is a maid watching over him when he sleeps, he didn't bother to make excuses.

"Well, I read a book last night, about medicine."

Teacher Zao couldn't laugh or cry when he heard Ai Liang's answer: "Medical books? You don't think you want to find a way to relieve the headache caused by hypermemory?"

"No, I'm just curious."

Ai Liang shook her head in denial.

Ai Liang is very clear that he is not a genius who can achieve any epoch-making achievements. He reads medical books purely to increase his knowledge.

The essence of this kind of psychology stems from inner anxiety, always wanting to be an all-around player who can do everything by himself and not rely on others.

And the emergence of hypermemory is like opening an infinite money modifier in an RPG game.

No matter what props, as long as you can buy them, you have to reach the stack limit, no matter whether those props are useless or not.

Teacher Zao patted Ai Liang on the head and didn't say much.

In her opinion, the sudden reading of medical books by a genius like Ai Liang must be to solve her own problems.

It's not a joke that Ai Liang is overconfident, but I feel that Ai Liang is still young and has never been exposed to social and medical research, so she doesn't know how complicated it is.

"In this case, how about letting go of today's class and changing it to opera?"

Teacher Zao took out a USB flash drive and shook it in front of Ai Liang.

Although Teacher Zao's tone was asking, Ai Liang knew very well that the other party would not have any courses related to learning theoretical knowledge today. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

At most, there are some explanations interspersed after each opera.

Rather than watching a movie with a projector in the room, Ai Liang would rather have someone take him out for a walk.

But still the same sentence, the three-year-old child has too many physical inconveniences, and the housekeeper at home will never agree to his request to leave the manor.

At most, it's just strolling around in the backyard garden or on the green lawn, it's better not to watch opera in the room.

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