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Ai Liang sat on the small chair specially made for herself, quietly watching the maid fiddling with the projector.

Before the early education started, Ai Liang had imagined the education she would receive.

music? art? Or discover your "genius" and choose to teach knowledge from elementary school to high school in advance?

None of them.

What Teacher Zao taught Ai Liang was not what he imagined, but something that was never within his consideration—classical literature.

That's right, those ancient literary classics, poems, songs, and so on.

After Ai Liang showed his astonishing "talent", the family only taught the most basic addition and subtraction, with no intention of going further, and let the teacher directly lead him on the road of literature.

In order to cover up, Ai Liang had to ask the maid to buy some elementary school textbooks as a cover.

As a commoner, Ai Liang doesn't know what's the point of learning these things.

inherit culture? Cultivate character and deepen cultural cultivation?

These things are too extravagant for people who are busy with their livelihood and have to run around for their lives every day.

But Ai Liang still chose to listen to the class seriously.

Because obviously there is no need to run around for a living in this life, and I can do whatever I want in the next twenty years, and I am not in a hurry.

As a spiritual adult, Ai Liang will not really say no to things that are not of interest to him as straightforwardly as a three-year-old child.

Now my body can't go far, and it is forbidden to disengage entertainment electronic products for a long time at home, so it is not impossible to use this to pass the time.

And as long as the progress of the main courses is not delayed, even if you learn something else in your spare time, the family will not mind.

Suddenly, a crisp and melodious pipa sounded.

Ai Liang's attention was drawn to the big screen in front of him.

At the same time, the maid who finished fiddling with the equipment picked up the remote control and drew the curtains. As the curtains on both sides moved towards the middle, the room began to become dark at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Teacher Zao came to Ai Liang with a tablet and sat down to start today's video appreciation.

As I listened, a feeling of deja vu came to my heart.

It seems that this song is very familiar to me.

But Ai Liang knows very well that in her previous life, she was not interested in music.

He doesn't watch short videos very much, and he doesn't even know the popular music every year, let alone the pipa, an instrument that is relatively unpopular among the general public.

Boom, boom, boom, boom...

The accompaniment drums sounded.

The steady and heavy knocking sound seemed to hit Ai Liang's heart heavily every time, making him unable to breathe.

Ai Liang's expression became dazed, and more and more strange pictures began to flash in his mind one after another.

Unfamiliar faces, one after another strange events, there are meeting with acquaintances to exchange cups, and there are also Yue Hei Feng Gao in Tsing Yi who raises a knife and falls.

These pictures run through ancient and modern times, as if he brought someone's memory into a higher level, observing the historical process of this world in detail.

From the establishment of the empire to its collapse, from the scuffle of the region to the establishment of the regime.

There is a pair of invisible big hands manipulating all this behind the scenes.

Before he knew it, the performance was over. Teacher Zao turned around and wanted to ask Ai Liang what he thought of the piece just now, but found that Ai Liang was staring blankly at the big screen.


Teacher Zao patted Ai Liang's shoulder lightly, only for him to turn around mechanically.

Ai Liang opened his mouth as if to say something, but in the next second he rolled his eyes and passed out.

Mr. Zao held the back of Ai Liang's head quickly with his hands and eyes, and immediately shouted to the maid next to him: "Go and call the doctor!"


Ai Liang's consciousness fell into darkness, and her body seemed to be floating in the void.

Where is this?

Ai Liang was a little confused, and stretched out his hand tentatively, but he was surprised to find that he

I can't feel the existence of my hands at all.

Not only that, Ai Liang found that she lost not only her sense of touch, but also her sense of sight, hearing, taste and smell.

All five senses of human beings are deprived.

The strange thing is that Ai Liang didn't feel any fear because of this, but instead felt a sense of comfort as the baby returned to the womb.

This feeling drove Ai Liang to squat down slowly and curl up her body.

Probably this action? After all, he lost his five senses and couldn't determine his current posture.

After an unknown amount of time, a feeling of icy coldness appeared.

Unlike the biting chill felt when not born, this coldness is as refreshing as a mountain spring under the scorching heat.

Ai Liang's curled body slowly unfolded, and the coolness spread from his chest to his limbs.

Gradually, Ai Liang found that she could sense the existence of her body, which was the recovery of her sense of touch.

Followed by hearing and vision.

As for the sense of smell and taste, he is still not sure yet, but his intuition tells Ai Liang that these two should have recovered.

Ai Liang slowly opened his eyes.

The blue sky shines on the water, and the water reflects the blue sky.

Except for the blue sky and clear water, there is nothing else in the whole space.

He couldn't even tell whether he was standing above the water or hanging upside down under the sky.

Ai Liang's feet moved slightly, shallow ripples spread to the surroundings, and it returned to calm within one meter.

Looking at the endless water surface, Ai Liang unconsciously took steps forward, with every step there would be ripples under his feet, and at the same time, his perspective gradually increased.


A faint sound of the piano came from afar.

Ai Liang seemed to have found the target, turned around and walked quickly towards the direction of the sound of the piano.

In the distance that was originally empty, two blurred figures gradually appeared.

As Ai Liang approached, the two figures gradually became solid.

"this is…"

Ai Liang stopped in her tracks and looked at Teacher Zao in disbelief.

And the person opposite Teacher Zao was his childhood self.

"No, my body?"

Ai Liang raised her hands and slowly lowered her head.

I have been walking on empty water before, without a specific reference.

At this time, Ai Liang realized that her body had changed to that of her twenties when compared with her own self when she was young.

"What the **** is this place? Am I going to die again? Could it be that it's not hypermemory that caused my headache, but some terminal illness that my family has been hiding from me?"

Ai Liang frowned and began to recall the scenes when she got along with her family, trying to dig out the expressions of anxiety and regret from their expressions.

Regrettably but fortunately, neither the grandfather nor the parents, nor the housekeepers, doctors, and maids at home, showed any hidden pity when they got along with themselves.

"Xiaoliang, how about going for a walk in the garden with grandpa?"

Feng Chengfu's words pulled Ai Liang's thoughts out of the wave of memory.

At some point, Ai Liang was surrounded by people.

All kinds of familiar things and scenes began to emerge on the originally empty water.

The picture of me being a toddler, the picture of curling up in the arms of a maid covering my head because of a headache for the first time, the picture of concentrating on reading a book...

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