The Most Generous Master Ever - Chapter 787 : 12 Ways of Entering the Temple of Heaven

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When the fog dissipated and the beautiful figure in the void revealed her real body, the whole audience erupted instantly.

"Why is it her!"

Jiaolong Fuze's trembling tone was slightly agitated, he never thought that it was Mingyue who came this time.

This is the most legendary woman in nine heavens and ten lands. For many years, she has been the one who stands out and is far ahead, and is the object of admiration by many people.

Before the opening of the Taichu mine vein, Fuze knew that Mingyue had also come in, but he never came across it.

Even after the opening of the True Phoenix Treasure House, she had never been seen before.

No one knows where Mingyue has gone, let alone where she has been in the past two months.

Looking at it now, the woman in the white dress is glamorous and glamorous, with three divine fires shining between her brows, like a **** above the nine heavens, pure, clean and inviolable.

"Three divine fires!"

At this moment, everyone was startled. What do the three divine fires mean?

It means that she has entered the realm of offering sacrifices.

"How is this possible."

Not only everyone present, even Ye Qingxuan and Ling Tian were completely shocked at this moment.

In just a few short months, Mingyue successfully ignited three sacred fires and entered the realm of offering sacrifices.

What kind of breakthrough is this?

What is even more surprising is the looming twelve gates of heaven behind her.

"Hiss... Twelve Heavenly Mansions!"

"My dear, what exactly did she go through, and what kind of great opportunity did she encounter to open up the Twelve Heavenly Mansions?"

At this moment, everyone is not calm.

After Ye Qiu, another human genius successfully broke the shackles and opened up the Twelve Heavenly Mansions that only the descendants of the ten fierce men could open up.

With the Twelve Heavenly Mansions as the origin, three sacred fires were ignited and successfully broke through.

Looking at the beautiful figure in white clothes, everyone was in panic and shocked.

However, how did they know that in the past few months, Mingyue has experienced such cruel life and death tribulations, suffering in dire straits.

To be honest, she was very grateful to Ye Qiu, because he was the first to break this shackle, opened up this road, successfully made Dao recognize the human race, and was able to open up the Twelve Heavenly Mansions.

If not, Mingyue would not be able to open up successfully. This is a cause and effect, which she firmly remembers in her heart.

Although Ye Qiu didn't do it to help her, but to make a breakthrough for himself, but no matter whether he did it on purpose or not, cause and effect are cause and effect, and what you owe is what you owe.

She never cared about these things, she only followed her inner thoughts and determined things.

The Twelve Heavenly Mansion entered the sacrificial path and broke the limit of her body. At this moment, her strength has risen to a terrifying height.

For a moment, the strong sense of oppression made everyone present tense and pale.

For a time, I felt suffocated, as if facing the ruthless **** of death.

"Phoenix, the small tribe that has lived on the mulberry tree in the East China Sea for tens of thousands of years, dare to despise me, Butian Pavilion!"

After being silent for a long time, Mingyue said in a cold tone, her eyes were full of indifference and killing intent.

As soon as these words came out, Phoenix's body trembled, as if seeing a **** of death, and regretted his arrogance just now.

Maybe he himself didn't expect Mingyue to appear here.

What made him even more unexpected was that Mingyue had already ignited three sacred fires and entered the realm of offering sacrifices.

What's more frightening is that the small tower behind her is like a big mountain pressing on everyone, which is even more frightening.

In line with the dignity above blood, Phoenix still did not bow its head under the oppression of Mingyue.

He continued to speak stiffly: "Hmph... Even if I despise him, so what?"

"Then kill..."

As soon as the phoenix finished speaking, Mingyue made a move directly.

She didn't have time to talk nonsense with the other party, just in a split second, a palm fell from the sky, and the overwhelming force suddenly struck.


Zhu Yan let out an angry roar and helped the phoenix resist. He also wanted to meet the legendary woman Mingyue for a while.

However, in front of the strong in the Dao Realm, and in front of Mingyue who entered the Twelve Heavenly Mansions, even though the two of them are powerful, they are not the enemies of Mingyue with one move.

After meeting each other, Phoenix and Zhu Yan were directly suppressed, unable to fight back.


Seeing this scene, Fuze was shocked into a cold sweat. He was very glad that he hadn't said anything rude just now, otherwise if this palm hit him, even the True Dragon Exorcist might not be able to withstand it.

"It's so cruel! This woman is ruthless and doesn't talk much...not easy to provoke."

Immediately, Fuze made his own evaluation, secretly happy in his heart, fortunately he did not offend the other party.

"hold head high…"

With a long cry, the phoenix that was slapped flat with a palm unexpectedly came back from the dead and wanted to continue fighting.

Unexpectedly, Mingyue slapped her coldly again, and returned to the dust again.

He has no power to fight back at all, even if his immortal body can be resurrected indefinitely, it can't stop Mingyue's wild bombardment.

The incomparably brutal scene in front of him shocked everyone present.

At this moment, Phoenix was completely scared! He never thought that Mingyue would be so ridiculously strong.

Her tactics are not as fancy as Ye Qiu's, and her fighting methods often end the battle in the simplest and most brutal way.

So much so that no matter how many moves you have, you don't have time to use them.

There was another long cry, and the phoenix broke free again. This time he did not attack, but spit out a ball of flames, trying to escape.

Unexpectedly, Mingyue ignored the ball of flames, raised her jade hand lightly, and the small tower behind her came directly to her hand.

A simple formula was pinched out, and the small tower instantly became larger, covering the sky and covering the earth directly.


In desperation, Phoenix is ​​still struggling, but under the suppression of Xiaota, he can't escape at all.

Because that small tower itself has terrifying strength, and under Mingyue's control, its strength has reached the extreme.

In just a moment, the supreme light directly covered the phoenix.


With a cold closing word, the mighty phoenix was directly taken into the tower by the small tower.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was overwhelmed.

The mighty phoenix was subdued so easily?

Just now, everyone has seen the power of the phoenix, but no one thought that Mingyue suppressed him in just a few

"Oh my god! This woman is too cruel."

At this moment, Fuze couldn't help but complain from the bottom of his heart.

Such a cruel woman, who else in the world can surrender, she is too cruel.

Suppressing the phoenix with one hand, Mingyue stared at everyone coldly, and finally settled on Fuze.

He said coldly: "Who else wants to challenge my Butian Pavilion? Just come forward, one counts as one, I will follow..."

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent.

"Fuck, don't look at me, I want to challenge you too."

Seeing Mingyue looking at him coldly, Fuze panicked and said hastily.

I'm just a soy saucer, passing by...

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