The Most Generous Master Ever - Chapter 788 :altar

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【Ten-thousand-fold repayment for apprenticeship, never hide private things for a teacher】【】

"Damn it! What the **** is this place..."

At this moment, in an underground abyss, Ye Qiu was exploring the dark tunnel with his eyes darkened.

Unlike the hustle and bustle of the outside world, it was dark and peaceful here.

It was so quiet that even the sound of breathing was very obvious, and the clear water dripped on the stone wall, making a ticking sound, which was very crisp.

In this weird atmosphere, Ye Qiu seemed to see a light, guiding him in the deepest part of the darkness.

After passing through the time tunnel, he came to a taboo cave. A series of thick iron chains stood in front of his eyes. The people watching felt uneasy and felt an inexplicable sense of depression.

"Where is this?"

Ye Qiu was puzzled, the scene in front of him had a feeling of deja vu, as if he had seen it there before.

I fell silently into a burst of memories, looking at the center of the cave, a huge altar, where there seemed to be an extremely terrifying thing locked.

Ye Qiu walked over slowly and came to the center of the altar, where he saw a precious bone.

"True phoenix bones?"

The moment Ye Qiu saw the treasure bone, Ye Qiu became excited, but soon he calmed down again.

Because the treasure bone was locked by a series of thick iron chains, it was more like some kind of order law, and there was some kind of taboo.

"Iron chains... Taboo..."

"Wait, I seem to remember it. This seems to be the taboo law that suppressed Emperor Zhenwu under the Undersea Immortal Palace back then."

All of a sudden, Ye Qiu woke up suddenly, remembering that Emperor Zhenwu was under the Undersea Immortal Palace back then, and the iron chains on his body were exactly the same as the iron chains in front of him.

For a moment Ye Qiu became extremely cautious, with a bit of fear in his eyes.

You know, even a terrifying existence as strong as Emperor Zhenwu can't break free from the shackles of this iron chain. If he falls into it, he will really be finished.

Seriously examining every move in the cave, Ye Qiu fell into deep thought.

The treasure bone was right in front of him, but Ye Qiu was not dazzled by the benefits, and still maintained an extremely calm posture.

What is certain is that the precious bone in front of him is the real phoenix bone.

And if there are no accidents, this place... should be the place where the real phoenix fell.

Ye Qiu was really curious about what happened at the beginning of the ancient world, why these former overlords of the world fell in such a tragic way, and were buried in this rolling history without a sound.

In the darkness, what kind of terrifying existence is manipulating all this.

Is it the watcher of the void, or the devil from outside the domain?

Perhaps the real answer will only be unraveled when Ye Qiu embarks on the void exploration path leading to the uninhabited domain outside the territory.

Right now, with Ye Qiu's strength, he still can't get a glimpse of the mystery. More precisely, he can't bear that kind of cause and effect yet.

Longevity robbery! What Emperor Zhenwu said was an eternally shocking lie.

What kind of secret is hidden.

Ye Qiu doesn't know all of this, but from the information he has so far, Ye Qiu can judge one thing.

All of this is inseparable from one person, that is, the plateau powerhouse who fell on that mysterious plateau when the world was in chaos.

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【Ten-thousand-fold repayment for apprenticeship, never hide private things for a teacher】【】

The moment his huge body fell down was the beginning of the Immortal Era.

Everything in the world is derived from his death.

"Well... the real phoenix bone is very close, but it's so close, but it's so far away."

Looking at the precious bone in the center of the altar, Ye Qiu hesitated. He didn't know what the consequences would be if he stepped into the altar.

He was hesitating whether to take the risk.

Because the altar has existed for too long, perhaps the magic circle that exists in the four directions has already failed.

Of course, this was just Ye Qiu's guess, and he still didn't dare to try it until it was confirmed.

If it didn't fail, he was the one who was trapped by the iron chain. Ye Qiu had already experienced the torment of the Immortal Locking Cauldron, and the pain was still fresh in his memory.

Ye Qiu didn't want to experience it again.

However, if he didn't take the risk, it would mean that his trip was in vain, and the so-called real phoenix bones had nothing to do with him.

Opportunities are in front of you, and it depends on how you choose.

"Hmm... the real phoenix bone, judging from its appearance, it should be a broken bone, but the supreme meaning contained in it is already a very rare existence."

In comparison, Ye Qiu doesn't really need this precious bone, because his Tao has already been perfected.

The person who really needs this precious bone is Mingyue. Her incomplete Tao has not been completed because of the two primary and secondary bodies.

So this precious bone is very important to her, it is related to whether she can integrate smoothly and be reborn from Nirvana.

Ye Qiu was secretly deliberating whether it was worth taking the risk.

If it was purely for Mingyue, it might not be worth taking this risk, because even without the real phoenix bones, with Mingyue's ability, she could still find other ways to seek rebirth.

But for Ye Qiu, if he could get this precious bone and give it to Mingyue, the meaning would be different.

You know, this is the Nine Heavens Sovereign, a remnant bone of the real phoenix. Needless to say, its rarity, if there is a ten thousand times critical strike.

Oh my God!


What a terrifying existence that must be.

Turn it over, the bicycle becomes a Porsche! This is not a simple change.

Therefore, it is necessary to take this risk, and it depends on how Ye Qiu handles it.

Secretly making up his mind, Ye Qiu began to try to enter the magic circle to see what magical realm was hidden inside.

Taking out the Overlord's Halberd first, after a little testing, Ye Qiu inserted it into the altar to see if it would cause any changes.

Once there is a change, Ye Qiu immediately enters the wormhole and escapes through the shuttle.

With the insertion of the Overlord Halberd, there was a loud bang, and suddenly... a red light appeared from the magic circle.

"not good!"

Seeing the change, Ye Qiu immediately tore open the wormhole and wanted to slip away, but waited for a few The magic circle just changed, and there was no defensive situation.


After hesitating for a while, Ye Qiu stopped in his tracks again. The magic circle did not attack, which means that the current situation is still safe.

After carefully studying the inscription on the magic circle in front of him, Ye Qiu fell into deep thought.

After the fall of the real phoenix, the magic circle seemed to have failed, and did not take the initiative to attack the foreign invaders.

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【Ten-thousand-fold repayment for apprenticeship, never hide private things for a teacher】【】

"Huh...why didn't I think of that."

Taking a deep breath, Ye Qiu suddenly remembered something, and his heart instantly became excited.

"Hey... I have a shadow!"

Ye Qiu suddenly remembered that he still has a unique skill, the shadow double!

This is the secret method he researched when he was in the lower realm, and he used the shadow as his avatar to display the supreme supernatural power.

Famous repellent!

Later, after passing it to Linglong, it was sublimated again and became a **** shadow.

The evolved avatar possesses all his strength. Wouldn't it be safer to use the shadow to enter the altar and take away the treasure bone?

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu instantly became excited. Obviously, this was the clearest choice.

Once there is real danger, his main body can leave at any time, as for the clone, it doesn't matter whether he lives or dies.



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