The Mysterious World Under Steampunk - Chapter 1733 Leo's question

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After Mimidor disappeared from sight, the one-eyed man beckoned to Leo, continued to walk to the elevator leading to other areas, and said at the same time: "Come with me, we will replenish your equipment, but you You need to pay some seeds for these equipment, which is a good deal for you. After all, if you don’t have the right equipment, you will definitely not be able to survive in the blank space, let alone find your ethnic group, and you will lose your life by then , the seeds naturally don’t exist anymore.”

"Seeds?" Leo was stunned for a moment, and soon he seemed to think of something, with a strange look on his face, and said, "The seeds you are talking about don't mean me?"

"Of course it's your seed, otherwise do you have other valuable things on your body?" The one-eyed man gave Leo a white look, and then said earnestly: "I know that the taboo laws of your Midgard survivors limit your seeds. It cannot be spread, but your current situation is difficult to survive alone in a blank space, so you can only choose one of survival and seeds. As long as you don’t take the initiative to say these things, how will your ethnic group know these things. In addition, you Don't worry about the object of the seed, we will definitely select the strongest and best woman to assist you."

"The seeds you are talking about..." Leo finally understood what the one-eyed man meant by the seeds. He couldn't help smiling, stopped, and said very directly: "More of your kindness, I now There is no pressure to survive, and I don’t want to sell my seeds.”

The one-eyed man and the other two heroic warriors frowned at the same time, looking at Leo with great displeasure, as if they were accusing Leo of not knowing what to do, and the other heroic warriors who lived nearby also seemed to feel that this was the case. There was something wrong with the atmosphere, they stopped what they were doing at the same time, and looked towards this side. For a while, their eyes formed an invisible mental pressure around Leo.

Just when Leo felt that he might need to do something, the one-eyed man raised his hand and made a gesture, and the people around him calmed down instantly, and returned to the unfinished business at hand.

"We are not those brainless fools of the Thor school, we are the Odin school, and we will not force you to do things you don't want to do." The one-eyed man looked at Leo arrogantly and said: "Since you don't If you are willing to trade your seeds, we will not force you, but the equipment we provide you needs to be exchanged with your own ability, such as doing something for us."

"What do you want me to do?" Leo asked.

The one-eyed man said very directly: "We found a base built by the early Midgards who came to Vanaheim, but that base has been blocked by your Midgard fans, although it is not clear What kind of mystic is it, but you must have the blood of the Midgard people to open it normally."

"Where is the base?" Leo asked directly.

The one-eyed man pointed to a direction, and that direction happened to be the direction of the refuge mentioned by Mimiddle.

Leo asked: "Isn't there a shelter you built over there?"

"Yes, there is a refuge," the one-eyed man nodded, and said truthfully: "But that refuge is just a disguise. The purpose of the refuge is to protect the base in the most central area, but because it has been too long, plus The information lost during the last great turmoil prevented this secret from being discovered, and it was not until recently that the Freya School of the Holy City discovered this matter from a top-secret information."

Leo said in a deep voice: "Just tell me such a secret directly. It seems that if I don't agree, it should be impossible to leave."

The one-eyed man didn't answer, just looked at Leo with a smile.

"I agree." Leo nodded and said.

Leo's answer did not surprise the one-eyed man. In his opinion, in this state, it was an accident that Leo disagreed.

Since Leo was unwilling to sell the seeds, the arrangement for Leo would naturally have to be changed, so the one-eyed man did not lead Leo to the residential area on other floors, but directly arranged him in this reception area full of heroic warriors , although it is a house arranged separately, but around his house is a dormitory for a group of ten people, which obviously put Leo under house arrest here.

"By the way, I don't know your name yet?" When the one-eyed man settled Leo and was about to leave, Leo stopped him and asked.

The one-eyed man was silent for a while, then replied, "Wuni."

"Odin's thoughts?" Leo quickly came up with the relevant content of Norse mythology in his mind, said the meaning behind the other's name, then looked at the one-eyed man with a little deep meaning, and said: "It seems that your The identity is not simple! It should be more than just a heroic warrior captain of a cruising fortress."

After hearing Leo's words, the one-eyed man immediately showed surprise on his face. He was obviously surprised that Leo knew the meaning behind the word Wuni, but he quickly restrained the strange expression on his face, Walked out of the room where Leo was placed, then stopped at the door for a while, and ordered the two heroic warriors who were following him to guard the door to strengthen the house arrest of Leo, UU Reading Then he hurriedly walked towards the elevator.

After entering the elevator, he directly told the control system to go to the sanctuary of the fortress. After the elevator confirmed his identity, he opened a direct passage on the side of the elevator and quickly moved to the entrance of the sanctuary.

The one-eyed man stepped out of the elevator, stood in front of the detection device outside the arch of the sanctuary, let the light grid of the detection device sweep across his body, and walked quickly into the sanctuary after the signal light on the arch changed color.

I saw that the sanctuary was empty and there was nothing superfluous. There was only a transparent and liquid-filled crystal ball suspended in the middle of the sanctuary. Dozens of human brains were soaked in the liquid of the crystal ball. The network cells of the nodes are connected, and bursts of brain waves transmit the thought information produced by each brain in the form of faint light.

"What's the matter? Come to see me in the sanctuary in such a hurry." After the one-eyed man entered the sanctuary, a mechanical voice without any emotion sounded in the sanctuary, asking.

"You said that as long as anyone knows the meaning behind my name, I will inform you immediately." The one-eyed man walked under the crystal ball, raised his head, and said, "A Midgard man heard my message just now. Immediately after the name, he said the meaning behind my name, saying that I am the mind of Odin."

After hearing the one-eyed man's narration, the previous voice did not appear immediately, but the brains in the crystal ball quickly transmitted the light, and the light was not as weak as before, it seemed to be several times brighter. The dark environment in the institute was also illuminated.

"Are you sure he is from Midgard?" After a while, when the one-eyed man was a little impatient and wanted to ask about the situation, the voice sounded again in the sanctuary, and questioned the one-eyed man's judgment.

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