The Mysterious World Under Steampunk - Chapter 1734 information and analysis

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, the fastest update of the mysterious world under steampunk! "Didn't you find the tumor on your body?" Leo looked at Mimidor with a little doubt, and at the same time used the spirit net to check Mimidor's physical condition again.

After completing the supply of supplies, Mimidor was sent to the room next to Leo to settle down. It seems that he should also be able to leave after exploring the base of the ancient Midgards in this cruising fortress.

And this kind of semi-house arrest arrangement did not make Mimidor feel any discomfort. On the contrary, he regarded it as something to be proud of. It is definitely a very honorable thing for the Miao Niyom people.

After discovering that Leo was also placed next door, Mimidor couldn't wait to come to see him, and told Leo that he had just accepted the medical device in the fort to check his body, but the result was completely different from Leo's discovery, His body was perfectly normal, his spine was normal, and there was no sign of a tumor.

"After checking with the creator's medical device, it is true that there is no diseased body such as a tumor in my spine." Mimidor answered Leo's inquiry very positively, but then added: "However, I I think the creator's medical device may have been checked wrong, because now I can clearly feel the position of the tumor in the spine, it is definitely not just an illusion as the creator said."

Leo nodded and agreed with Mimidor's statement, because he can also easily find the tumor in Mimidor's spine through the mental network now, and it is different from the previous inspection. There have been some changes, its tumor cells have expanded into half of Mimidor's spine, and the tumor core has also integrated with Mimidor's spine nerves, forming a symbiotic relationship, and This situation made Leo think of the implanted symbiote he found in that world. Although the two are essentially different, the final result seems to be the same.

Leo didn't hide his discovery, and told Mimideore the truth, and Mimideore couldn't help being stunned when he heard it. He only thought that there was an error in the check, but he didn't expect that it was a tumor. Although he himself does not know much medical knowledge, he also knows that it is difficult to peel off the spinal nerves that have been integrated with the spinal nerves, that is to say, unless there is some kind of A drug that completely targets this mysterious tumor, kills the tumor from the inside, otherwise, it would be impossible to remove the tumor from his body.

Just when Mimidor was stunned by such a bad news, Leo asked again. Mimidor and the receptionist went to the console to replenish supplies and undergo medical device inspections, because after they Before coming near this cruise fortress, Leo had checked Mimidor's body once. At that time, the tumor in Mimidor's spine was still the same as what he saw at first, but now such a big change has taken place. , then it could only be a change after entering the cruise fortress.

After hearing Leo's request, Mimidor tried to calm down his emotions, and then told Leo as much as possible about his experience after separating from Leo. Everything that comes is mentioned.

Although Mimidor's narration sounded a bit long-winded, Leo listened carefully from the beginning to the end, without interrupting or urging Mimidore to say the key points, because in Leo's view, this cumbersome narration was just right. Let him know more about the situation of this cruise fortress.

Although Mimidor's narration is a bit long-winded and cumbersome, it is very detailed, allowing Leo to easily distinguish Mimidor even without seeing it with his own eyes, with the help of some descriptions of characteristics and functions. What are the devices in the mouth.

Just as Leo had analyzed from the energy system installed on Mimidor before, the situation of the pyramid-shaped cruise fortress in front of him is exactly the same. A large number of devices of different periods and different levels of technology were forcibly put together and combined into one. A barely functioning set of equipment was built.

The cleaning equipment and lighting equipment in the early colonization period of the Earth Federation, together with the detection device manufactured by the Earth Federation fused with alien technology more than a thousand years later, plus the console center system completely moved from the Earth Federation warship, in a word, the entire cruise The equipment of the fortress control station is built like building blocks. If the control station as the core of the fortress is like this, then the equipment in other areas may be the same.

In addition, the area design of the cruise fortress is very unreasonable. The control post, which is the control center of the fortress, is actually placed near the reception, and it is so close to the entrance. It is easy to be occupied by the enemy, thus mastering the entire cruise fortress, and what is even more unreasonable is that the warehouse for storing various equipment, weapons and energy boxes is next to the control post. Sufficient weaponry in general.

When Leo learned about the situation of the control post, he couldn't help but suspect that the control post Mimidor went to was actually just an illusion, but as Mimidor described the various equipment and After seeing the scene of the creator's work, he determined that it was not an illusion, but a real control center.

From the content revealed in the description of Mimidor, coupled with the details of various daily technological equipment, pipeline design, and energy system design that he has seen in the house he lives in, Leo can basically be sure of the things in front of him. The creators whose body shape is obviously inhuman should be the same as the Miaonyyom they created. They no longer have the ability to design and innovate. They can only combine and adjust according to the technologies and designs that have existed in the past, and finally form This kind of patchwork equipment device.

This also explains why after the Nine Worlds channel was broken, they did not reopen a channel to reconnect with the other Nine Worlds, but were trapped in this world of Vanaheim, and they were trapped for such a long time. None of them have a complete grasp of this world. Judging from various situations, the uncontrolled blank land in Vanaheim should account for the vast majority of the entire world area.

You must know that the creators of this world have a high level of technology. They can even manufacture the source energy core, which can only be produced by the higher civilizations of the universe. The function of the source energy core is to open up space cracks and stabilize the space. Energy, as long as someone with a little scientific and technological ability studies the function of the source energy core, he can easily open a space rift and establish a space channel to the other nine worlds.

But the current situation is that the function of the source energy core seems to be only used to maintain the effect that the sky city is suspended in the air. The earth city does not even need to use the source energy core, and large-scale equipment such as the creator's cruise fortress is also the same. There is no need for source energy cores, so as an igniter who can manufacture source energy cores, it seems that these creators will not receive special attention in the eyes of these creators, and the reception is only in accordance with general specifications.

It can be seen that even though the creators here have mastered high-level technological equipment and know how to manufacture and maintain these technological equipment, they do not know the core principles of these technological equipment, let alone make innovations based on the knowledge they have mastered.

This phenomenon is obviously abnormal. The reason why the Myoniyom people have no innovative power is that they are artificially manufactured products, and some abilities have been restricted from genetic aspects when they are manufactured, but the creators of this world are different, and they obviously should not There is no creativity. You must know that they created the Miaonyyom. This is not an artificial life that can be created through the patchwork of biotechnology. This requires excellent creativity and technological level to do it, so Leo I wondered if these creators suddenly lost their creativity due to some kind of mutation in a certain period, or maybe these so-called creators are actually artificial life, not the survivors of the Earth Federation as he thought at first. descendants.

Although the information he got from Mimidor gave Leo a lot of associations, he did not forget that the tumor on Mimidor's body mutated. Leo suddenly stopped Mimidor's narration, and asked with some seriousness: "Are you sure that the creator injected you with some liquid before the inspection?"

"Of course," Mimidore said with great certainty, "I remember that the liquid was red, and after injecting it into the body, I felt that the body became a little hot, but it was not uncomfortable, but very comfortable. It’s very relaxing, I heard from the creator that the liquid is for me to relax, and when the medical equipment scans the body, it may be able to assist the equipment to make the lesion location clearer.”

"Don't think about it anymore, the reason for the tumor on your body has been found." Leo gave the answer, and explained to Mimidor with a blank face: "If I guess correctly, the injection for you Liquid should Next page!Current page 1/Total 2 pages

This is a cell active agent, and it is a highly concentrated active agent. According to the normal situation, the creator's approach is not wrong. The active agent can make the unobvious lesions of the body enter an active state, which is convenient for medical devices to detect all hidden lesions for corresponding treatment. But there is a problem with using this method on your body. The active agent directly activates the unknown tumor on your body, directly causing the lesions of the unknown tumor to transform from an unfinished body to a perfected body or a mutant. In this process, This tumor is not a diseased variant. In the detection of medical equipment, it may be an organ that already exists in your body, so the medical equipment did not find the tumor on your spine. "

After listening to Leo's narration, Mimidor did not show any annoyed emotions, but seemed very calm, as if the unlucky guy who caused the tumor to mutate due to a mistake in Leo's words was not him, although it seemed that he It seems that he has already seen this matter, but Leo feels that it may be more about the suppression of emotions by genes. As created beings, the Miao Niyom cannot have any negative emotions towards the creator.

"What should we do now?" Mimidore asked directly after being silent for a while.

Leo shook his head regretfully, and said, "There is no other way but to see what effect this mutated tumor will have on you in the future."

Mimidor seemed to hear the hidden meaning in Leo's words, and asked, "Can this mutated tumor bring me any benefits?"

"It's not impossible." Leo nodded and admitted.

Although Leo can use his own power to stimulate the mutated tumors that have been integrated with the nerves of Mimidor's spine one by one at this moment, to test whether the mutated tumor is just a lesion or has other changes, but he did not do that. Do it, because he doesn't want to risk losing a qualified companion.

When Mimidor opened his mouth to continue asking questions about his tumor, Leo seemed to deliberately change the subject and asked, "By the way, what about the shelter built by the creator we were going to?" How much do you know?"

Mimidor was a little puzzled by Leo's sudden change of subject, but he still resisted the urge to ask, but followed Leo's change of subject, saying: "I know a little, but not too much, after all, I just Igniters, not explorers."

"The destination of this cruise fortress is that refuge." Leo said again.

Mimideore was stunned, a little puzzled as to why Leo would know such a confidential matter, UU Reading but he thought it might involve Leo's secret, so he didn't ask, but followed his own ideas , said: "Perhaps it is necessary to replenish supplies? After we performed daily maintenance on the shelter, we would leave some supplies for later use. The supplies for the cruise fortress may have been..." As he spoke, he suddenly seemed to remember I was stunned for something, then stopped, and said with a puzzled look: "That's not right! I remember seeing that the supplies in the warehouse are very sufficient, and there should be no need to replenish them."

Seeing that Mimidor was in doubt, Leo took the initiative to reveal the answer: "In the middle of that refuge, there is actually a base built by the Midgards in ancient times. The so-called refuge is just to cover up the base. The shell of the building, this cruise fortress is directed at that base."

After listening to Leo's narration, Mimidor was not curious about what the creator of the cruise fortress wanted to get from that base, but instead focused on Leo and asked, "You don't even know about such a secret thing?" I see, do you remember the past?"

Seeing Mimidor's completely confused direction of attention, Leo couldn't help but shook his head, then changed the subject again, and said, "The sky city where you are located has maintained the equipment of that shelter more than once before. Didn't you find that there is a base hidden in the center of this refuge?"

"Probably not," Mimidore thought for a while, and said, "As far as I know, our maintenance of the shelter is only on the peripheral facilities, and the inner facilities are blocked by the partition device. So I don’t know what’s going on inside, I just know that the shelter’s equipment is operating normally and is always in a usable state, so the person maintaining the equipment speculates that the shelter may have used holy crystals.”

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