The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset - Chapter 657 confused

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   "What? You want to join the Silver Armor Guard?" Landa looked at the young man in front of her with mixed feelings.

   "I know you won't stay by my side forever, but I didn't expect you to leave me so soon." Landa was very depressed.

  Of course she knows what the Silver Armored Guards represent in the Shendu Kingdom. They are the personal guards of the Holy Lord. Even the general and the prince should be polite when they see the Silver Armored Guards.

Landa rolled her eyes, and said quietly: "I know you will definitely be able to enter the Silver Armor Guard with your ability, I just want to know what the mysterious Holy Master looks like, if you enter the Silver Armor Guard Don't tell me secretly, I promise not to tell anyone."

  Mingjing quietly looked at the princess who didn't know whether she was too naive or too smart. After a while, she said, "Your Highness, the silver-armored guard revealing the privacy of the Holy Lord is a capital offense."

  Landa was discouraged, holding her mouth and said reluctantly: "Okay, my princess wishes you prosperity and a bright future."

  Ming Jing saluted and was about to leave.

   Just as she was about to step over the threshold, Landa's voice came from behind: "Gu Zhe."

  Ming Jing didn't look back, and stopped the foot he was taking.

   "Can I see you again?"

  The woman's voice was cautious, as if she was afraid that the other party would say something she didn't want to hear, and she muttered irritably: "Get out, get out, my princess is annoyed when I see you."

  People walked away, Landa lay down on the table depressed, "Isn't it good to stay with this princess?"

  After all, water flows to low places and people go to high places. People are pursuing a great future, so what reason does she have to stop it?

  Landa shook her head, not thinking about these unhappy things, she called Ah Wu and two guards, and prepared to have a good day shopping today.

  Landa suddenly felt a little strange, she said to Ah Wu: "Why do I think Guyun City is full of antique shops? Do the people here love archeology so much?"

  A Wu’s bag has long been clear after inquiring: “Because the Holy Master loves to collect antiques, especially vases, whatever the Holy Master likes, of course the people of Shendu Kingdom like what.”

   "So that's how it is." Landa walked into an antique shop that looked very tall.

   "Hey, the arrival of a distinguished guest will make the small house flourish." The boss greeted him warmly.

   This one looks good in clothes, but he needs to be slaughtered.

  Landa saw a lot of antiques on the antique racks on both sides, and calligraphy and paintings on the south wall. She walked and admired them.

As a royal princess, one of those court courses is antique appreciation. To be honest, Landa has no interest in these things dug out of the coffin, but now she is very curious about the Holy Lord, so she decided to try it. Learn more.

  Landa saw a celadon-colored vase, which was inconspicuous among the pile of gorgeous gilt vases, but Landa saw it right away.

  She reached out and picked up the vase, looking at it carefully.

"Miss has really good eyesight. This is the Porcelain after a rainy day from Huaguo. It has been the favorite of emperors and nobles since ancient times. I secretly told Miss that it came from Huaguo. It came from the Qingling of Emperor Yuewu. It is absolutely Treasures with a price but no market."

Landa narrowed her eyes: "You are my lord... Is this lady easy to deceive? Emperor Yuewu's Qingling was stolen seventy years ago, and all his funeral objects were scattered overseas. The Yugutianqing porcelain that Emperor Yuewu really cherished , is now on display in the American Museum."

  The boss was a little embarrassed, but he didn't expect to meet a knowledgeable person, so he couldn't move.

  Landa smiled again, "However, this fake of yours is not bad, and you have done enough to make it look like the real one. Boss, please set a price."

  The boss stretched out five fingers tentatively, Landa smiled and said, "Deal."

   "Slow down." A domineering female voice suddenly broke in.

  Landa narrowed her eyes, looked back, and saw a girl in a golden brocade dress walking in from the door.

The girl was eighteen or nineteen years old, her eyebrows and eyes were charming and enchanting, and her eye sockets were a little deep. She was a mix of oriental and divine looks. This was an extremely beautiful mixed-race face, and it was very advanced, making the girl look beautiful and passionate. Unrestrained, like a walking fire.

  Landa was sure that she had not seen this girl at the palace banquet that day, but judging by her temperament and dress, she must have come from an upper-class noble family.

  The boss's eyes lit up, and he greeted Landa with a more enthusiastic attitude: "Miss Nan Xi, what brought you here."

  A Wu leaned into Landa's ear and said, "She is the niece of General Nan En, and she is very arrogant in Guyun City."

  Landa hooked her lips, this is really all monsters and monsters.

  Nan Xi walked up to Lan Da, pointed to the vase in her hand: "I want this."

  The boss looked at Landa in embarrassment: "Miss, look..."

  Landa raised her eyebrows, "Miss, do you understand what is first come, first served? I was the first to see it. If you want it, line up."

  The girl raised her brows upside down: "Do you dare to fight against me?"

   "Hehe, so what?"

   "You..." The girl blushed, "You are just a princess from a foreign country, why should you act presumptuously in front of Miss Ben?"

   "It's you who is presumptuous. This princess is the princess's honor. What kind of thing are you, dare to shout and shout in front of this princess?"

  The boss was dumbfounded, this is actually the married foreign princess.

   Neither of these two can afford to offend.

   Nan Xi waved the whip in his hand and shouted angrily, "You're looking for death."

   As soon as the words fell, the whip hit Landa.

  Landa didn't expect this girl to be so hot-tempered, so she started to fight immediately, and two guards immediately stepped forward to stop Nan Xi's whip.

  Landa has endured it since she was in the Kingdom of God. She never thought that she would be bullied by a young girl. What a general, what a holy master, go to hell.

  Landa rolled up her sleeves, rushed forward and slapped Nan Xi loudly, "This princess will teach you a lesson for the general today, so that you understand what is inferior."

Nan Xi was stunned by the beating, and rushed towards Landa like crazy. Landa refused to let the guards intervene. The sturdy style scared everyone silly.

  Finally, Nan Xi died gloriously.

  Landa snorted coldly, straightened her wrinkled dress, "Come on, let's go to the General Temple now, I want to see what General Nan En can explain to me."

  Hua Luo left aggressively with the guards.

  Nan Xi was so angry that she went crazy: "Bitch, I'm going to cut you alive."

  Her guard reminded her: "Miss, Princess Landa has gone to report to the general, if she says something against you..."

  Nan Xi ignored the headache, got up and ran to the General Temple.

  A princess from a foreign country, why should she suddenly appear to be the empress of the country? Her uncle is a general. She is the most honorable woman in the entire Shendu kingdom, and only she is qualified to be the future empress.

   Thinking of the man in white, Nan Xi went mad with jealousy, why should she.

  General Nan En was very busy, so of course he didn't have time to care about the jealousy between the two little girls. He didn't show up, and asked his housekeeper to apologize to Landa, and taught Nan Xi severely in front of Landa.

  Landa happily left the General Temple with a large box of jewels in her hand.

   This matter quickly reached the ears of Empress Guo, who nodded with satisfaction.

   "Nan Xi, this girl, is always useful. Once some seeds are planted, they just wait for time to take root and germinate."

   "Mother, why don't you let me marry that girl Nan Xi, so that Nan En can be used by us?"

   "Do you think you can win over Nan En with just one in-law? Stupid, I won't put treasure on him, it's impossible for him to help us."

  Aqiu was puzzled, but he didn't have any intention of explaining after seeing the country, so he stopped asking.

   "Bull, he has agreed to my request, and then we will start the layout. First of all, we need to install people into the holy temple. There must be our eyeliner there."

   "Mother already has an idea?"

   "October 1st of every year is the day for the selection of silver armor guards. This is our opportunity."

  Aqiu couldn't believe it: "That's the Silver Armored Guard."

  The dreaded Silver Armored Guards.


   On October 1st, the annual silver armor guard selection contest was held in the largest martial arts arena in Guyun City.

  The competition is not open to the public, and there is no limit to the number of applicants. As long as you can pass three tests and pass the final review, you can be selected as a silver guard.

  The Silver Armor Guard is the dream of all the men in Shendu Kingdom. Many people have started preparing for it a year ago, and the number of applicants this year has exceeded 10,000.

   Among the 10,000 people, only two will be selected according to the number officially announced this year.

  It is true that thousands of troops cross the single-plank bridge.

  The candidates for the Silver Armor Guard must be capable of both literary and military skills, so the first level is the culture test. The test time is divided into three days, and the test is divided into batches. In order to prevent the leak of the test questions, each test question is different.

  The content of the exam ranges from astronomy to geography, language, high mathematics, poetry, and Buddhist scriptures. Usually, at this level, 85% of the people can be eliminated.

  The second level is the martial arts test. The opponents are determined by drawing lots, and they fight in pairs. Usually, half of the remaining 15% will be wiped out in this round.

  The remaining 7% enter the third round, the final pass.

   This level is usually the most mysterious. They are locked in a room and undergo a test of courage and loyalty. For those who are brushed off, this level is usually kept secret.

   Finally, two people came out of the room.

  The selection officer glanced at the roster: "Gu Zhe, Monty, congratulations on joining the Silver Guards."

  On October 7th, the newest candidates for the Silver Armor Guard were announced. They were two young men. From then on, their family would be proud of them.

"From now on, your life will no longer belong to the family, nor to yourself, but to the Holy Lord. You will abandon your stupidity, ignorance and cowardice, and protect the Holy Lord with wisdom, loyalty, and bravery. This will be your life." A mission to die without regret."

   "Yes." The two knelt on one knee and spoke in unison.

   "Very good, starting today, you will abandon your past, and the Holy Lord will give you a new name."

  In the early morning of this day, Ming Jing stepped into the most mysterious holy temple.

  It's so quiet here that time and space have stood still, which makes people feel panic involuntarily.

  Ming Jing walked quietly on the central avenue, and soon, she was going to meet the most mysterious Holy Master.

  Walk into the glorious hall, where the lights are bright, the three-story baroque building is magnificent, and the colorful murals on the walls are very visually impactful, full of freedom and mystery.

  Ming Jing didn't take another look, but lowered his eyes respectfully.

  In this hall, although no one was seen, there were no less than ten pairs of eyes watching her every move in the dark.

  During the long wait, she and Monty just hung their heads and remained motionless, as if they had fallen into a trance.

   Those who can reach this point are not ordinary people. Her contemporaries seem to be more able to adapt to such a scene.

   After an unknown amount of time, Ming Jing heard a series of extremely light footsteps, and a wisp of faint fragrance wafted from the tip of his nose.

   The drooping eyes slightly narrowed, Ming Jing thought calmly.

This is the tongue grass. Its body, the tongue grass, usually lives with the cloud turtle. The cloud turtle is a very rare sea turtle. It only lives in legends and has never been seen by anyone. It lives in the deepest part of the sea and is the most The long-lived turtle species, tongue grass grows in the cracks of the turtle's shell and grows together.

According to ancient medical records, tongue orchid is more precious than thousand-year-old ginseng. It not only has the magical effect of bringing the dead back to life, but also prolongs life. In ancient times, a fisherman accidentally caught a cloud turtle. This cloud turtle exudes a strange fragrance. There is a kind of purple grass growing in the cracks of his turtle shell, and the fragrance is emitted from the purple grass. The fishermen thought it was strange, so they released the turtle. After returning, the fishermen found the purple grass in their pockets. A wandering doctor who was passing by happened to see this comfrey and would have to spend a hundred gold to buy it. The fisherman should not have eaten the comfrey himself. According to historical records, he himself was terminally ill. After eating comfrey, not only The terminal illness disappeared, and he himself lived to be more than three hundred years old.

   This comfrey is the tongue grass. No matter how rare the cloud turtle is, the tongue grass is so precious. Since ancient times, no one has ever seen the real tongue grass.

However, it is clearly recorded in the ancient medical scriptures that the strange fragrance of tongue orchid is on this scent. It is somewhat similar to jalan, and it lingers for years, but it is more fragrant than jalan, and jalan is hallucinogenic. , while the tongue is fragrant and confusing.

  The man stopped in front of the bead curtain in the side hall, and a gentle voice sounded after a long time. It was a kind of gentleness reminiscent of a childhood mother's embrace. Under the bewitching of Qixiang, he would easily fall into the trap.

   "Are you the new Silver Armored Guards this year?"

The most beautiful voices Ming Jing has ever heard are Qu Feitai and Prince Sang Luo, but this voice is different from the magnetic and low-pitched male voice. It has an indescribable gentleness and softness, which makes people sink infinitely in the tenderness of the heart. .

  Even if there is **** ahead, I will go there willingly.

  The Lord is a woman.

  Ming Jing lowered his head and said in unison with Monty: "This subordinate has seen the Lord."

   "Good boy, get up." The Lord's voice contained a gratified smile, as if seeing his own child grow up.

  Ming Jing and Monty stood up, but still hung their heads, not daring to look around.

  Ming Jing felt a line of sight falling on her body, and she knew that it was the Holy Master who was observing her.

  After a long time, the woman spoke again: "What's your name?"

  Monty said immediately: "Monty, my subordinate."

   There was no sound for a long time. The pressure from the top of his head caused cold sweat to break out on Monty's forehead. He knelt on the ground with a "plop" and his forehead touched the ground: "This subordinate should die, please be punished by the Lord."

   It wasn't him that the Lord asked, but Gu Zhe.

  The silence was almost suffocating, Monty trembled all over, and finally he waited until the Holy Master spoke: "Get up, I didn't speak clearly, it's not your fault."

  Monty didn't expect the Holy Master to be so reasonable, but he never dared to take it lightly, and stood up cautiously.

  Ming Jing said respectfully: "Return to the Lord, my subordinate Gu Zhe."

   "This name is not good, from now on you will be called Ruan Ruan."

  Ming Jing raised his head suddenly, and while the bead curtain was shaking, beautiful shadows danced.

  After a long silence, Ming Jing bowed his head: "Thank you, Holy Lord, for giving the name."

  The Holy Master seemed to have completely forgotten about Monty, and did not give him a name. The two left the hall. Monty snorted coldly, and glanced at the young man beside him: "What **** luck did you have?"

  It is a great honor to be named by the Lord.

  Ming Jing frowned slightly, "If you have time to run against me, why don't you think more about how to win the favor of the Holy Master."

  At this moment, a man wearing silver scales came over, "Follow me."

  Ming Jing and Monty followed him and entered a side hall in the north.

  The two entered with their front feet, and the door closed behind them.

  The man stood with his back, "I am Xuanwu, your leader."

  The two immediately knelt down on one knee: "My subordinates refer to the leader of Xuanwu."

   "Except for the Holy Lord, you don't need to kneel to anyone, including me. From now on, your duty is to guard the holy temple and protect the Holy Lord."

Next, Xuanwu told them the precautions in the holy temple. Their scope of activities is only the front hall. The main hall includes the holy palace where the Lord lives and lives. An absolute forbidden place, no one except the Holy Master is allowed to set foot.

The two received their uniforms. They were dressed in silver armor. Their weapons were a spear, a short knife, and a pistol with the most advanced technology. The three weapons were flexible to use, but generally speaking, it was impossible for anyone to dare to come to the temple to seek trouble. of.

Eight-hour shift work system every day, two people in one shift, the job content is to patrol and stand guard, and the training time is from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Newcomers have a seven-day training period. After seven days, they pass the training and are awarded a silver medal by the four leaders. Will become a real silver armored guard.

  Speaking of the four chiefs, Xuanwu I saw that day was one of them, and the other three could only be seen at tomorrow's awarding ceremony.

  This holy master must be familiar with Huaguo culture. The names of her four chiefs are taken from the four legendary beasts in myths and legends, the blue dragon, the white tiger, the basaltic and the Suzaku.

  This night, Ming Jing sat under the lamp, slowly sharpening the dagger.

  Monty walked in from the door, and raised the corners of his lips when he saw her: "Ruan Ruan, I don't know what the Holy Master thinks, but he gave you such a feminine name."

  With a sound of "嗖", the dagger came through the air and went straight towards Monty's door. Monty dodged in a hurry, the dagger penetrated into the wall, and soon cracks appeared around it.

  Monty was furious: "Do you dare to do it?"

  The first rule of the Silver Armor Guard is to prohibit private fighting, and those who violate the rules will face severe penalties.

  The young man said in a calm and unhurried manner: "Privately talk about the Holy Master, you said if I sue Master Xuanwu, what punishment will you face?"

  Monty snorted coldly, picked up his clothes and went to take a shower.

  Ming Jing got up and walked over, pulled out the dagger from the wall, and inserted it into the scabbard at his waist.

  Thinking of the beautiful shadow that had glimpsed in his mind, Ming Jing murmured subconsciously: "Ruan Ruan..."

  The transliteration of Shendu is Nannan.

  Ding Jing never felt that his disguise was perfect, after all, there are people outside the mountains and people outside the mountains.

  But ever since she stepped into this country, she felt that she seemed to have stepped into a trap.

  A trap carefully prepared for her.


  Early the next morning, Ming Jing saw the other three leaders, Ming Jing stayed on the face of one of the men for a second longer, and lowered his head calmly.

   Those who can be the leader of the silver armored guards are naturally not ordinary people. The man felt that gaze, and his eyes fell on the young man in front of him.

  He walked over, stood in front of the boy, and looked at him attentively.

   "You are the name given by the Holy Master himself...Ruan Ruan?" After reading the name, the man's eyes were rather strange.

  The main reason is that this name is generally used to describe a woman in Shendu language.

  It's really strange for a big man to be called by such a name.

   "Subordinate Ruan Ruan has met the leader."

  The man has a pure oriental face, with ruthless brows, and looks like the kind of ruthless type.

  Hearing the words, he nodded lightly: "Follow me from now on."

   "This subordinate thanks the boss for his appreciation."

  The other two leaders are pure gods. The one with the round face and white skin is Baihu, and the other one who looks younger and more handsome is Suzaku. He has a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

  He hasn't spoken since he came in, but Ming Jing feels that he has been secretly looking at her.

  Ming Jing had already figured out the tempers of these four people.

  The man with the eastern face is Qinglong. He is the eldest of the four, with the greatest voice and the highest force value. He is the absolute leader of the Silver Armor Guard and the most trusted person of the Lord.

   Suzaku is in charge of intelligence work, and he is a withdrawn person. He is the only one who is not under the control of Qinglong and is only responsible to the Holy Master.

  The white tiger has exquisite faces. Generally, the guests who come to the holy temple to pay homage to the Holy Lord will be received by the white tiger.

  Xuanwu is in charge of coordinating the deployment of troops, and he usually does trivial tasks such as newcomer assessment and shift replacement.

"Tsk, the newcomers are really getting better and better. You are the one who got the perfect score, right? This year's test questions are specially drawn from the world's most difficult question bank. Even the machine can't answer the perfect score. Your IQ is over 200." Right?" Bai Hu walked up to Ming Jing with a smile, sizing her up with interest in his eyes.

  Ming Jing lowered his head respectfully: "This subordinate is just a fluke."

   "Okay, no matter how humble you are, it's Versailles. Boss, I've taken a fancy to him, let him follow me."

   Suzaku, who had been silent all this time, said silently: "I want her."

   "Damn." Baihu jumped up: "You brat, you have to be shameless, everything comes first, this person is the one I fell in love with first."

   Suzaku just looked at Qinglong.

  Qinglong gave him a deep look, this was the first time Suzaku asked for someone, he knew that the Holy Master had sent him out on some errands some time ago, and he just came back not long ago.

  Qinglong didn't know what the saint wanted him to do. Suzaku had always kept secrets well, but he had a guess in his heart.

   "Then you will follow the leader of Suzaku from now on."

   "Subordinates obey."

  Monty, who was not wanted by anyone, had a dark expression on his face, but fortunately Xuanwu took him away in the end.

  Ming Jing followed Suzaku, the leader really didn't talk much, and kept walking in silence.

  The residences of the four chiefs are in four directions, and they jointly guard the solemn holy temple. Suzaku is located in the south and southwest.

   "Let's get familiar with the environment first, and ask me if you don't understand."

   Suzaku led her to the room and left. When she walked to the door, she seemed to suddenly think of something, "The forbidden area behind is never allowed to set foot, you should pay attention."

  According to what Ming Jing knew, Yin Jiawei shared a room with two people, but what Suzaku gave her was a luxurious single room.

  Ming Jing thought of Qinglong's face, and slowly raised the corners of his lips.

  Yin Jiawei, she really came at the right time, otherwise she would never know that she would meet someone she knows here.

She walked to the window and opened the window. The temperature in Guyun City in October is very low. There is a unique kind of cold-resistant vegetation growing here. It is called cedar. It has tall stumps. Its leaves are green and have five horns. , the winter here is very long, usually lasts three months of heavy snow, from November to February of the following year, only cedar leaves can withstand the heavy pressure of snow, here, it is a symbol of bravery , in the brochures of the Yinjiawei, there is the image of cedar.

  Pushing open the window, in addition to the howling wind, Ming Jing saw a large expanse of cedar, spreading out for an unknown number of miles.

   In the depths of the cedar forest is a forbidden area in the holy temple where no one is allowed to set foot.

   "Snap" Ming Jing closed the window, cutting off the howling wind.

Early the next morning, Ding Jing came to his work place. It was a very large room without windows and airtight. In addition to the computer, there were all kinds of monitoring equipment inside. There were eight people sitting in front of the computer, their fingers constantly moving. The crackling knocks are all kinds of incomprehensible codes.

   This is a huge information processing station, with encrypted information sent from all over the world at all times. After decryption, big data is screened, analyzed and sorted out, and the most important ones are listed and presented to Suzaku's desk.

   Suzaku didn't hide anything from her, and asked her to bring in the documents in person.

  Ming Jing was holding the document, and she just glanced at it, and saw the word Hua Guo.

  At this moment, she couldn't help but tremble with fear.

  Ming Jing walked into Suzaku's office and put the documents in front of him.

   Suzaku just said indifferently: "What do you think?"

  Ming Jing was silent: "The subordinates don't know."

   According to intelligence, it was related to the transfer of officials in Jiangzhou, and she saw several familiar names.

   Is the Sapo Sect monitoring or meddling?

  She didn't dare to think about it anymore.

   Suzaku took out a document from the pile of documents and handed it to her: "Look at it first."

  Ming Jing took it and opened it. After reading it at a glance, she said calmly: "The theory of the reincarnation of the Buddha girl is nonsense, but it is just a way for the monks in Hua Kingdom to deceive people."

   Suzaku glanced at her quietly: "There is a rumor among the people that the Holy Master ascends as a Shura. Do you think it is the Holy Master's way to deceive people?"

   "The subordinates have absolutely no such intentions."

   "Don't be absolute, the Gujialan country where the universal Buddha girl was born was the land you stepped on a long time ago."

   "The subordinates are ignorant."

   "But this young lady of the Bo family, do you think she will be a universal Buddha?" Suzaku threw the question to her again, and then quietly admired her expression.

   "According to all the conditions, it should be her."

   Suzaku hooked her lips, "Then you know, according to the prophecy left by Master Wen Yan, the reincarnation of the Buddha girl must come from the Murong family of the Yue Dynasty royal family? This Miss Bo, her father was adopted by Mrs. Bo."

  Bo Yujian was adopted by Mrs. Bo, a secret that few people know. I didn't expect Suzaku to be clear about this kind of family secrets. How far his information has infiltrated.

   "The subordinates don't know."

   "Then do you know that Mrs. Bo still has a granddaughter?"

  Mingjing's eyelids trembled slightly.

  He said his own granddaughter, not his own granddaughter.

  The difference between one word and the world.

   "The subordinates don't know."

   Suzaku just smiled, "It's okay, you will know later."

   "Now I have a new task for you. The Empress and Prince Aqiu conspired to collude with Boer and prepare to mutiny against the palace. Your task is to find evidence of their collusion."

  Ming Jing walked out of the guardhouse, feeling chilly all over, and the blood in his veins was cold.

  She turned her head to look at the sacred and solemn palace behind her, and felt so ironic.

  This so-called holy lord, no matter how great she is with her achievements, it can't change that she is a schemer who plays tricks in her bones.

  In this world, there will never be real gods and Buddhas.

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