The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset - Chapter 658 loyalty

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   "What do you think Gu Zhe is doing now?"

Ah Wu thought for a while: "Princess, if you really want to see Gu Zhe's guard, you can enter the holy temple in the name of meeting the Holy Lord. You are also a princess anyway, and the Holy Lord can't keep you out, right?" .”

   "That's a good way, I'll go now." Landa did what she said, and immediately went to the holy temple by car, but she was stopped by the silver armored guard before she got close to the gate.

   "I have long admired the Holy Lord in Xialanda, and I am here to pay my respects today. Please be considerate."

  The heavy door opened, and a young man with white skin and round face came out. He bowed with a smile: "Your Highness, please go back. The Holy Master is in retreat, and no one will see you."

  Landa glanced at the holy temple behind him, and she saw a straight avenue extending to an unknown distance, with an ethereal and mysterious artistic conception.

  Landa became more and more curious about the world inside the door, she thought, Gu Zhe is inside this door at this moment.

"excuse me."

  Bai Hu watched Landa's figure disappear at the end of the road, and then turned around with a smile and walked into the gate. The heavy gate was slowly closed, isolating all the hustle and bustle of the world.

Landa walked out of the main street where the holy temple was located. There was no one living within a radius of two kilometers. Landa did not go directly back to the center of the city, but went south around the holy temple. She thought, no matter how big the holy temple is, there will always be an end , but Landa walked for half an hour, and she didn't see the end, so she wiped the sweat from her brow.

   "How big is this holy temple?"

  Walking, a cedar forest appeared in front of her. Landa dared not go any further. Her intuition told her that there might be danger in that mysterious cedar forest.

   "Princess, let's go back, I always think this place is scary." Ah Wu said cautiously.

   "What are you afraid of? Will there be ghosts in the clear sky?"

   As soon as the words fell, a gust of wind blew out from the cedar forest, it was gloomy, and the bones that were blown were cool.

  Randa turned around and ran with Ah Wu, running a few kilometers in one breath, and collapsed on the ground exhausted.

  Cold sweat was sticky on the wet clothes, and she felt uncomfortable all over. Landa blushed, "What the **** is this place?"

  Landa supported Ah Wu and walked away slowly. After the two walked away, two silver armored guards appeared in the dark.

  What Landa didn't know was that if the two of them stepped into the cedar forest just now, they would never get out again.

  Landa sat in front of the mirror in a daze after taking a bath.

  A Wu walked in with an invitation card, "Princess, it was just delivered."

  Landa opened it and took a look: "I'm invited to the Empress's birthday party."

   "Princess, do you want to go?"

   "Of course I'm going." Landa hooked her lips.

   "Otherwise, wouldn't it mean that you don't give face to the back of the country? Now that I'm under the fence, if I don't win any more, I won't be swallowed alive."

  Landa closed the post, "The lord of the country is seriously ill. I don't know if it's true or not. The battle between the two princes is becoming increasingly fierce. I'm already in the middle of the game, so I can only find my own way out."

   After saying that, she rubbed her forehead with a headache. Prince Aqiu is stupid and arrogant, and Prince Sangluo is extremely rich.

At the beginning, it was the marriage request sent by the empress of the country, who wanted to seek foreign support for her son. Unexpectedly, the stupid prince Aqiu narrowed the road as soon as he came, and Prince Sangluo is so powerful that he doesn't need a foreigner at all. The princess came to consolidate power.

  Her current status is neither embarrassing nor embarrassing.

  Actually, the only way to break the situation is to take the initiative to seek refuge with Prince Sangluo, but in this way, she can only be manipulated for the rest of her life, which is not the result she wants.

   That's all, let's take one step at a time.

  Due to the serious illness of the king, the Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet was not held this time, but acquaintances of ladies and ladies were invited to the palace for a gathering.

  When Landa arrived, everyone was already seated, and the eyes of those ladies almost wanted to cramp and skin her.

  The empress smiled and said, "Landa, sit beside me."

  Landa's intuition is not good, the empress smile is too enthusiastic, what does this woman want to do?

  She knelt and sat beside the Empress Guo calmly.

Empress Guo enthusiastically took her hand: "I heard that you had some unpleasant troubles with that girl Nan Xi a few days ago. I watched that girl grow up. She's not bad-minded, but she's spoiled. Don't worry." Get acquainted with her."

  Empress waved towards the banquet: "Nan Xi, come here."

  Nan Xi reluctantly stepped forward.

  The Empress held hands with the two of them: "Little girl, we are all family members. How can there be any overnight feud? The age difference between you is not much, so you should be able to become friends."

Landa smiled and said: "What my aunt said is that I am a few years older than Sister Nan Xi. If Sister Nan Xi doesn't dislike her, just call me Sister. I have no relatives or reasons here. If there is a sister like Sister Nan Xi It's an honor to be my friend."

  Empress looked at Nan Xi.

  Nan Xi let out a snort in her nasal cavity, "My grandmother only gave birth to me, so don't gossip about your relatives."

   "Nanxi." The empress had a warning in her eyes.

  Nan Xi pursed her lips and turned her head aside.

   "Prince Sangluo has arrived."

   Following the chorus, Prince Sangluo in a white robe came in.

  The young man has handsome eyebrows and a holy and noble temperament, like the moon above the nine heavens, he can only be seen from a distance and not be profaned.

  In an instant, the eyes of all the female family members were excited, and even Nan Xi, who was still full of discontent just now, showed obsession in his eyes.

  The smile in the corners of the empress's eyes was cold, and she said with a nonchalant smile: "Give the prince a seat."

   "Empress of the Kingdom, the Holy Lord wishes you a long life from afar, and I will offer you a treasure."

  Prince Sang Luo ordered people to bring things in.

  Four guards came in carrying something covered with a black cloth. Prince Sang Luo slowly removed the black cloth, and he saw the room full of colorful colors and exclaimed.

   This is a natural red coral tree half the height of a person. It is so beautiful that Landa, who is used to seeing treasures, can't help being amazed.

  The smile on the corner of the country's lips deepened: "The Holy Master has a heart, thank her for me, and give her a seat for the prince."

  Prince Sang Luo sat down at the head of the Empress.

   "How is the Holy Master's health recently?"

   "Master Lao is concerned, and everything is well, Lord."

   "That's good. The Lord is the future of our country. As long as the Lord is good, everything will be fine, so I can feel at ease."

  The end is a kind of charity and kindness.

  Only Landa could smell the edge, she thought that something must happen today.

   Sure enough, the Queen's gaze fell on her as if there was nothing there, and Landa became very nervous.

   "Speaking of which, Landa came here to maintain the peace between the two countries. Aqiu didn't have this blessing, but Prince Sangluo is a good-looking talent. He is really a good match with the princess. I wonder when you will hold the wedding?"

   "Crack" Nan Xi dropped the wine glass on the ground, and she stared at Landa with resentful eyes.

  Prince Sang Luo got up, cupped his hands and replied: "Until the father recovers physically, the son will not consider these matters, and I hope the empress will understand."

   "What a filial child, it's a pity for Princess Landa, the good years were wasted." The Queen's tone was rather regretful.

  Landa thought to herself, what does Queen of the Kingdom mean? Would she be so kind to match herself and Prince Sangluo?

   There must be fraud in this.

  Nan Xi smiled and poured another glass of wine, "Sister Lan Da, I was wrong before, and I will apologize to you. You must drink this glass of wine, otherwise you will not forgive my sister."

  Landa looked at the glass of wine in Nan Xi's hand, her eyes froze.

  Nan Xi showed an expression of grievance on her face: "Could it be that what Sister Landa said just now was a lie to me? Sister is a princess, and it is my sister who has climbed high."

   "Where is it, can I still drink it?" Landa took the glass and drank it in front of everyone.

  The wine is fruit wine, the alcohol content is not strong, and the mouthful of fruit is fragrant.

  Randa turned the cup over, indicating that she had finished drinking.

  Nan Xi showed a smile on her face, "Sister is refreshing."

  Nan Xi raised her head and drank a glass of wine.

  Prince Sangluo sat quietly, and glanced at him after going to the first country: "Prince, is the food not to your liking?"

  Prince Sang Luo got up and replied: "The food is very good, but my son has not had a good appetite recently, so I will remember it after work."

   "Your body is important, the prince must take care of your health. After the banquet is over, mother will send a Chinese doctor to the palace to show you your health."

  For outsiders to see, this is a picture of a loving mother and a filial son.

  Randa rubbed her forehead, her face showed a trace of drunkenness, and the Empress hurriedly said: "The princess's drinking capacity is too bad, please help the princess down to rest."

  A maid stepped forward and helped Princess Landa into the inner room.

  Landa knew that there must be something mixed in the wine, and it was impossible for her to drink a glass of fruit wine and get drunk.

  Landa thought, it is impossible for the Empress Dowager to do anything to her blatantly, so she must be steady.

  The maid helped her to the bed, took off her shoes, and took off the crown on her head.

  Landa didn't have much strength in her body, and she was at the mercy of her opponent.

   After a while, she heard a series of chaotic footsteps, she subconsciously opened her eyes, and was startled by the person in front of her.

  The man was standing in front of the bed, looking down at her.

  In those pitch-black eyes, there was no emotion at all, as if looking at a dead person.

  At this moment, Landa's bewildered thoughts instantly woke up.

   Realizing something, her face turned pale in an instant.

   "Prince Sang Luo, why are you here?"

  The prince is still full of moonlight and delicacy, he gently opened his lips: "The princess is a smart person, why don't you guess?"

  Landa smiled bitterly: "Before today, I was thinking of taking refuge with the prince, but now it seems that the prince doesn't need it."

  Prince Sangluo smiled, but did not answer her words.

  His silence is the best answer.

  After a long time, he asked, "What is the princess' last wish?"

   Any last wishes?

  Landa's eyes were a little dazed, and she murmured: "I want to see him again, at least once."

  Prince Sang Luo raised his eyebrows: "Gu Zhe guard?"

  Randa shed a tear in the corner of her eye, and what she recalled in her mind was actually the little things with him.

   "As long as I see him again, I will die in this life without regret."

  Prince Sangluo sighed: "The princess is an infatuated person."

  What's the use of being infatuated? It's too embarrassing for her to die in such an aggrieved way.

  At this time, she also wanted to understand that in today's situation, she will undoubtedly die.

  Empress of the kingdom used her as a bait to lure Sang Luo, and Sang Luo used her life as a **** to fight against each other.

   No one will come to rescue her.

   At this time, hurried footsteps came from outside, and Landa saw the figure of Prince Sang Luo flashing and disappearing behind the bead curtain.

   "Landa, you bastard, I want to kill you for wanting to dream of marrying a prince." Nan Xi rushed in aggressively, brandishing a whip.

  Landa looks at Nan Xi at this moment, just like looking at herself once.

  Nan Xi is also a **** on the two chessboards.

  As women, they are always the ones who are sacrificed.

  Thinking of her praises to the Holy Lord after she came to Shendu Kingdom, I just feel so ironic at the moment.

  However, Nan Xi's whip did not reach her face, but was grabbed by a pair of hands that appeared suddenly.

   avoided her fate of being disfigured.

  Landa looked at the back figure that suddenly appeared in front of her, and felt tears welling up in her eyes.

  Nan Xi glared angrily: "What are you, dare to stop Miss Ben's whip?"

  It was a young man in black. When he raised his head, his eyes glanced over, and Nan Xi suddenly felt cold all over his body.

  She gritted her teeth: "Get out of here."

  The young man pulled the whip suddenly, and Nan Xi slammed headfirst into the pillar at the foot of the bed, making her dizzy.

  Knowing that she was not his opponent, Nan Xi opened her mouth to shout, but before she could make a sound, something was stuffed into her mouth, and all her voices were blocked back.

  The next moment, his hands were cut backwards, and his wrists were bound with ropes.

  The boy turned around and looked at Landa lying on the bed, "Are you okay?"

  Landa cried and shook her head: "Go away, leave me alone, or you will die."

  He is now a Silver Armored Guard. To save her is to betray the Holy Lord, and the Holy Lord will not let her go.

  She can't drag Gu Zhe to die together.

  The teenager knelt down and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, "I won't let you die."

  Randa just shook her head and pushed him: "Leave me alone, hurry up."

  Prince Sang Luo is in this room, watching this scene at the moment, if Gu Zhe doesn't leave, the two of them will die here.

  The young man stood up slowly, "Prince, please show yourself."

  Prince Sangluo stepped out from behind the bead curtain, and said with a smile, "Gu Zhe... Oh, I should call you Ruan Ruan now, are you going to betray the Holy Lord for this woman?"

  The man's tone was very gentle, but it implied a sense of oppression. Ordinary people couldn't bear it, but Ding Jing would not be afraid.

   "Empress Guo and Prince Aqiu are no longer your opponents. You have a better solution. Why sacrifice an innocent life in vain?"

   "Ruan Ruan is so smart, can you guess it?"

   "What can I do next, please ask the prince to personally set up a situation to test my loyalty, and you saw it with your own eyes, are you satisfied?"

  Prince Sang Luo sighed: "Ruan Ruan, no matter what you do, I am satisfied."

  Ming Jing drew out the dagger at his waist, approached with a stride, and put the dagger across his neck artery.

   Murderous intentions floating in the dark.

  Prince Sangluo is still unhurried, even the smile on his lips is so perfect.

   "Ruan Ruan, are you going to kill me?"

   "Don't call me Ruan Ruan." Ming Jing said coldly.

   "I know, you are the kindest person in the world, your knife will never be stained with blood."

  When the man's dark eyes looked at her, there was an undercurrent of affection surging inside.

  The tip of the knife approached an inch, pierced the delicate skin, and beads of blood leaked out.

   "Don't think you know me well, let me tell you, I have killed more people than you have eaten."

   "Really?" The man didn't take it seriously: "You are really cute."

  Landa stared at Prince Sangluo with increasingly unkind eyes.

  Ming Jing knew that it was useless to follow him, and it was impossible for her to really kill Prince Sangluo.

   Having nothing to say to a thick-skinned man, Ming Jing put away his dagger.

"There is nothing wrong with the struggle for power, but there are yin and yang in the way of conspiracy. The queen's dirty tricks are because she is despicable. If you fight an eye for an eye, what difference does it make? You are nothing more than a raccoon, and you are really Can you sleep in peace?"

  Ming Jing stared at him coldly: "You are just enjoying the fun of playing with people between applause. If that's the case, I will satisfy you."

  Prince Sangluo finally frowned, "You..."

   As soon as a word was uttered, the body shook.

  The silver armored guards in the dark did not show up. Prince Sang Luo shook his head with a smile: "It's the first time I fell into the hands of a...young man."

   "You are too confident, Your Highness, you can enjoy it."

  Ming Jing threw him on the bed, knelt down and untied the rope from Nan Xi's hand: "Miss Nan Xi, isn't this what you dreamed of?"

  Nan Xi's eyes lit up.

  Ming Jing led Landa and jumped out from the back window.

  As soon as she left, Nan Xi couldn't wait to pounce on Sangluo.

  But the next moment, Nan Xi was kicked to the ground.

  Nan Xi didn't care about the pain in her butt, she raised her head in disbelief, and saw the man who was "exhausted" just now slowly sitting up from the bed, raised his fingers, and lightly flicked the dust on his robe.

   That was the place she almost touched just now.

   "Your Highness..." Nan Xi trembled when she realized something.

   "Your Highness." Two silver armored guards descended from the sky, bowing respectfully.

   "You guys did a good job." Sang Luo smiled.

  The two hung their heads: "This is the responsibility of the subordinate."

  Sang Luo got up slowly, walked in front of Nan Xi, and shook his head in disappointment: "Tell me, what did the empress promise you?"

  Nan Xi's face turned pale, and she shook her head desperately: "I don't understand what you mean, Your Highness."

   "Talking to stupid people is troublesome." Prince Sangluo didn't bother to talk to her anymore, and said to his subordinates: "Where is Prince Aqiu?"

  Thinking of something, Prince Sang Luo suddenly smiled and waved his hand: "Forget it, since she doesn't like conspiracy, then let's come to Yangmou."

The empress of the country is anxiously waiting for the news. As soon as Landa dies, she will pour this pot of dirty water on Sangluo. Bull has already led troops to hide in the palace. As long as she gives an order, Bull will immediately lead troops into the palace. In the palace of the king, she forced the lord to take the throne of Aqiu, and then she announced the crime in the name of the lord, arresting the murderer Sang Luo. Entering the poison, when the time comes, the inside and the outside will cooperate, neither Sang Luo nor that **** will be able to escape.

  At this time, the guards at the gate of the palace stumbled in and ran in: "Queen, it's not good, Prince Sangluo led troops to attack."

  The empress of the country was stunned, and said in disbelief, "What did you say?"

  In the blink of an eye, Prince Sangluo walked in. He was dressed in a clean white robe.

  The queen of the country was frightened and angry, and threw a glass cup at his feet, "Sang Luo, do you dare to lead troops to force the palace?"

  Sang Luo shook his head: "Actually, I don't want to go this far. You are the empress of the country. You are too anxious. Since there will be such a day sooner or later, it is better to do it now."

  Empress started to panic and shouted at the top of her voice, "Come on, come on."

   "Is the empress waiting for General Boolean? Unfortunately, General Boolean will never come again."

  Sang Luo waved his hand, and his subordinates carried a box up, and opened it in front of the empress.

   When she saw clearly what was inside, the empress dowager's delicately made-up face instantly turned pale, and her pupils shrank suddenly, full of fear.

"Do not…."

   Sang Luo let out a long sigh: "General Boolean has been loyal and brave all his life, but he never thought that he would do such a foolish thing in his twilight years, and his reputation will be ruined in one day."

Empress Guo sat blankly, "I know this day will come sooner or later, but I'm not reconciled...not reconciled, you bastard, why did you ride on my son's head, you deserved to die there During the shipwreck, why did you come back, why did you want to take my son's throne?" The empress yelled hysterically.

  All the people in the palace retreated, only Queen Guo and Prince Sangluo.

Prince Sangluo's gaze seems to be recalling something: "I often have nightmares, dreaming of the sea storm that night, I desperately called my mother, but my mother was swept away by the storm in order to protect me, I hugged A piece of driftwood floated on the sea for three days, the kind of hopelessness that the pampered empress would never experience, it doesn’t matter, you have decades to experience it.”

   "I will not kill you, nor will I kill your son, I want you to watch, watch the lowly **** you call rise to a high position, take power, and become the master of this country."

  After the country fell to the ground in despair.

  Prince Sangluo's palace after he left the country was clearly sunny, but he couldn't feel the slightest warmth.

  It’s November, and Guyun City has already stepped into winter, and the winter is extremely long every year.

   Only a place like spring all year round can raise such warm and kind people.

  Overnight, the sky of Shendu Kingdom changed.

   But for ordinary people, there is no difference. In their hearts, Prince Sang Luo has long been the best candidate for the crown prince.

  In Princess Landa's palace, Landa threw herself into Ming Jing's arms crying out of breath.

"Will the Lord hunt you down? Or let's run now. Let's go to the north. I heard that Huaguo is safe, so we will go to Huaguo and never come back. I have a lot of money, enough for us to hide our names." It's been a lifetime."

  Landa is selfish. At this moment, she really wants to elope with the person in front of her.

  Running to a place where no one knew them, An An lived her whole life, she didn't want the honor of being a princess, she just wanted to be with the one she loved.

   Ming Jing sighed, put his hands on her shoulders, pulled her away from his embrace, and looked straight into her eyes.

   "Princess, calm down, we can't go anywhere now."

  Landa cried even more sadly: "That Prince Sangluo is 10,000 times more hateful than Prince Aqiu. I was really blind before and thought he was a good man."

   "In this world, only you are the best. You have saved me three times. Are you really not afraid that the Lord will kill you? If you save me, you are betraying him. How could he tolerate betrayal."

   "She won't kill me." Ming Jing didn't explain too much, and put Princess Landa to sleep. She left the palace and returned to the holy temple.

  In the central square, a circle of people gathered. Ming Jing walked over and saw Monty kneeling there with his upper body naked, being whipped.

  Tian Wu walked up to her quietly and said in a low voice, "This is what happens to traitors. They will be whipped until they die of blood."

  Ming Jing took a look, turned around and left, Tian Wu quickly caught up: " wait for me."

  Tian Wu is a colleague that Ming Jing met in the Suzaku Department, a master hacker who is a bit out of touch.

   "What did you do? I haven't seen you for a few days."

   "Going to work, what do you want me for?"

   "Hey, didn't you ask me about someone a few days ago? There is news."

  Ming Jing looked around and pulled him closer into the room.

  Tian Wu walked around her room: "Boss is so kind to you, and gave you such a luxurious single room."


  Tian Wu coughed, and said cautiously: "Tell me first, why are you looking for this person?"

   "Owes me money."

"How many?"

   Ming Jing glanced at him.

  Tian Wu touched his nose: "I have to see if this money is worth the risk."

   "If you don't tell me, I'll ask someone else."

   "All right, all right, wash my socks for a month, and I'll tell you."

"make a deal."

  Tian Wu rubbed his hands: "You know that our Silver Armored Guards are under strict management, and we are not allowed to have close relationships in private, but I treat you as a brother, and I will give you my heart and soul."

  Tian Wu swallowed nervously: "Actually, the person you are looking for is in the holy temple."

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