The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1500 - 1500 I Didn't Lie to You

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1500 I Didn’t Lie to You


Chang Qianzi’s eyes widened, and she drew a breath, almost tugging at her wound.

Xia Xibei waited for her to calm down before answering, “Yes, it’s Xiao’ai.”

Chang Qianzi’s expression froze, “Are you kidding me?”

Xia Xibei was not her daughter, and then to make her happy, she used this excuse.

Thinking about it, Chang Qianzi was about to cry.

“No, I’m not joking.”

Xia Xibei shook her head and pulled a paper from her handbag.

“Take a look at it.”

Chang Qianzi blankly took the piece of paper, looked down, and was stunned when she saw the results.

“What… and who is this…?”

“It’s the DNA verification of you and Xiao’ai,” Xia Xibei explained. “I used hair from both of you to do the test.”

Chang Qianzi still felt dizzy. Maybe she was too injured before, or maybe she was dreaming now?

“What…” She was bewildered and confused. “You’re not mistaken?”

“Of course not,” Xia Xibei shook her head seriously. “I didn’t lie to you, and I’m not mistaken.”

“Impossible!” Chang Qianzi finally found her senses and shook her head. “Why would you test her and me?”

No one would be so bored to take two unrelated people’s hair for identification.

Xia Xibei suddenly produced such a report. Chang Qianzi did not find it credible.

“We found that you look very similar. Moreover, Xiao’ai and I are the same age.”

Xia Xibei pulled her phone out and tapped on the photo album.

“Take a look.”

Chang Qianzi looked down in confusion, then froze.

In it were two photos, with her on one side and Zhuang Xiaoyi on the other.

Both of them had their eyes closed, their faces were pale, and you knew from a glance that they were not doing well.

However, this was not the point.

The point was that, at a glance, the discerning eye could see the similarities between the two.

Whether it’s the eyebrows or the demeanor, you could see the similarities. The only difference was that Zhuang Xiao’ai was much younger and not as mature as Chang Qianzi.

Moreover, the most similar parts of the two people were highlighted, such as their triple-lidded eyelids.

After looking at this photo, Chang Qianzi finally returned to her senses.

They did look similar!

If outsiders saw them, they would think they were mother and daughter!

Chang Qianzi felt that her head was dizzy. Was she dreaming?

If not, why would she have hallucinations?

Seeing her disbelief, Xia Xibei said soothingly, “You don’t need to be anxious. When you are better, you can check this matter by yourself.”

She let Chang Qianzi rest.

“You should rest first, don’t worry.”

“Good…” Chang Qianzi nodded her head in a trance.

Then, her body suddenly shook.

“By the way, Xia Jun!”

“Don’t worry, I know,” Xia Xibei nodded. “I’ll take care of him.”

However, Xia Jun had now run away, and there was no way to find him for a while.

Xia Xibei wasn’t worried about that.

She didn’t do anything to Xia Jun before, but since Xia Jun did something like this, he didn’t deserve forgiveness!

“Just get some rest. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Chang Qianzi could only nod her head.

Only after Xia Xibei left did she suddenly come to her senses.

Yes, Xia Xibei was no longer her daughter!

However, Xia Xibei’s actions and words just now did not show any issues.

This made her feel even more complicated.

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