The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1501 - 1501 The Truth

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1501 The Truth

The one with more complicated feelings than Chang Qianzi was Zhuang Xiao’ai.

Zhuang Xiao’ai had previously followed Chang Qianzi out because she had needed to find Chang Qianzi for something.

Who knew that, in this way, she was also captured.

After that, she realized that the one who did it was Chang Qianzi’s ex-husband!

Zhuang Xiao’ai always thought that Xia Jun looked a bit familiar.

She didn’t think too much about it because Xia Jun and Xia Qingxun looked similar, and Xia Qingxun would often come to Clearwater Pavillion, so it was normal for her to feel familiar with Xia Jun after seeing his son so much.

However, Xia Jun had been having a miserable time these days, so he looked haggard and old.

Still, Zhuang Xiao’ai never thought that Xia Jun would do such a thing!

What she didn’t expect even more was that he said Xia Xibei was not their biological daughter!

This statement stunned even Zhuang Xiao’ai!

What kind of amazing development was this?

Was he kidding?

Of course, joking or not, Xia Jun was obviously coming from a bad place.

Afterward, Xia Jun forced Chang Qianzi to cooperate with him so that he could draw Xia Xibei out and make a move on her.

However, Chang Qianzi refused.

So, the exasperated Xia Jun had someone make a move on them.

The two fought bravely against it, but they were severely beaten.

They might have died if not for Tang Luo’s timely arrival with her people.

After Zhuang Xiao’ai woke up from her coma, she heard more news that left her dumbfounded.

Xia Xibei was indeed not Chang Qianzi’s biological daughter. She was.


Zhuang Xiao’ai thought she might have suffered a severe head injury. Otherwise, why would she hallucinate?

It was Xia Xibei who said this to her!

What kind of joke was this?

Maybe she just slept and time-traveled?

She was just two days old when her grandmother found her.

She grew up knowing her origins, so she never wanted to find her birth parents, because she had seen too many abandoned girls.

There were too many sexist parents who threw out their daughters, and she had been thrown out on a hill in the first place!

If it hadn’t been summer, she might not have lasted enough to be found by her grandmother!

She had a little luck, was taken in by her grandmother, and had a good life.

Due to that, she didn’t want to go to her parents.

She wouldn’t be so foolish as to get her hopes up for them even after being abandoned.

She was afraid those disgusting parents would come to her door one day and ask her to support them!

When the time came, she would sue them for abandonment!

Zhuang Xiao’ai thought this every time she watched the news and saw programs with the same experience

It never occurred to her that she was not abandoned by her parents but was replaced!

When she figured out her twisted and bizarre life, Zhuang Xiao’ai was confused.

How could it be so complicated?

She switched identities with Xia Xibei, and after that, Xia Xibei switched identities with Xia Qinghan…

What kind of plot was this?

Zhuang Xiao’ai felt that she had woken up and the world had changed!

Chang Qianzi was her mother. This made her feel complicated.

Zhuang Xiao’ai usually had a very good relationship with Chang Qianzi.

Neither of them had strong personalities, and they were partners, so they were always businesslike.

Plus, she was the same age as Xia Xibei, so Chang Qianzi has always treated her like a niece.

However, they were biological mother and daughter!

This matter confused her.

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