The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 2801

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2801 Chapter 2799, the love story on the rooftop (Morson Raspberry)

Upon hearing this, Yun Jian’s eyes moved slightly. His originally flat and indifferent lips suddenly rose, as if he had heard some interesting revelation.

Obviously, Adam had betrayed his brothers and successfully avoided the punishment that the young master was about to pass on to him.

Offending the young Madam was offending the young master. If one were to ask Adam what he was afraid of, the thing he was most afraid of was offending Yun Jian.

Seeing the punishment on Si Yi’s face gradually fade away, Adam did not have time to let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Molson and Ling Wei had already fixed their burning gazes on him.

That gaze was more like the secret that the two had hidden for many years had suddenly been exposed by Adam. It was like when a ferocious beast in the river met a living person, it wished it could tear them apart alive.

Especially Ling Wei’s strength. Among the four great masters of dark soul, he was the strongest.

“Cough! Brother, I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t promise you to keep this a secret and still have to say it… this, I think the weather outside is pretty good. I’m going out to bask in the Sun!”Adam said, he waved his hand and glided out.

At this time, the sky was dry and the night was lonely. There was no burning sun.

After Adam slipped out like flying, Ling Wei glanced at the crowd and immediately raised her foot. Without saying a word, she was the first to chase after him.

Xue Ying shouted at Adam who had just rushed out of the gate, “If you have the guts, Don’t run”and chased him out of the gate.

Ling Wei and Xue Ying chased after Adam’s figure and soon disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

On the other hand, Mosen did not chase after Adam, nor did he care about Adam’s matters. He stood in place, not making a sound.

It was not until he caught a glimpse of Luo Lei with her head slightly lowered that she walked towards the rooftop of the villa unsociably without anyone noticing. Mosen did not care about Adam’s situation and chased after Luo Lei.

The relationship between Luo Lei and Mosen was only limited to the kiss that Mosen had given her back then. Since then, there had been no further progress.

Although Lorraine had been following Morson, as if she had been ordered by her family to stay by Morson’s side and not let her go back, Morson did not do anything to her.

Other than the kiss that day, the relationship between the two did not directly break through.

Above friends, lovers were not complete. This meant Lorraine and Morson.

Morson had been following Lorraine to the rooftop.

As soon as Lorraine arrived, her hand trembled slightly as she made a call.

“Hello… Dad, is that you? Dad, Tell Grandpa that I don’t want to stay here anymore and I want to go back!”!

“Why?”? “He won’t like me. Moreover, I won’t accept this kind of love that comes from using me. Moreover, he already has someone he likes. Dad, I beg you to beg Grandpa to let me go home!”! “I want to go back to school, I don’t want to stay here anymore!”

Luo Lei said to the other end of the phone in a pleading tone.

When the head of the Luo family, Luo Lei’s grandfather, found out about Molson’s identity, he desperately wanted to use Molson to have a bit of a good impression of Luo Lei, so that Luo Lei could follow Molson to get some benefits, it would be best if Molson could marry Luo Lei.

Luo Lei didn’t wait for her father to speak and continued, “And… and he already has someone he likes. Yes, it’s a man… he doesn’t like women, and he won’t like women!”

Before Luo Lei could finish her sentence, her phone was suddenly snatched from the sky.

“Di!”The call was hung up by Molson.

In the next second, Lorraine’s phone was smashed not far away by Mosen and instantly shattered into pieces.

Who said that a mature and steady person could be mature and steady for a lifetime?

Some people could be honest for a lifetime and become a murderer because they were forced into a corner.

When Mosen heard that Lorraine was going to leave, he panicked.

As expected of Adam’s biological brother. No matter how different their personalities were, the things they did when they were impatient were somewhat similar.

After he smashed Lorraine’s phone, his first reaction was to press Lorraine down on the dark rooftop and take off…

He untied his belt.

After wearing his upper body clothes and being intimate with her, he did not move anymore. Instead, he placed his hand on her delicate cheek, and his eyes flashed with a possessive light:

“Where are you going back to? Who said I like men? Why Don’t you try to see if I like men?”

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