The Schoolgirl Secret Agent - Chapter 2802

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2802 Chapter 2796 the Bad Guy Morson, he had learned from the bad (Morson Raspberry)

When Morson was calm, he was even calmer than Ling Wei.

But when his emotions came up, he was not much calmer than his younger brother, Adam.

Raspberry was so frightened that she was pressed down by Morson on the rooftop. Although it was dark, she still did not move, as if she was so scared that she did not dare to move.

“You… You, you, you…”you were not like this before. Lorraine pushed Mosen, his strength was terrifying.

Mosen first attracted Lorraine because of his gentlemanly attitude towards her.

Later, when she found out about Mosen’s identity, she found out that he was not someone who used his status to toy with women.

In addition, Molson was different from Adam. He was very considerate, and Lorraine gradually realized that she liked him.

But all of this was before.

Today, not only did he smash her phone on the spot, he didn’t even ask her permission… ! … To do such a thing to her!

“Calm down, Molson! Molson, calm down, don’t do this!”Lorraine struggled for a while, however, she realized that Mosen had no intention of letting go. Her slender body was pressed down by Mosen like a fish that had been washed up by the waves and was rolling on the beach.

However, Mosen did not let go of her hand.

Downstairs of the villa.

Yun Jian and Si Yi were standing in the house. Inside, Leng Mei, Qing Yan, Si Luo, Lan Su and the others saw Adam being chased out by Ling Wei and Xue Ying. They did not care. They ate whatever they should eat and wrapped whatever they should wrap.

No one was worried about Adam’s safety at all.

Fifteen minutes later, Adam walked in through the door with a bruised face.

Xue Ying and Ling Wei, who followed after him, acted as if nothing had happened. After entering the house, they went their own ways.

“What’s wrong with you? How could you make yourself look like this? hahaha!”Leng Mei was still standing beside Yun Jian, laughing at his misfortune.

“Get lost! Don’t force me to hit a Woman!”Since di Lin was not around, Adam glared at Leng Mei. He was clearly beaten black and blue, and he even wanted to show Leng Mei that he was going to hit a woman.

“Aiyo, I’m so scared, sister Jian…”Leng Mei grabbed Yun Jian’s hand and made a few funny faces at Adam.

Adam was afraid of provoking Yun Jian, so he ignored Leng Mei.

“Where’s Mosen? I was almost beaten up and disfigured. Why didn’t he come to help me?”Adam touched his face and complained.

“I saw him and raspberry go upstairs. They should be on the rooftop.”Qin Yirou just walked out of the kitchen. She held a large plate of rice dumplings. After saying this to Adam, she came to the front of the crowd.

“I’ll go ask him why he didn’t come out to help me!”Adam ran upstairs in one breath.

On the rooftop.

Raspberry didn’t even dare to move.

She was afraid that she would lose her innocence.

“Now you know what kind of person I am? Unfortunately, it’s too late. I Won’t let you go. If you’re obedient, follow me obediently. Don’t have any thoughts of leaving.”Molson grabbed raspberry’s hands, his tone extremely stern.

However, what he saw was the look of disbelief in Lorraine’s eyes. It was the look of the person she loved deeply.

In fact, what Lorraine’s eyes revealed to him was that she wanted to leave this person whom she was unfamiliar with!

Furthermore, Lorraine’s eyes were turning left and right. Her expression was extremely unstable.

Seeing this, Mosen grabbed Lorraine’s hands and his anger surged.

XXOO her..

Lorraine’s tears instantly flowed out.

When Molson saw this, he became even more afraid, afraid that she would leave!

He had read from Lorraine’s eyes that she wanted to leave him!

In the past, when she wanted to leave, he had not felt such a strong feeling.

But now that she had stolen his heart, he would not allow her to leave again!

After Molson XXOO Lorraine, his sharp eyes moved, and he covered Lorraine’s mouth that was about to scream.

In the next second, Adam’s loud voice came from the bottom of the stairs. Obviously, Adam, who was coming from the bottom of the stairs to the rooftop, had no idea what had happened here:

“Molson, you didn’t come to help me, and I was almost disfigured by the beating! Do you still want me as your younger brother?”

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