The Undead Empire That Travels Through the Multiverse - v12 Chapter 79 emperor

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If you ask the people of the Human Empire in the Warhammer world, who is the most important person to the empire, in the era of the 30k Great Crusade, the answer may be the Primarchs.

-Because at that time, there were indeed many people and space fighters of various legions who believed that their own Primarchs were the most important people to the Empire, and their unconditional loyalty and belief in these Gene Primarchs even surpassed their loyalty to the Empire.

Otherwise, during the Horus Rebellion, there would not be so many people who would not hesitate to follow the Warmaster, betray their oath, the cause they fought for, and the entire human race.

But if you give this question to people in the 40k era to answer, basically there is only one answer, and that is the Emperor himself.

For many people, this is a very unbelievable thing. You must know that in the 40k era, the emperor had already sat on the golden throne. Although the emperor could not speak or act for 10,000 years, he could only use relatively indirect methods. Many people have never seen the Emperor in their entire lives, and even because of the relationship between the Emperor's psychic powers, they have never seen the image of the Emperor himself, and know the ideas that the Emperor once promoted in the Empire.

However, for the current human empire, the existence of the Emperor is indispensable.

For the most ordinary people of the human empire, they need a firm belief in the emperor to resist the erosion from chaos. In this world with the existence of subspace evil gods, it is really useful to believe in the emperor, and firm belief can indeed Effectively resist the erosion of chaos.

This is especially prominent in the military armed forces of the human empire. For example, when soldiers of the Astragalus or battle nuns maintain a firm belief in the emperor on the battlefield and fight bravely for the sake of mankind, they may even attract the emperor My attention brings you back from the dead.

For example, Celestine, the famous living saint in the human empire, and her two attendants died in battle more than once, but the power from the emperor himself can bring them back to life again and again.

Even as the emperor's power grows stronger, he can even send the cursed legion to directly participate in the battle that is closely related to the human empire, so as to directly help the empire.

Of course, these are far away from the ordinary people of the empire. They just live under the protection of the empire, and what they can see and touch every day is only the ceiling of the hive capital and the pipes of those factories. I don't even know what the starry sky and the empire look like.

But even so, the Astronomical Torch, kept burning by the Emperor's own psychic power, is still the most indispensable thing in the life of every citizen of the Empire.

As for the reason, it is also very simple, because the ships of the empire rely on the brilliance of the astronomical torch to navigate, and the place where the radiance of the astronomical torch shines is the territory of the empire.

It can be said that it is precisely because of the emperor sitting on the golden throne to keep the astronomical torch burning that the human empire can exist and be maintained.

If the light of the astronomical torch goes out, the empire is in danger of falling apart in an instant.

But... the Astronomican itself is not the means by which the Emperor originally conceived to maintain the existence of the Empire, it is only a temporary replacement.

And the reason why it can illuminate the entire galaxy is not the astronomical torch itself, but the person sitting on it.

The Emperor used his huge psychic power to keep the Astronomical Torch burning. In the early days of the Great Crusade, he still had enough energy to leave the Golden Throne to direct the battle in person, and the burden of the Astronomical Torch was not heavy for him.

But with the expansion of the empire's territory, the location that the fleet needs to reach is getting farther and farther away from the holy Terra, and the emperor has to increase the injection of spiritual energy so that the brilliance of the astronomical torch can illuminate more distant places.

So at the end of the Great Crusade, the Emperor could no longer leave the Golden Throne.

Originally, the emperor had replaced himself with Magnus, the most spiritually powerful being in the primarch, to keep the astronomical torch burning, but the intervention of the four gods of chaos caused everything to deviate from the original track, and finally Magnus His soul was shattered, and the Emperor became a mummy on the Golden Throne.

However, the Emperor's power was beyond everyone's imagination. Even with his last breath left, the Emperor still kept the Astronomical Torch burning for a full 10,000 years.

Although the human empire needed to consume the souls of psykers every day to keep the astronomical torch burning during this period, it was still the psychic power of the emperor himself that maintained the brilliance of the astronomical torch.

"Seriously, haven't you considered switching to a different navigation method? For ten thousand years, burning a thousand psykers every day to maintain the brilliance of the astronomical torch, you can really accept this kind of thing with peace of mind. Said, what if there is something wrong with the Astronomical Torch someday?" As the world ship gradually approached the holy Terra, Chen Mo could already feel the existence of the huge psychic facility of the Astronomical Torch, so he asked Chagatai Khan at the side so asked.

Chagatai Khan could only shake his head at this, he did not answer Chen Mo's question.

For Jaghatai Khan, he doesn't really care about these things. It doesn't make any difference to him whether the empire uses the Astro torch to navigate or something else.

And from another perspective, he can't answer this question either.

Ever since the Emperor sat on the Golden Throne after the Great Rebellion, the Primarchs disappeared and died, and the human empire fell into stagnation or even regression for ten thousand years.

The officials of the Empire and the priests of the Mechanicum couldn't find a technology that could replace the Astronomical Torch, let alone extinguish the Astronomical Torch and use other methods to navigate the Imperial fleet.

In fact, even the emperor himself had no other way back then, otherwise he would not have agreed to Prime Minister Malcador's proposal to use the souls of a thousand psykers as the main source of the Astronomical Torch's daily energy consumption.

At the end of the day, it's all just a conspiracy to codify.

In other words, the real universe of the Warhammer world is too closely connected with the subspace. In addition to the emotions of life in the real universe that can affect the subspace, many technologies are also inextricably linked with the subspace.

"What method are you going to use to treat the Emperor?" Chagatai Khan didn't want to talk about the Astro Torch, so he asked what he cared most about.

Although he said that "all emperors are liars", for the emperor, Chagatai Khan was subdued by the emperor's mighty power and regarded him as his father, even though he knew that he and his The Legion is only a tool for the Emperor to achieve his own goals and ideals, and when the ideal is realized, this tool will be abandoned.

But Chagatai Khan still kept his oath of allegiance to the emperor and remained loyal to the empire.

Even in the great rebellion, Horus, who had the best relationship with him, once persuaded him, and he was once swayed by Horus' words, but in the end he and his legion firmly chose the oath of loyalty to himself.

Facing Chagatai Khan's inquiry, Chen Mo just paused for a moment with the walking stick inlaid with six gems in his hand.

Silently, Jaghatai Khan only felt a force sweeping across his body, and all the old wounds from the battle with the rebel Primarch during the rebellion 10,000 years ago have all been removed from his body. Eliminate.

It didn't even feel like being healed, but the concept of injury was erased directly from Jaghatai Khan's body.

Having personally felt Chen Mo's power, Chagatai Khan no longer doubted that he could heal the emperor.

"Do you think the return of the emperor is a good thing or a bad thing for the human empire?" Chen Mo asked Chagatai Khan a question that could almost be said to be heartbreaking.

Although the human empire was established because of the existence of the emperor, and it has also survived for ten thousand years because of the existence of the emperor, but is the emperor really necessary for the empire? Or is the return of the emperor a good thing? bad thing

This is a difficult question to answer, but Chagatai Khan did not evade it this time. He just took a deep breath and said: "Father's return is necessary, although for today's empire, his return is very important." It might make some things worse, but we need his leadership and even more his strength in these dark times."

"Really? Even when he wakes up, he is no longer what he used to be, even if he has lost his humanity and turned into something more essential." Chen Mo looked at Chagatai Khan.

His gaze was quite aggressive, and the Primarch, who was far taller and burly than Chen Mo, couldn't help but take a step back.

But Jaghatai Khan nodded firmly. He could see clearly that the empire needed an emperor, even if it was just a "god" or other indescribable existence with the emperor's appearance.

But as long as he has the power of the emperor, the appearance of the emperor and the ability of the emperor, then he is the emperor, even if it is just a machine without emotion, which may make the empire more ruthless than it is now, he is also the emperor , is the leader the empire needs now.

Chen Mo seemed to have read Chagatai Khan's thoughts from his eyes, so he shook his head slightly, without commenting on it.

But he did not keep silent, but asked Chagatai Khan the third question today: "Do you want to know the story of the emperor? The part you, as his sons, don't know comes from Long past, before there was any recorded history of mankind, the story of the Emperor."

"You know this." Chagatai Khan was surprised. The emperor's past is a secret that no one can know. Even the prime minister of the empire, Malcador, knew more than all of them. A story about the Emperor's past.

"I know, and I know how he became what he is today." Chen Mo nodded, and then began to tell the story about the emperor.

The birth of the Emperor can be traced back to the long past of the Holy Terra, about 8000 BC, when human beings were still in the primitive era, and the four evil gods of the warp had not even been born.

And the emperor was born in this ancient and primitive era.

The Emperor was not born naturally, and even the Emperor was not a naturally born being.

In ancient times, because of the existence of subspace in this world, there were some naturally born psykers among the human race, and they were called tribal shamans.

Due to the nature of the sea of ​​souls in the warp, these shamans can be reincarnated into new bodies after death, thus achieving immortality.

However, as humanity developed, the disturbance of the warp by the human collective psyche had grown, and shamans began to lose their ability to reincarnate into new bodies.

Instead, once they die, their souls are consumed by the beings and demons of the Warp.

Eventually, these shamans who have lost their ability to reincarnate will become extinct, and once the shamans and their spiritual power to guide the species are lost, humans will inevitably fall prey to the corruption of the warp, just like what eventually happened to the Aeldari same fate.

In those ancient days, all shamans came together to decide what to do to prevent them all from being consumed by the warp.

Eventually the shamans decided to focus their psychic powers on one soul by reincarnating into the same person to create what they called a "new human being"

Thousands of shamans committed suicide by taking medicine together. UU Reading Their souls formed a psionic energy and rushed into the subspace, purifying those subspace demons who tried to hunt him with a pure psionic flame , this imperishable psionic fire eventually forms a soul.

A year later, the baby who would become the emperor was born to an ordinary herder family in Neolithic Asia Minor.

His psychic powers were so powerful that it altered his genome and physiology, rendering him immortal so he would not need to reincarnate and would no longer be attacked by demons of the Warp.

And he was the future Emperor.

In the days that followed, the Emperor did not lead humanity from the very beginning.

In the beginning, he just traveled beyond the history of mankind, as a witness to the glory and folly of mankind.

But shortly thereafter, he began to use his wisdom and power to gradually guide mankind forward.

Although he is careful to hide his true nature and disguise himself as an ordinary person, his influence on mankind is growing day by day.

Tens of thousands of years before he became Emperor, he directed and observed the development of humanity, taking the guise of numerous historical figures.

Until the birth of Slaanesh, the last evil **** of the subspace, the huge subspace storm that swept across the entire galaxy destroyed the former human civilization.

After this unprecedented subspace storm subsided, he walked out of Holy Terra, and after unifying the chaotic Holy Terra, he became the emperor of the human empire, and reunified the split from Holy Terra. Human beings, let human beings be classified as a whole again, and the current human empire is also established from this.

Until the era of the Great Crusade, his creation, his son, Horus, the Warmaster of the Empire, set off a great rebellion under the lure of the evil **** of the warp.

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