The Undead Empire That Travels Through the Multiverse - v12 Chapter 80 loyal soul

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Although Chen Mo did not drive the super-large war fortress Destruction Ark with a diameter of more than 100,000 kilometers to enter the territory of the Human Empire, his World Fleet Ship with a length of several hundred kilometers still allows the Human Empire Navy and the Star Forces to enter the territory. Something like an enemy.

Perhaps such a huge starship was built in the golden age of mankind. After all, the Fist of the Empire's Shanzhen is a thing comparable to a small satellite. The colony ship in the era of human interstellar pioneering may not be much smaller than the Arkworld ship. .

But today's empire can't even build the 40-kilometer-long Queen of Glory-class battleship, and it hasn't even built a new battleship for many years. One can imagine the scale of the warships that the empire can produce today.

Facing a world ship hundreds of kilometers long, even knowing that it is a friendly army on the opposite side, and that there is a white scar fleet accompanying it, it still makes people feel like they are facing an enemy.

After all, although the great rebellion 10,000 years ago is a long history, but... no one can guarantee that the Chagatai Khan, who chose to be loyal back then, will not choose to turn against him under the bewitching of the alien.

This is not unreasonable suspicion. There are many people who have a bad relationship with the loyalist Primarchs. Even the Space Wolves back then did the job of monitoring other space warrior brothers and executing the rebels within the legion, similar to the military police. Exist like a team.

Even during the Heresy, the Space Wolves Space Marines directly doubted the loyalty of Lion King Leon Jonson and Robert Guilliman, and even outspokenly wanted to kill them in front of the two Primarchs.

Not to mention, the reason why the Dark Angel appeared in Macragge back then was that Leon Jonson had doubts about Robert Guilliman and wanted to use the Dark Angel's powerful fleet to directly challenge the Ultramarines.

It's just that under the general environment at that time, Robert Guilliman persuaded his brother to build the Second Empire with him, and he also attracted Sanguinius to do what Behorus set off during the Great Rebellion. Rebellion is even more blasphemy to the Empire of Man's affairs.

Other than that, the number of things like who knocked who among the Primarchs, who the brothers both hated, and who offended everyone with their foul mouth was endless.

Not to mention the contradictions between the legions. The second army building splits the legions into battle groups, which only makes the contradictions more dispersed, not eliminates them.

Otherwise, there would not have been the largest Space Marine rebellion since the Great Rebellion of the Badab War.

But fortunately, with the advance notice of Chagatai Khan, all the Imperial Navy, Astral Forces, and Space Marines along the way were only on guard, rather than directly launching an attack.

Although this is also within the territory of the Human Empire, most of the available troops were transferred to Macragge and the Extreme Star Field by Robert Guilliman and Sanguinius to fight against the invasion of the swarms, resulting in the Imperial Navy not having enough troops. It is related to the use of troops to prevent the advance of the world ship, but more importantly, the prestige of Jaghatai Khan as the Primarch is at work.

Chen Mo never doubted the determination of the Imperial Navy to dare to fight him. This has nothing to do with the comparison of the combat power between the enemy and us, nor does it have to do with courage or stupidity. The Emperor, loyal to all of humanity.

The closer to Terra, the more Chen Mo, who is a necromancer and a high-ranking god, could hear the roar of human belief that echoed in the void.

That is the belief from all the victims of the human empire for thousands of years. They are like a trickle of water converging into a vast ocean. From every inch of territory and every battlefield of the human empire, they gather towards the holy Terra because of their common belief, just to implement The oath that is fulfilled both in life and after death.

For all people in the Human Empire, no sacrifice is unacceptable. For the Empire and the Emperor, the people of the Empire have already sacrificed countless times, and will continue to sacrifice.

The survival of the human empire does depend on the emperor sitting on the golden throne, but this is only the basis for maintaining the survival of the empire, so that human beings can still exist in this dark and desperate age, instead of becoming the prey of aliens and chaos , relying on the sacrifices of countless ordinary people.

There is a saying among Warhammer players in the original world, "Loyalty is the greatest reward for the loyal". The precious spirit contained in this sentence itself cannot be concealed.

Do loyal people care about the rewards for their loyalty? No, they never cared.

Loyal to the empire, loyal to the emperor, and loyal to mankind, as long as they know that their sacrifices are valuable, and everything they do is to the end of the emperor, then the mere reward is just an additional vanity and extravagance. Loyalty This behavior itself is already the greatest compliment to them.

Loyalty should be pure, and so should faith. If loyalty needs to be exchanged for rewards and rewards, how can such loyalty be able to resist the erosion from the evil **** of chaos and the threat of alien races?

Loyalty is not absolute, but it is absolutely disloyal. This may be a little bit better than indulgence, but it is also a good explanation of what humans rely on to persist in this dark and desperate world in this plague-stricken cesspool. A full ten thousand years.

Perhaps the human empire sat on the golden throne in the emperor, and all the primarchs disappeared or died for various reasons, and the entire empire became worse and worse under the influence of the dark side and inferiority of human beings.

But for an empire that can last for ten thousand years, if it only relies on political clarity and the outstanding personal charm of the ruler, then it is impossible for this empire to last for ten thousand years.

What really allowed the empire to last for ten thousand years was the loyalty and belief that was more dazzling than the brilliance of stars in Chen Mo's eyes at this time, and more radiant than the stars of the Milky Way.

"It's really great. Mortals are the foundation for the existence of the empire and this world. Maybe I can understand why the emperor is willing to sit on the golden throne and endure 10,000 years of pain and suffering." Staring at the eyes, only I can see Listening to the voices shouted by hundreds of millions of souls, Chen Mo was deeply moved, and even felt that he was too small compared to this will.

Chagatai Khan was puzzled, looked at Chen Mo and asked him, "What happened? What is great?"

"Human beings, human beings themselves are great." Chen Mo said in an aria-like tone, and even raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes to check Hetai Khan's vision, so he could naturally see Chen Mo's fingertips There really was a tear.

Just when Chagatai Khan was puzzled, Chen Mo snapped his fingers, and an unimaginably magnificent picture unfolded in front of Chagatai Khan.

Among the ruins, mortal Planetary Defense Force fighters are resisting the attack of the rebels. Although they are only the second-line troops of the empire, there is no problem with the security forces, and there are no decent officers and political commissars in the team, but they But they are still fighting bravely, even though the number of enemies besieging them is ten times that of them, even if they see no hope, they still have not flinched, and have not shaken that loyal belief: "For the emperor!"

The hive world is full of plagues and pollution. The soldiers of the Astral Army have been surrounded by chaos cultists. The virus and curse from the plague **** Nurgle are turning the dead and survivors into horrible Plague walking corpses, even the power armor of the space fighters can hardly resist the plague of the Nurgle evil god, but these ordinary star fighters are relying on the simplest protection and shouting the name of the lord of mankind with faith to the end , withstood the erosion of the plague of Nurgle, until finally they were shouting "For the Emperor!"

An interstellar soldier's legs are broken, but his body is still standing upright. The only remaining left hand is holding his bolt gun tightly, and he is still steadily shooting at the terrifying alien rushing towards him. Each bullet can wipe out an alien, but the bullets in the magazine are quickly used up under the high-speed shooting. The space warrior pulled out his tactical knife, held it in his hand, and faced the turbulent waves. He just shouted "For the Emperor!" from the aliens that came, and was overwhelmed by the raging swarm of insects, but he was still fighting endlessly until the last moment of his life.

An imperial navy officer was driving his warship, shouting "For the Emperor!" Bravely crashing into the enemy ship, like a sharp blade embedded in the enemy's huge hull, and then the crew also "For the Emperor!" Emperor!" Shouting, he brazenly detonated his own engine, and died together with the enemy ship.

There are more, different identities, different ages, different genders, all of them are facing various desperation and difficulties, all of them are fighting in the most desperate battlefield, and all of them can't see any hope of victory.

But not one of them flinched, and not one of them was in awe.

There are no rhetorical speeches, nor exciting encouragement. What they have is just the most simple battle cry, but what is contained in it is the will that runs through the entire galaxy.

Chagatai Khan looked at all this in astonishment. Although he knew that there would be countless sacrifices in the war, and that the empire could survive the great rebellion of that year, the foundation stone cast by sacrifices must be indispensable, but he simply looked at the paper. The series of numbers recorded on the Internet are completely different feelings and experiences from watching the sacrifices of living people and feeling their will that is firm enough to fight against the evil **** of chaos.

Especially what is presented to Chagatai Khan at this moment is the river of soul that Chen Mo can only see from the perspective of a **** plus his authority as Prince Styx, which is almost impossible for any other human or **** to see scene.

Countless bright souls are like shooting stars across the sky, converging into a vast golden river, flowing across the starry sky towards the front, vast and boundless. Insignificant.

You know, in front of this golden river, even a world ship hundreds of kilometers long is just a flat boat.

If you can still feel the condensed will of each soul in it, the shock is so strong that even the gods cannot remain indifferent.

"This is human beings, the most powerful force in the world." Chen Mo made a voice of admiration, but then closed these pictures to Chagatai Khan.

Chagatai Khan was still immersed in the shock of witnessing the river of soul just now, but now he was suddenly stripped from this shock by Chen Mo, and he immediately felt a great loss and a great fear at the same time.

He could feel the will and belief emanating from every soul in the shocking scene just now, the belief and will are so pure and firm, even if it is just any one of them alone, it is enough to infect the surroundings on the battlefield Comrades in arms, let others unite, and twist belief and will into one rope.

And facing the long river of souls formed by the will and belief of all of them, if they didn't integrate into it on the spot, it would be considered that Chagatai Khan's will as the Primarch was firm enough.

Of course, the will and beliefs of these brilliant souls are all "for the emperor", "for the empire" and "for mankind". Relatively speaking, they are pure and single enough, and they are not so polluting. With the will and tenacity of the primarch, they can still bear it.

"Why are they heading in the direction of Holy Terra?" After Jaghatai Khan stabilized his emotions, he asked about the details he noticed just now.

Because the river of souls was heading in the same direction as the world ship, Jaghatai Khan noticed that the river of souls that traversed the galaxy was converging toward the holy Terra.

Regarding this question, Chen Mo just waved his hand and projected a star map of the Milky Way in front of him, and then pointed to the holy Terra and said: "Here, UU Reading has the brightest lighthouse in the entire galaxy." , that is, the astronomical torch that provides navigation for all the ships of the empire. It is lit with your father's psychic power, and the life of the psykers is continuously consumed every day to maintain the astronomical torch's burning.

But this is not the point, the brilliance of the astronomical torch just provides a direction for those souls, and the main reason why they are all moving towards Terra is because every soul who sacrificed for mankind as advertised by the state religion will eventually die. Return to the Golden Throne and rest forever in the Emperor's seat.

It is precisely because of such publicity that these human souls instinctively chase the brilliance of the Astronomical Torch and gather towards the Golden Throne. "

Watching Chen Mo demonstrate on the projected star map, Chagatai Khan finally figured out the cause and effect of this, so he asked instinctively: "Then can they really return their souls to the Golden Throne?"

"Partly, after all, the one sitting on the golden throne is still a human being, although he has only taken the last step before becoming a god." Chen Mo shrugged, and gave a rather indifferent answer: "And this world The subspace of the soul is the final destination of the soul.”

(end of this chapter)

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