The World Civilization Million Lords - Chapter 5014 , burst

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In the void, a figure dragged a long arc of light, rushing towards Karen Bell's planet at an astonishing speed.

Watching Luo Ji leave at full speed, the head of civilization fell silent.

Because even the mastermind of civilization didn't know why he gave Luo Ji permission just now.

This decision is not in the interests of their mechanical family at all, and at the same time it is not rational.

Luo Ji's rushing now would most likely drag their entire mechanic clan into a vortex that they should have been able to get out of.

So, why exactly?

Was it because of Luo Ji's frantic state at the time that he was shaken?

Looking at the graph showing the fluctuations of Luo Ji's conscious body at that time, when the fluctuations were the strongest, the amplitude of Luo Jiyi's entire conscious body fluctuations actually reached an exaggerated 200% or more.

Although it was only for a moment, after a moment, this value dropped, but this is completely an incredible phenomenon for the mechanical family.

But for some reason, the main mind of civilization at this time is not concerned about this value, but Luo Ji's crazy attitude...

Ever since Luo Ji proposed this concept of evolution, the master minds of civilization have also tried to understand the complex emotions of various creatures, including humans, but obviously, these things are still incomprehensible to the master minds of civilization. …

However, at this moment, Luo Ji, whose consciousness was so strongly stimulated, was on the verge of going berserk. Obviously, he had no interest in this.

At the moment of obtaining permission, he directly turned off the annoying warning sound, locked the planet of Karen Bell, and rushed out at the fastest speed.

Luo Ji's undisguised explosive charge undoubtedly attracted the attention of the external fleet.

The interstellar carrier quickly released a large number of unmanned fighters, and while warning Luo Ji, it quickly approached him.

However, at this moment, Luo Ji, who only wanted to save Ye Qingxuan as quickly as possible and ensure her life was in danger, who cares about this? He has no time to waste on this kind of thing!

Facing the approaching formation of unmanned fighter jets, Luo Ji did not hesitate to lift all restrictions and start the annihilation mode!

With the continuous ejection of high concentrations of dark red energy particles, and with the X-level calculation efficiency, Luo Ji opened the force field shield and passed through the formation of unmanned aircraft that came to intercept him. At the same time, the beam weapons around him were like Like a precise scalpel, with a round of neat cross-shooting, all the unmanned fighters that rushed up were destroyed!

And before the blast spread, Luo Ji was already out of the scope of the blast.

After that, the offensive continued, and he directly switched from defense to attack. He used anti-matter energy cannons to carry out precise sniping, and successively penetrated the core power rooms of multiple armed warships blocking his only path, detonating them in the void.

Luo Ji, who took the shortest route without any reduction in speed, was like a red comet, rushing into the atmosphere of Karen Bell!

There is a secretary section to provide him with positioning, Luo Ji has already locked the precise position.

Planetary Gravity! This should have been extremely deadly for other units that penetrated into the planet's atmosphere, but when it arrived at Luo Ji's place, it actually became his help.

The force field shield opened, Luo Ji locked his position, and the downward thrust brought about by the gravitational force of the planet, coupled with the simultaneous propulsion of multiple power propulsion devices on the X-rank body, allowed him to get an almost crazy acceleration!

The red comet pierced the sky, and Luo Ji landed with a roar. Before landing, he further expanded the coverage of the force field shield around him, and protected Ye Qingxuan, who was under the ruins, into the force field shield in advance. Make sure the other party is safe.

At this moment, Luo Ji's detection equipment was able to capture Ye Qingxuan who was dripping with blood, and the other party still had a faint trace of vitality.

He didn't even have time to be happy about it, Luo Ji hurriedly took out a small silver-white metal ball and placed it on the wound on Ye Qingxuan's chest and abdomen.

The metal ball that touched the wound quickly dissolved and turned into a silver-white metal liquid that penetrated into Ye Qingxuan's wound.

This is a medical project funded by the Ye's Chamber of Commerce to have their mechanical family assist in research and development.

To put it simply, it is equivalent to their mechanical family taking the order from Ye's Chamber of Commerce and earning a fortune.

This silver-white metal ball is tentatively named 'Nano Repair Particles'. The one in Luo Ji's hands is a test product produced by this research and development project.

Of course, it is said to be a test product, but this 'nano repair particle' has been tested thousands of times before and after. Judging from the latest test results, this is basically the final product.

Next, at most, make some adjustments and try to mass-produce it.

Before leaving, just in case, Luo Ji took out the three remaining 'nano repair particles' from the experiment, gave two to Li Ke and the others, and kept the last one in his own hands. Just in case, this is the one he uses now

Just like the tentative name, this entire metal ball is actually composed of a large number of nanoparticles. After activation, it will quickly penetrate into the wound and repair the wound of the injured person.

From small cells and blood vessels to large internal organs, theoretically speaking, this 'nano repair particle' can be repaired.

Of course, this thing, if you want to say that it can bring the wounded back to life, it is really not that the product positioning itself is used for emergency treatment of wounds on the battlefield.

The whole effect is still significant for the time being. With the infiltration of these nanoparticles, Luo Ji can be sure that the blood has completely stopped.

But according to Ye Qingxuan's injury, it is definitely not enough to stop the bleeding, and more professional treatment must be done quickly!

"Get away from me!

! "

Just as Luo Ji used 'Nano Repair Particles' to stabilize Ye Qingxuan's injuries, the Yusei armed forces on the periphery quickly surrounded them, and even over the city, an armed battleship blocked Luo Ji's path. .

"Fairy Wood"

After all, from Yossai's point of view, the situation in front of them can basically be confirmed. At this time, the figure whose life and death are uncertain in Luo Ji's hands is their ultimate goal this time.

The life and death of the U.S.A. U.S.A. was basically tied here, so they wouldn't let Luo Ji take Ye Qingxuan away.

And the existence of these guys is like an enemy to Luo Ji! This made Luo Ji act without hesitation at all.

You know, from the data alone, today's Luo Ji can be said to be the strongest X-rank fighter in the mechanical race. With just some ground armed forces and an armed battleship, you want to keep him?

This is a bit over the top!

While frantically harvesting the lives of the surrounding Yosai soldiers with explosive energy rays, the antimatter energy cannon fired in a strafing posture.

The Yusei armed battleship flying in the air was immediately cut, and a whole huge battleship was split into two on the spot and fell to the ground!

At the same time, Luo Ji, who was holding Ye Qingxuan in his arms and maintaining the annihilation mode, fluttered his light wings behind him, cooperating with the full output of the energy propulsion device, and flew out from the fracture of the armed battleship, bringing up a dark red arc of light, transforming For a red comet flying backwards, he took Ye Qingxuan to the planet's atmosphere of Karen Bell at the fastest speed...

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