The World That Tao Rules - Chapter 7221 five races

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Although Jiang Yun could no longer see the face of the old man surnamed Zhuang, which was completely shrouded in darkness, he could hear a trace of anger in the other's voice for the first time.

And for the first time, a sneer appeared on the always calm face of the big clan elder.

Naturally, the last sentence the big clan elder seemed to ask at random was actually intentional.

Three long, or two short!


After Jiang Yun repeated the conversation between the old man and the old man surnamed Zhuang in his heart, he suddenly glanced at his palm, and a look of surprise flashed on his face.

And at this moment, the voice of the big clan elder suddenly sounded again: "You are right!"

The words of the old man made Jiang Yun ponder for a while, then slowly raised his hand and stretched out flatly: "Five fingers, three long and two short, one palm covers the sky!"

The big clan elder nodded again and said, "Your reaction is quick, and the speculation is correct."

With the affirmation of the elders of the big clan, the surprise on Jiang Yun's face also turned into a look of surprise.

From Du Ze, Jiang Yun got a token called Palm Command, and even knew that as long as he held this token and found an organization named Yi Palm, he could make a request to the other party.

And the other party will try their best to meet your requirements.

It sounds like a palm is too confident, but in fact, they can really do it.

Because they are the most powerful forces in the Chaos Domain.

Cover the sky with a palm!

Jiang Yun still didn't know how to find the palm of his hand, but he didn't expect that he had already met a person with a palm today.

The old man surnamed Zhuang was a person with a palm, and he was also one of the three chiefs.

However, when you think about it, it makes sense.

It is no exaggeration to say that with Ye Dong's identity as a detached powerhouse, how can he casually enmity with others.

In the entire Chaos Domain, I am afraid that there is only one palm that is equivalent to controlling this place, and is qualified to have a feud with Ye Dong.

And it can be seen from this point that the strength of the detached powerhouse is indeed powerful to a certain extreme.

This chaotic domain, not to mention the gathering of the leaders of a hundred schools, is also a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger.

The strength of the person who can cover the sky with one palm here is so powerful.

But even so, facing Ye Dong, they are still not opponents.

Jiang Yun retracted his palm and looked at the old man: "One palm, five people, or five races?"

"Five races!" The big clan elder gave the answer directly: "Five races, each representing a finger of the palm."

"The index finger, the **** and the ring finger are the three lengths, and the thumb and the little finger are the two shorts."

"The five races are naturally very powerful. Only by joining forces can they dare to claim to cover the sky with one palm."

"The person just now, although I don't know who he is, since he is one of the three chiefs, it is not difficult to find him."

Jiang Yun then asked, "Could the experience of the nobles be related to a palm?"

"Yes!" The elder of the clan nodded and said, "When our clan was strong, there was no palm."

"Any of their five races alone is not an opponent of our race at all."

"Even if two or three join forces, our clan has the power to compete."

"Because of this, their five clans joined together to form a palm, and with their respective strengths, they secretly or occupied or supported other clans. This is how thousands of clans joined forces to attack my Black Soul clan! "

The elders of the big clan are equivalent to telling Jiang Yun the experience of their clan.

And Jiang Yun also noticed that Du Wenhai's soul, who was always in the hands of the big clan elders, also listened carefully.

Because of the detailed experience of their own family, all the Black Soul clansmen are not aware of it.

So far, Jiang Yun has a general understanding of the experience of the Black Soul Clan, which is exactly the same as Daoxing Tiandi.

The enemy of Daoxing Tiandi is the Hongmeng formed by hundreds of foreign Daoist circles.

The enemy of the Black Soul Race is the palm of thousands of races united together.

The difference is that there is only Pan Chaoyang behind the Hongmeng, and there are five major races behind the palm.

After thinking for a while, Jiang Yun continued to ask, "When did senior know that I am not Du Ze?"

Since the elders of the clan have shown goodwill to Jiang Yun, Jiang Yun will naturally have to respond, so he has used honorifics to address the other party.

The old man of the clan naturally understood, smiled slightly, and pointed at Jiang Yundao: "Just now, the surnamed Zhuang said that he has thoroughly studied my Black Soul Clan, and I am not the same to them."

"The palm order on your body was made by a person with one palm, and it contains the power of one of their tribes."

"I can prevent any other race from entering the clan, but for their five races, we must guard against it!"

"As long as it is something or someone with their power, once they enter our clan, the dark beast will sense it and launch a crazy attack on that power!"

"Dark beasts in that state, the entire black soul clan, only I can make them quiet."

"But, you actually did it!"

"Therefore, when you controlled the dark beast, I knew that you were not the real Du Ze."

Jiang Yun suddenly realized.

No wonder the light curtain used by the Black Soul Clan for protection, in his opinion, is of little use.

That's because the elders of the big clan don't care about other people's entry at all, and just guard against the five major races with one palm.

And his method of distinguishing the five major races turned out to be dark beasts.

The big clan elder continued: "It is precisely because you controlled the dark beast so easily that I did not reveal your identity."

"I'm really curious, where exactly are you."

"When we faced the war, some clansmen escaped."

"And with our defeat, we were imprisoned by a palm. I don't know if those who escaped are still alive."

"Even, I still have a little hope, hoping that you will really be a member of my Black Soul Clan."

Jiang Yun nodded, his doubts about the Black Soul family were basically answered.

Therefore, after a moment of silence, Jiang Yun clenched his fists at the elders of the big clan, and gave a polite salute: "I am also from outside the Chaos Territory, and I am definitely not a member of the Black Soul clan."

"I killed Du Meng, pretended to be Du Ze, and infiltrated the nobles. Although there was a reason for this, it was indeed my fault, so I apologize to the senior, and I hope the senior can help Haihan."

The big clan elder calmly accepted Jiang Yun's gift.

After straightening up, Jiang Yun continued: "I don't care about the secrets of the nobles, I just want to know what is related to the detached powerhouse."

"If senior thinks that this part of the secret can be told to me, then despite the conditions, as long as I can do it, I will definitely not refuse."

Jiang Yun deliberately emphasized the words that he could do.

If the big clan always asks Jiang Yun to help destroy a palm, then Jiang Yun will not agree even if he has this strength.

Although Daoxing Tiandi and the Black Soul Clan share the same affliction, it is impossible for Jiang Yun to set up an enemy for himself just because of this reason.

What's more, it is not an enemy, but the five major races, and the thousands of races they control!

After listening to Jiang Yun's words, the old man laughed and said, "Little friend is a happy person, so I will tell the truth."

"I can indeed tell the secrets of the detached powerhouse."

"However, before that, can you tell me about the thing you discussed with the old man surnamed Zhuang?"

"Don't worry, I don't want to be difficult, but I feel that through the grudge between Xiaoyou and the cultivator surnamed Zhuang, it may be possible for me to judge who he is!"

Jiang Yun knew in his heart that although the old man said it nicely, he still wanted to drag himself into the water, stand with his Black Soul Clan, and deal with it.

Jiang Yun wanted to refuse again, but Xie Daozi kept saying, "Brother, it's okay to talk to him!"

"Maybe, he knows about the Ten Blood Lanterns, or even Ye Dong."

In desperation, Jiang Yun could only open his mouth and said, "I'm looking for a lamp. It's a magic weapon left here by a senior from the same place as me."

When the big clan elder just heard this, he raised his palm and signaled Jiang Yunxian to stop temporarily. He himself pondered: "A lamp, I seem to remember that I have seen a very special lamp somewhere!"

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