The World That Tao Rules - Chapter 7222 where the palm is

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The old man surnamed Zhuang has already used his own means to deceive the consciousness left by Ye Dong, so that Jiang Yun has no way of knowing where the Ten Blood Lanterns are.

Although Jiang Yun was still thinking before, if he didn't want to cause more troubles, he wouldn't have to use the ten blood lamps if it was a big deal. He directly held the palm command, went to the person with a palm, and sent himself out of the chaos domain.

However, since the old man surnamed Zhuang is a person with a palm, unless he has another way, he can leave the chaos domain.

Otherwise, no matter if you want ten blood lamps or not, you must deal with them.

Moreover, after this contact, at least the race that the old man surnamed Zhuang belonged to must have been hostile to him.

In short, it is already a little troublesome for me to leave the chaos domain smoothly, so if I can get the ten blood lamps, it can be regarded as a kind of compensation.

Therefore, at this moment, hearing the old man of the big clan say that he had seen a special lamp, Jiang Yun was also interested. He patiently waited for the elder of the big clan to say what he said.

After a moment of contemplation, the big clan elder finally said slowly, "Chuanyuan Star Region, a relatively prosperous star region in the Chaos Region."

"Most people don't know that Chuanyuan Star Territory is actually the territory of the five major races in one palm."

"However, the race that represents the thumb of the palm chose to hide in the dark, so the remaining four races each occupy a star and live in it."

"The four stars seem to be scattered, but in fact they are arranged in a square. In the middle of the four stars, there is a star, which is jointly owned by the four major races, and is specially used for people to trade and buy."

"Five stars, they are called five stars in a row."

"It was in a shop within the fifth star that I saw an ever-bright lamp, and it was most likely the lamp that the little friend said."

Chuanyuan Star Territory, five stars in a row!

Jiang Yun had indeed seen these place names in Du Ze Du Meng's memory, but Du Ze Du Meng really didn't know that there was a palm.

Naturally, this is a kind of protection of the five major races for themselves, and it is easy for people to know their true identities and positions.

It is not unusual for the elders of the big clan to know.

"Eternal Light?" Jiang Yun frowned slightly: "Is there anything special about that Eternal Light?"

The big clan elder pondered: "I was about a hundred years ago, and I accidentally stepped into the Chuanyuan Star Territory under a psychic tour."

"Before I stepped in, I didn't know where the palm of the hand was, but after I stepped in, the dark beast in my body sent out a sense, and I realized that it turned out to be the place where the enemies of my clan were concentrated."

"It was at that time that I felt that a consciousness fell on me."

"In order to avoid arousing suspicion from others, I walked into the shop, pretended to be hanging out, and picked up some instruments to watch, among which was the ever-bright lamp."

"I remember, the guy in the shop told me that in addition to the lamp being immortal, inputting some kind of power into it can make the lamp attack."

"It's just that I had hatred in my heart at the time, and I didn't have the heart to listen to the introduction of any lamp, so I'm not very clear about the too specific situation of that lamp."

"If it wasn't for the little friend who mentioned today that he was looking for a lamp, and that lamp happened to be in the Chuanyuan Star Region, I wouldn't think about it."

"However, I can't guarantee that the lamp I mentioned is what the little friend is looking for, and I'm not even sure that the lamp is still not in that shop."

Jiang Yun nodded and said, "I can't thank the seniors enough to tell me this."

The old man smiled and said, "It's nothing, it's just a few words."

"If you have time, you can go over there to see if that lamp is the one you were looking for."

"If it is, the little friend will ask who is the owner behind the shop, or the owner of the lamp, and you should be able to know the real identity of the old man surnamed Zhuang."

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Yun's heart moved, it was clearly the elder of the big clan who ordered him to evict him.

As for the secrets of their Black Soul clan, and the transaction he proposed, he never mentioned it at all.

Could it be that you don't want to tell yourself?

Jiang Yun really doesn't care about secrets, but helpless Xie Daozi also noticed this and continued to beg Jiang Yun to bring up the secrets quickly.

Jiang Yun could only speak again: "Then about the secret of the nobles about the detachment of the strong, does the senior have no conditions or needs?"

However, the old man of the big clan suddenly showed a look of embarrassment, and it took a long time before he said: "It stands to reason that the little friend can help me catch Du Wenhai and lead out the old man surnamed Zhuang, which is already helpful to my Black Soul Clan."

"I shouldn't make any more demands at all, but directly tell fellow Daoists the secret of transcending the powerhouse."

"However, my black soul clan is really struggling now, so I can only be cheeky and want to ask my friend how he can control the dark beast!"

This request made by the elders of the big clan was expected by Jiang Yun!

Based on Jiang Yun's ability to easily control the dark beast, the old clan judged that Jiang Yun was not a member of the Black Soul clan.

It stands to reason that this is what he should be most curious about, but he never mentions it, until now, he finally said it.

Jiang Yun thought for a while and said, "Senior, I can tell you how to control the dark beast, but because we practice differently, my method may not be applicable to you."

In fact, Jiang Yun himself is still not very clear, why he can control the dark beast more easily than others, and it is impossible to explain it to the elders of the big clan. He can only use the practice method as a reason.

In order to prove that what he said was true, Jiang Yun spread out his palm, and the Dao lines appeared, as if they had vitality, and they quickly condensed into the guardian Dao seal.

"My way of practice is called Dao, and I am also called Dao Xiu."

Jiang Yun demonstrated the Dao-related Dao pattern and Dao-seal for the elders, and also explained the knowledge about Dao seriously.

When Jiang Yun closed his mouth dryly, he found that both the old man and Du Wenhai were full of dazed expressions.

Obviously, Rao is that they are all powerful cultivators, but they can't understand what Taoist cultivation is in such a short period of time!

The old man of the big clan said with a wry smile: "It seems that my aptitude is too dull to understand this profound way of practice." Jiang Yun also didn't know how to explain it, and more importantly, even if they could understand the way of Taoism , they can even successfully embark on the path of cultivation, but in the end, I am afraid that they will not be able to control them as easily as myself.

System North Ming.

Therefore, Jiang Yun can only say: "Senior, why don't you change the conditions!"

"For example, do you have anything that you desperately need?"

Even though the Black Soul Race is not lacking in cultivation resources, the life of the entire race is indeed extremely difficult.

Jiang Yun can provide them with something to improve their living conditions.

The big clan elder pondered for a moment and said, "Then I'll change the conditions."

"When the little friend goes back to the Chuanyuan Star Region, if you can know the true identity of the old man surnamed Zhuang, just let me know!"

Jiang Yun was slightly startled and said, "On this condition?"

In Jiang Yun's view, this is not a condition at all.

The old man surnamed Zhuang came from the third elder family. It should not be difficult for the elder to find out his identity.

The old man smiled and said, "This condition is already difficult to fulfill."

"If I can know the identity of the other party and what kind of race he is, I may be able to find a way to provoke the relationship between their five major races, so as to find an opportunity to take revenge!"

It has to be said that the elders of the big clan are indeed scheming.

The old man surnamed Zhuang was carrying other races behind his back, secretly found Du Wenhai, and supported Du Wenhai to become a big clan elder, clearly wanting to monopolize the secrets of the Black Soul Clan.

Based on this alone, with a little manipulation, for example, the Black Soul Clan can completely release rumors that the race of the old man surnamed Zhuang already knows the secrets of their own clan, so they can very well sow discord and divide them.

The reason why a palm is powerful is because the five races join forces, but if the five races fight against each other, the elders of the big clan may be sure to deal with them. Thinking of this, Jiang Yun stood up and said, "Okay, then I'll go to Chuanyuan Star Region now to find out the true identity of the old man surnamed Zhuang."

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