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When Princess Zi Yue heard Yun Chujiu’s words, her heart was filled with joy. This little B * Stard’s words, did it mean that young master Bei’s family background was not very good?

As long as she became her prince consort, she would have countless spirit stones. Who knows, she might even be able to move young master Bei’s heart..

When Hei Xinjiu saw Princess Zi Yue’s face filled with infatuation and infatuation, she could not help but feel disdain in her heart. Have you never seen a man before? To actually covet her man, How Shameless!

F * ck, if it wasn’t for Guai Cao causing trouble, the gigolo would have long been hers! Monkeys could give birth to several of them! That damned Gou Weiba!

Guai Cao in his dantian:”…”

There were always a few days every month when he had to be scolded. He was already used to it.

As he walked, a faint blue light came from the front. It looked similar to the light emitted by Princess Zi Yue’s Pearl.

Everyone quickened their steps, and soon, sounds of fighting could be heard from the front. With the faint blue light, they could see that the people of the Li Hate Palace were fighting with several giant snakes.

“Heavens! It’s a fifty-ninth level dark poison giant snake! Princess, let’s retreat quickly!”Nanny Liu said in terror.

The fifty-ninth level dark poison giant snake was equivalent to those at the third to fourth level of psychic power. Although there were also people at the fourth level of psychic power among the people Princess Zi Yue brought, there were dozens of dark poison giant snakes. They would definitely not benefit from it.

p-n0ve1、com Just as Princess Zi Yue was hesitating, she heard someone in front of her shout, “Since they are from the Jun Tiantian Kingdom, why aren’t you coming over to help? ! Do you want to leave them to die?”

Princess Zi Yue did not dare to leave even if she wanted to. Even if she was a princess of the Jun Tiantian Kingdom, she did not dare to offend the Lihen Palace.

Princess Zi Yue could only leave a few people to protect herself and let the others come forward to help.

Di beiming stood to the side with little nine in his arms and could only watch indifferently.please visit panda(-)

A cold glint flashed across di Beiming’s eyes as he coldly asked princess zi Yue, “There should be ghost face orchids in the Imperial Palace of Your Jun Tiantian Kingdom, right?”

Princess Zi Yue did not expect di beiming to take the initiative to speak to her. She was simply too excited and did not have the time to lie. She honestly said,

“Young Master Bei, we have not found ghost face orchids for several years. The ones we picked previously were all given to the Li Hate Palace, so there are no ghost face orchids in our imperial palace.”

Di beiming frowned slightly. It would have been fine if there were ghost face orchids in the Jun Tian Kingdom’s imperial palace. He could just force the Jun Tian Kingdom’s emperor to take them out, but the Li Hen Palace was a little difficult to deal with.

Although his spiritual power was not low now, he still did not have much confidence in forcefully breaking into the Li Hen Palace. It seemed that he could only try his luck in the Ghost Cave. If he really could not do it, he could only go to the Li Hen Palace.

Just as DI beiming was deep in thought, a giant poisonous snake suddenly crawled towards them quickly. It spat out its scarlet tongue, looking rather terrifying.

Princess Zi Yue cried out in shock, “You guys, quick, kill it!”

Princess Zi Yue’s subordinates immediately went forward to stop the giant poisonous snake, and the two sides engaged in a battle.

Di beiming was still holding onto little nine as he watched coldly from the side. He had no intention of extending his hand at all.

Princess Zi Yue’s subordinates spent quite a while before they finally killed the giant poisonous snake. However, they looked at di beiming with disdain.

Although this man’s spiritual power seemed to be quite high, he was probably just putting on a show. Otherwise, why didn’t he extend his hand? He was probably afraid that he would be exposed if he extended his hand, right?

Princess Zi Yue was also a little displeased. Firstly, he actually only cared about that B * Stard of his and did not save him. Secondly, he was probably just a flowery pillow and did not have any real abilities.

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