The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3455 Chapter 3455 what a cute little thing (asking for a monthly pass)

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Princess Zi Yue’s thoughts suddenly changed a little. The sky high continent respected the strong. No matter how handsome this man was, he would still be looked down upon by others if he did not have any abilities.

Her gaze towards di beiming immediately became less heated. She had really lost her mind just now. She had actually entered the ghost cave for him. She really deserved to die!

After another two hours, those giant poisonous snakes were finally killed. The air was filled with the smell of blood.

A small leader of the Lihen Palace walked over. He first nodded slightly to Princess Zi Yue, then his gaze landed on the spotless di beiming.

He sneered a few times, then said, “This young master is really calm. Our lives were hanging by a thread just now, yet you just watched coldly from the side. Since that’s the case, help us scout ahead.”

Di beiming slightly curled the corner of his mouth. A trace of sternness flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything. He lifted his leg and walked forward. It was obvious that he had agreed to scout ahead for everyone.

If it was before, Princess Zi Yue would definitely put in a few good words for them. But now, her thoughts had changed, so she didn’t say anything. Instead, she wanted to leave.

But that small leader said, “Since we’re here, let’s Go Together!”

Princess Zi Yue didn’t dare to say anything else and could only follow him.

Hei xinjiu held di beiming’s neck and her eyes flashed as she looked at di Beiming’s eyes.

She was a little nervous at first, but when she saw the calmness in di Beiming’s eyes, she immediately knew that the gigolo must have used these people to find the ghost face orchid, which was why he didn’t kill them, otherwise, none of these little dregs would be able to live.

After walking for a short while, they found a huge nest. There were some demon beast eggs inside, and some of them had already begun to hatch. It was clearly the nest of those giant dark poison snakes from before.

No wonder those giant dark poison snakes had come out in full force. They were probably afraid that the people of the Li Hate Palace would harm their young.

The people of the Lihen Palace put away those demonic beast eggs and urged di beiming to continue walking forward.please visit panda(-)

After walking for some distance, they heard the roars of beasts. Two giant Blue Demonic Tigers blocked their way.

Hei Xinjiu widened her eyes and said in surprise, “What a beautiful kitten! This is the first time I’ve seen a blue kitten! Daddy, I want to play with them for a while!”

The two Blue Tigers:”…”

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Princess Zi Yue snorted coldly, “These are level 61 blue tigers, not kittens. You want to play with them? Are you courting death?”

Yun chujiu ignored her and looked at the two blue tigers instead, she said softly, “Kittens, run! These people are very fierce. They are not as kind as my father and I are. They will kill you!”

A trace of confusion flashed across the two Blue Tigers’huge eyes. This little human girl actually advised them to run? She actually did not want them to be killed?

Since that was the case, then she would eat the others first and then her!

When the two Blue Tigers thought of this, they actually bypassed di beiming and Yun Chujiu, who were at the front, and pounced on the people behind them.

Those people felt as if their hearts were going to explode. were these two giant Blue Tigers blind? Why didn’t they attack the father and daughter? Why did they have to attack them?

Hei Xinjiu took out a spirit fruit and said vaguely while chewing, “Daddy, those two kittens look so cute when they fight! I’ve never seen such a cute little thing!”


Cute? Little Thing?

Damn it, not only were the two giant blue tigers blind, but this little girl was even more blind!

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