This Plug-in is Too Middle School - v2 Chapter 1278 father's question

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I'm so stupid, really.

After huddling in a corner and listening to the plan of all the demon kings, the Hellfire Lord, who had to go back to fight tigers with a group of hamsters not long after he successfully escaped from the tiger's mouth, couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

If I had known this would be the result, then I would have run away! It's better to be a dog to that perverted human being honestly!

It's a good thing now, bound by the oath of Styx, I have to occupy the side of these demon kings, and try my best to cooperate with the deceitful demon king's actions. The question is, I am going to ambush that pervert with the helper. Isn't this pure Nima to die?

Hmm... But if you think about it carefully, there is no other way.

After glancing at the Demon King of Deceit who was discussing the details with the Wasp, two green flames sprang up from the eyes of the Lord of Hellfire.

There are two choices I can make right now, either stand up and tell the demon kings that William Vankins must not provoke perverts, and if you don’t want to die, stay away from him; The perverted warlock made a good sale and told him that the Endless Abyss is planning how to ambush him.

But the former may not be able to win people's trust. After all, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that a seventh-order human being would be so strong, and even if I made the Styx oath again, I probably wouldn't be able to make them believe it. use.

After all, judging from the current news, if these guys want to invade the Arcane Continent, they will sooner or later have to fight against that pervert, and the more powerful they think that pervert is, the less they will give up gathering three sons of God to encircle and kill His chance, when the time comes, he, who is bound by the Styx oath, still has to obediently follow them to die.

But I can't really inform that perverted human being, go back and continue to be a dog for him, can I? So what are you trying to figure out by yourself? Isn't it just a waste of time?

All kinds of thoughts came and went, and after hundreds of repeated weighings in his mind, the green eyeballs of the Hellfire Lord narrowed slightly, which was as close to someone's demeanor with bad times in his heart. resemblance.

Then... I can only ask you to die!

After taking the initiative to take his eyes away from the deceitful demon king, so as not to be noticed by him, the Hellfire Lord silently sent a big death card to a certain meatball in his heart.

Anyway, the Styx oath I made at the beginning, I only need to mobilize people to join the demon coalition, and cooperate with this guy's command to attack the Arcane Continent to complete the contract. Get rid of the shackles of the Styx oath, and from now on, the sea will be bounded by magic, and the sky will be set on fire!

And if you want to do this, you don't even need to be troublesome, you just need to reveal the location of the deceitful demon king to that pervert a little bit, and then intentionally or unintentionally release two attacks to block his back...

Tut tut! Don't blame me for being cruel, it's all your life!

There is no need to procrastinate any longer, this is my life...

After looking down at the back of his hand and stroking the gray bark-like skin, an old pope who had been offline for a long time closed his eyes slightly, and first put his hands into the wide sleeves of his cassock. Then he opened his mouth calmly and said:

"Kieran, it's all right, give me the crown."

After hearing the old pope's words, the cut black saint who was trying to maintain the output of the holy light trembled slightly, gritted her teeth very secretly, and then took half a step forward as if she didn't hear it.

Accompanied by her sudden movement, a warm holy light like the sun swept across, and directly pushed tens of thousands of demons outside the barrier together. The energy was crushed to ashes, and at least it caused more than 2,000 attrition.

However, when the morale of the human legion was boosted by this, the holy light that had killed thousands of enemies just pushed out for less than three seconds, then retreated back dimly, and began to flicker slightly, far less than before It looks stable.

Even the surrounding barriers that blocked the advance of demons were dragged down. The original single-digit gap almost doubled, and a large number of middle and low-level demons directly took the opportunity to rush in. The situation was a mess.

"Kieran! Don't be willful!"

Glancing at the front army that was thrown into chaos by the demons, the old pope's brows that turned white at some point frowned instantly, and shouted in a hoarse voice:

"Hurry up, your mental power is already on the verge of limit, if you continue, your brain will be injured, and your mental power will also be damaged, and you won't be able to recover in a day or two!"

From the old pope's words, he could hear the implication that he couldn't refuse. Kieran gritted his teeth with swollen veins on his fair forehead, and blood began to ooze from his eyes and nose vestibule. Trembling slightly, he took off the crown in his hair and handed it over.

After smiling at Kieran who did not look at him, the old pope reached out to take the divine artifact crown, and put it on his head under the reverent eyes of all the believers of the light.


A holy light that was nearly twice as intense as before suddenly spread out centered on the old pope. Thousands of demons who rushed into the barrier had no time to react, and were instantly burned to ashes by this sun-like power.

There were more than 20 cracks on the barrier, but they were quickly healed under the radiance of this holy light. After only a few breaths, they were all sealed up, and only a few cracks were deliberately left in the front. Xiaokouzi, let a group of demons come in intermittently, and then be surrounded by the garrison army, killing them all like chopping melons and vegetables...

"The Pope took over!"

"Fortunately, UU reading can rest for a while!"

"Don't relax! Take advantage of this time to complete the rotation!"


I'm still a long way off...

Looking at the several legions below who seemed to be "relaxed" due to the sudden drop in pressure, Kieran couldn't help exhaling slowly, but soon clenched his fists again.

Staring at the back of the old Pope's neck, he found a large gray spot like rotten bark in the white collar of the priest's robe, and cut the black saint... The current Pope of the Bright Vatican sipped his hands hard. Lips, did not open the mouth to tell some nonsense such as paying attention to the body, but immediately sat down cross-legged, and took out a bottle of medicine that looked very precious from the space ring, bit the seal with a slightly rough movement, and gulped drank up.

His black hair gradually turned white, his skin gradually loosened and wrinkled, and a large number of gray and yellow spots began to spread all over his body... Even with the help of the elves' artifacts, the old man's body was already unable to hold on.

This kind of essential consumption of life is basically irreversible, so instead of talking nonsense telling him to take care of his body, it is better to recover as soon as possible and take the crown from him again.


However, to the surprise of the cut black saintess, when she omitted all unnecessary things and began to fully recover with the help of potions and secret techniques, the old pope who was fully urging the crown seemed to have something to say.

After turning his head and glanced at his little daughter's puzzled eyes, the old Pope slightly clenched his big hands with loose flesh and joints, and then he seemed to be chatting about family affairs, with shy eyebrows and downcast eyes, casually said:

"That kid named me ask, are you going to have a baby?"

(end of this chapter)


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