This Plug-in is Too Middle School - v2 Chapter 1279 1 Birth of a Legion

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After hearing the old pope's secretive question, the arms of the cut black saintess who was gulping down the medicine trembled slightly, and a bottle of precious potion worth half an earldom was almost poured directly into her nose.

After secretly wiping off the potion with her sleeve and wiping off the potion on her face, the cut black saint replied with an uneasy expression:

"I don't have that kind of relationship with him, and now is not the time to ask such silly questions!"


Seeing that the black saint didn't pick up on him, the old pope could only turn his head back in embarrassment, continue to maintain the stability of the barrier, and try his best to eliminate the demons that occasionally slipped through the net. However, not long after, he couldn't help but say:

"Well, didn't you say that you had..."

"No! It doesn't exist! It's all fake!"

As if knowing that he would definitely ask again, the cut black saintess raised her hand in a set of denials and threw it over, trying to block the conversation directly.

"Didn't I already explain it to you? At that time, I didn't want you to give up your life and go directly to the Kingdom of God to become a heroic spirit. We discussed and found an excuse to keep you for a while. What is the relationship between me and him?" Never happened!"

"Well, it's fine if it didn't happen, it's fine if it didn't happen."

After receiving the explanation from the cut-black saint, although the old Pope turned his head back again, whether it was the slightly hesitant cheek or the non-stop flickering eyes, it showed that he did not believe this set of arguments at all.

Although the family relationship was extremely rigid due to some reasons, and they even hadn't seen each other for more than ten years, the old Pope still had a good idea of ​​the temperament of his proud daughter.

It is not impossible to make up a set of rhetoric to coax yourself or something, but even though Kieran usually behaves very approachable, but behind the scenes he has such a high temper, it is impossible for ordinary people to catch her eyes, let alone spread gossip.

So, in her daughter's heart, the guy named William must be different from other men, at least different from other "chicken tile dogs", she can be regarded as a living man, and this After hundreds of years, there seems to be only one person who has received this kind of treatment...

I don't know what's going on, maybe it's because I feel that my life span is coming to an end, the old Pope who was not very good at dealing with parent-child relationships, usually taciturn and only doing things but not talking, is especially talkative today.

After enduring it for a while, he finally couldn't hold it back, and turned around for the third time and asked in a low voice:

"If... I mean, if, if there is really something between you, then what are you going to do? Are you going to make it clear that you are robbing that Queen of Farland, or are you going to continue sneaking like this..."

"Front! His Excellency the Pope!"

After stopping the old pope's more and more outrageous questions, the slender eyebrows of the cut-hei saint raised slightly, her complexion darkened, and she whispered:

"I'll say it one last time! William and I are just ordinary friends! There is no such intimacy as you think, and I'm not interested in grabbing other people's men!"

"oh oh…"

Who would believe that if it was just an ordinary friend, he would spare no effort to help you become Pope, and even carry me all the way to the forest of elves to seek medical treatment? I have lived for so many years, but I have never seen a friend as generous as him!

After coping with it twice, the old Pope seemed to have suddenly thought of something, and then he suddenly looked suspicious, and said suspiciously:

"Kieran, you keep telling me, do you have a deal? Or is he blackmailing you in private?"


Facing the bewildered expression of the cut-black saint, the old pope blinked and asked tentatively in a low voice:

"For example... If he helps you become the Pope, you will continue to be kind to him... Ahem, maintain an underground relationship; or if you help me go to the forest of elves to save me, you will give him..."


Accompanied by a slight noise, the barrier that had become extremely strong under the control of the old pope suddenly shook, and a dozen big holes were cracked open, although they were quickly healed under the illumination of a new round of holy light. But it still shocked the spirits of the demons outside the barrier, and the attack suddenly became several times more ferocious!

"Quick! That old man seems to be unable to hold on anymore!"

"Give it to me! Pull up the reserve team, and make sure you don't let him slow down!"

"Go up! Those who dare not rush forward will die!"

"Stop talking about what you have and what you don't have!"

Seeing the re-closed cracks around the barrier, the cut black saint who couldn't help kicking the old pope was relieved, and then said with an angry face:

"The former Pope! I can stand here, don't make trouble anymore! If you can't, just go back and rest!"

"Okay, don't ask! Is it okay if I don't ask?"

After glancing at the dusty footprints on the inside of his knees, the old pope finally calmed down. He first stretched out his hand to straighten the crooked diadem on his head, and then turned back obediently for a long time. Didn't come back to ask questions.

And just as the black-cut saintess let go of her heart, and took out several bottles of potions from the interspatial ring again, and was about to supplement her own consumption, the old pope suddenly turned his head back again, opened his eyes slightly and said in surprise:

"Huh? You..."

Are you done yet?

Seeing that he was actually going to ask those prisoners questions, the cut black saint could not help but raise her brows, glared at the old Pope, and said angrily:

"I'm not interested in robbing that Queen of Flanders for a man, so I'll just give him a secret lover! Then we plan to have 500 children in total, and one will be born every year for the next 500 years. We will try to save a small army before we die. …

okay? Are you satisfied this time? "


Should I...should I express my satisfaction?

Unexpectedly, when Wang's man moved over, he heard such a powerful speech. William really couldn't think of how to deal with it, so he could only stand there in embarrassment touching his nose.

And the saint who cut black just made a violent comment, at this moment, she also noticed the abnormality from the astonishment of the old pope's expression. The back that was originally slack due to fatigue instantly straightened like a javelin, and the whole person froze. There.


In terms of thick skin, William is better after all, I saw that he quickly adjusted his scratched his head and said embarrassingly:

"As I said before, I ran to the Land of Storms and Copperforge, completed the follow-up sequence, and finished building the weapons that are handy. Now I can come to help..."

"Thank...thank you..."

Turning her head stiffly, not daring to look at William's expression, she lowered her head and said thank you sullenly, the corners of the cut black saintess' mouth twitched slightly, and she squeezed out an extremely awkward smile.

"That... the current situation is okay..."

"The three **** sons of hatred, destruction, and fear are not here, and they should be entangled with Lord Servant God; as for the deceitful demon king and the demon kings led by him, they have retreated a lot these days and only come to attack occasionally. A few times, only some middle and low-level demon legions were left outside to harass..."

"Oh, that's a good feeling..."

Under the eyes of the old Pope who was guarding against thieves, after a few awkward chats with the black saintess, William looked around and found that the situation was indeed as she said.

Although the demons are still rushing like tides, constantly putting pressure on the barriers that block the space passage, but the intensity of the war is not high at this time. In the absence of the presence of the demon king, they can even cut the black saint They can barely maintain the barrier, resisting the wave after wave of attacks from the demons.


"Why are there so few people?"

After squinting his eyes and watching the formation of the legion below, William frowned involuntarily.

"Why didn't you see people from other forces? What about the legions of the elves and the Arcane Empire? Didn't it be agreed before that the few closest ones should share the pressure together? Why is there only your legion of the Holy See of Light here?"

(end of this chapter)


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