This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 2 Everything in the world is as fine as hair

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The world is in the same spring.

Arriving in Xincheng, the spring rain is beginning.

This frontier city built on the Changye Mountains suddenly became much fresher and cleaner.

For the people in this city, fighting has become an unusual thing in their eyes.

Twenty years have been turbulent.

In the first ten years, Jianzong exerted the power of half a sect to let the tribe gain a firm foothold here.

In the next ten years, under the leadership of the Candle Dragon Temple, there was a tug-of-war with the demons.

The battle has never stopped, and there is no end in sight. It seems that it will continue like this forever.

Mo Yan stood at the head of Dixin City, looking at the area west of the Changye Mountains.

Since the immortality fire rekindled, his cultivation was like that immortal fire, blazing blazingly, advancing by leaps and bounds at an incomprehensible speed.

Burning the body and the strange fire of his body, his combat power has become unfathomable, and he has long made his name. During the past ten years, he has repeatedly beaten several big cities of the demon race with his own power.

With such an outstanding record, such outstanding talent, and under the tutelage of Wang Daode, five years ago, the Candle Dragon Palace had officially established him as the Young Sect of the Candle Dragon Palace.

Although he is a young sect, in fact, the current Torch Dragon Palace trusts Mo Yan very much and delegates power to him. In the eyes of many people, he is no different from the sect master.

Mo Yan is walking on a path very similar to Lu Qingshan.

"Young Zong!" At this moment, a hurried voice came.

The cultivator of the Candle Dragon Temple rushed over in a hurry.

Mo Yan looked back at him, the man just nodded at Mo Yan with difficulty, "Master Wang wants to see you..."

He suddenly understood everything, and his heart ached.

Just in time, it rained again in the heart of the city.

Mo Yan walked quickly on the street.

In the gloomy rain curtain, the candle dragon pattern embroidered with bright red needles and thread on his robe became more and more vivid, as if it was about to burn.

Not long after, the Candle Dragon Hall came into view at the station in the heart of the city.

There were many monks coming and going, and most of them had very heavy expressions.

Mo Yan was silent, and once again accelerated his pace, passed through many courtyards, and finally reached the innermost courtyard.

The door of the inner room of the small courtyard was pushed open, and Patriarch Zhao Yuding, one of the three Patriarchs of the Candle Dragon Hall, walked out of it with red eyes.

He glanced at Mo Yan, who came in a hurry, "You're here, hurry in, he... time is running out."

Mo Yan no longer hesitated, took two steps forward, stretched out his hand and pushed open the door.

He originally thought that he would see a withered face like a skeleton, because Wang Daode had already shown a dead state in the past few years.

But now Wang Daode's complexion is unprecedentedly good. Although lying on the bed, his complexion is extremely rosy.

Hearing the footsteps, he opened his eyes and looked at Mo Yan with dark eyes.


"Master." Mo Yan looked at the old Taoist priest with mixed feelings in his heart.

"It's not bad for your teacher." The old Taoist tried his best to suppress his cough and said with a smile.

Mo Yan's eyes turned red in an instant, and his head drooped.

For Master's good looks, he did not feel any joy in his heart.

Because the world has never been able to bring the dead back to life, there is only one reason why Wang Daode, who was already dead, has such a good look.

Back to light.

Wang Daode sat up with his hands on the bed board. He was very old, with wrinkles on his forehead and loose corners of his mouth.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to last this time."

After the old Taoist said this, the two were speechless for a while.

"But I have no regrets, I have lived as a teacher for so many years," Wang Daode said with a smile: "In the first half of my life, under the shadow of my father, I was idle all day long, doing nothing, watching my father do everything, and finally died with regret, and in the second half of my life, Self-proclaimed on the back mountain, mediocre, my whole life probably passed like this, the only thing worthy of praise is that I am Wang Puxian's son."

"Actually, I don't care. I'm a mediocre person. I just come here and go quietly."

"When did you start to be reluctant to die? Probably after you entered the sect, people, probably the most fearful thing is not seeing hope, but seeing hope."

"When I have hope, I start to be afraid of this and that, worrying about this and worrying about that. Instead, I feel uncomfortable and restrained everywhere."

"My teacher knows that you don't like to listen to those rambling big truths. Although you don't like to talk, you are actually a person who has his own ideas in his heart. To be honest, you, a master, are not very good at everything, nor are you good at reasoning. .

But there are some things, if I don't say it, I can't leave in peace if I don't finish it. "

"I'm sorry for you, teacher..." Lao Dao's eyes were dark.

"The reason why I accepted you as a disciple was not with good intentions from the very beginning, but because you were the hope of the candle dragon hall to be promoted to the Taoist sect. In fact, whether you are Mo Yan, Lu Yan or Xia Yan, for me , there is not much difference.”

"I went my own way. When I was the most precarious, I sent you to the Central Spirit Realm. When you were still young, I gave you the responsibility of the sect. I also know that this burden may overwhelm you if you are not careful. . . ...But, I have to bet on this one."

"In order to bet on this, I don't care about you."

The ruddy color on the old Taoist's face was fading, and his speech was getting slower and slower, always interrupted by a difficult cough.

"A few years ago in Chang'an, the demons invaded, and my father fought on the front line. I was in Putian Prefecture in the Western Regions, and I took the sect monks to guard the lonely peak. When the reinforcements arrived, I was the only monk left in the whole city.

I don't have a drop of Yuan energy left in my body, my source is at a loss..."

Wang Daode's speech was intermittent, and every now and then he needed to gasp for breath.

He tore off the clothes on his chest with difficulty, revealing the scars on his chest that looked like maggots, "This kind of injury is almost a fatal situation, and it is weak to recover, but I forced myself to stand by my own willpower. , I've still lived to this day, do you think my life is tough..."

"In the year of Chang'an, my father fell, and the fire of longevity suddenly went out. I used the method of lighting a lamp to put the fire of longevity into my body. The lamp oil is my essence. Every day, every moment, every moment, I am suffering from the burning flames. Body pain." Wang Daode's throat surged, and his eyes began to wander.

The old Taoist priest was very thin, even a little rickety, and even jagged bones could be seen on his body full of scars.

It is such a broken body, but it has endured the pain of burning flames all the time for thousands of years.

"I don't know what I mean by doing this, but I have a vague idea in my heart. This is my father's lifelong pursuit. Now that he is gone, the longevity fire can't just be extinguished like this..."

Mo Yan didn't say a word, he just stepped forward and held the old Taoist priest's hand on the bed.

Up to now, the old man's energy has long since dried up like the oil of a lamp.

"Fortunately, you are here... The longevity fire has been given to you, and it has also rekindled on you. This is a great good thing..."

"Zhao Yuding and Yu Yan, let me wait in the Western Region, don't follow me to the Central Spirit Region... How could I, how could I not come..."

"Master," Mo Yan clenched the old man's hand, "Stop talking, take a break."

"Take a break, yes, it's time to take a break." Wang Daode muttered to himself.

"My father has served the citrus tree on the back mountain of the Candle Dragon Palace, and I have served it all my life. I haven't been able to wait for it to bear fruit. If it bears fruit in the future, remember to pick some and put them on the grave..."

"Also let me taste what the fruit of this citrus tree is like."

"The expectations of the two generations of my royal family, the Candle Dragon Hall, the hundreds of thousands of monks in the Candle Dragon Hall, and the Zhongling Territory, the hundreds of millions of people in the Zhongling Territory... are all handed over to you."

"Don't blame the teacher for letting you carry so much.

The old Taoist loosened his hand, and his fingers slipped a little from Mo Yan's palm.

Wang Daode closed his eyes.

Mo Yan lowered his head and said nothing.

"Then I'm going to rest." The old Taoist finally said before closing his eyes.

The world is in the same spring, but some people meet again and some leave.



Burning Moon Region.

If the cities after the war started are compared to the organs of the human body, then Swordsman City is the heart.

At this moment, the heart showed a powerful force enough to move people.

Chizun, Mingzun, and Zunzun hung above the Swordsman King City, watching the team leaving from the Swordsman King's city and transporting them to the outside of the customs.

Countless soldiers, horses and supplies, like blood, are flowing from the heart to the limbs and bones of the giant in the Burning Moon Territory, providing it with strength.

The three venerables had different expressions.

Twenty years have passed since they were invited to fight at Yumenguan Pass.

It took 20 years for them to recover from their injuries, and their injuries recovered to seventy-eighty-eighty.

Chizun turned his head and looked at Zun Zun next to him, and said jokingly: "Zhan Zun, you lost Yu Canghai and made him a legend. Do you have the confidence to find your place this time?"

"If it wasn't for you to stop me that day and fight to the end, then Yu Canghai would definitely die." Zun Zun said expressionlessly.

"After all, I wasn't sure whether that Qingyun Sword Immortal was real or not..." Chi Zun said softly, "You have to be careful."

"Don't laugh, I only lost a match, but you are a loser!" Zun Zun saw the corner of Ming Zun's mouth slightly provoked, and immediately named him.

Mingzun's face suddenly turned ugly.

This was the most humiliating battle in his life.

Facing a human cultivator whose cultivation base is far inferior to his own, his dignified life is not the enemy of his unity.

"That was an accident..." Ming Zun said in a stern voice: "Besides, we don't have to figure it out, then Xue Wusheath is just this sword, it's nothing to worry about."

Chizun hummed, apparently thinking so too.

In fact, in the past 20 years, in addition to recuperating, they have also done a lot of things, such as figuring out the details of Xue Wushao.

"It stands to reason that as soon as Xie Qingyun left, Yumen Gate lost its backbone, and it almost became something in our pockets. We just need to make plans slowly."

"And the other holy demons haven't moved yet, we are the first to move, and it is inevitable that we will fall into the target of public criticism..."

When Chizun said this, he couldn't help but grit his teeth and said, "The sword sect of the dog day, luck is really good, Xie Qingyun left, and Lu Qingshan was on the top!"

"Even if it's another person, we don't have to worry so much!"

In less than 30 years, who has gone from an obscure little cultivator to a sword cultivator who is the master of the sword sect, who would dare to give him another 30 years?

A sword fairy in sixty years?

Who dares to think?

But on Lu Qingshan, it is not impossible.

Therefore, they must hurry up and win the Yumen Pass before Lu Qingshan becomes a Sword Immortal, even if they are the vanguard of the second Dao Demon War.

"The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the sacrifice. Even if it damages our clan's tens of millions of troops at Yumen Pass, but as long as the Yumen Pass is conquered and the Eastern Region is taken, we will be able to raise a second army of tens of millions!"

Chizun looked east.

At sunrise, Fusang is one zhang high.


Absolute spirit realm.

In the huge and darkest underground space, the breath of absolute spirit permeates.

In that cave dwelling that had been silent for many years, the closed white jade gate slowly opened.

A tall, twisted figure walked out of it.

"In the end, I, Rahu, came to this step." The tall figure stood in front of the cave, staring at the cave that had been hidden underground for 20,000 years.

Rahu, who has been wandering in the human realm like a ghost since the Zhenjiang Rebellion.

Like Jinyi walking at night, there are traces of him everywhere, but it is always not enough for outsiders.

At this moment, his ferocious pupils now seem to be deep black holes, making people unable to see the end, and as long as he glances at it, he will unconsciously generate a kind of fear from the depths of his soul.

Those pupils, as if they were not the pupils of things in the world, as far as the eyes could reach, the world seemed to tremble slightly, unbearable.

This is a sense of oppression from the personality.

"The Holy Land is just around the corner, and there is only one fleshy body that is powerful enough for the Holy Land..."

Luo Hu murmured, his right hand clenched suddenly.


In an instant, the earth began to vibrate, and a huge crack suddenly spread from the cave.

After a short while, the cave mansion was directly cracked and shattered into two halves. The underground space was even more rubble, and the dust flew down, and this dilapidated cave was soon completely buried.

All traces are destroyed.

That tall figure also silently disappeared from the underground space, not knowing where to go.


Zhongtianyu, Chang'an.

A shadowy figure walked out of the palace.

There are many animals standing on the roof of the hall along the road.

Suzaku, Chiyu, heavy beast, kiss beast, dragon, phoenix, lion, pegasus, seahorse, scorpion... lined up in order, they are indescribably expensive, just like that beautiful shadow.

Her slender and slender figure is moving and cold while walking and moving.

Looking up, a splendid face came into view.

Eyes are like mountains and rivers.

That is the stunning color that Lu Qingshan is extremely familiar with.

Xia Daoyun.

However, the current Xia Daoyun is different from the Xia Daoyun that Lu Qingshan was familiar with.

In the past, although she was cold, she was by no means as precious and aloof as she is now, as if she had the authority to control everything.

Moreover, Xia Daoyun is no longer wearing an elegant green shirt, but a golden robe.

The gate of the palace opened, and Xia Daoyun walked out silently.

She is used to walking all over the city with her feet.

Walking through the wet streets, I passed Kaiyuan Gate, Jinguang Gate, Yanping Gate, Anhua Gate...and then Guangming Gate until Xuanwu Gate.

Many palace gates that were smashed through Chang'an by Li Qiubei's sword in those days have now been repaired.

The sword called Niu Er, which can open the gate of heaven, is now held by her.

Xia Daoyun was walking on the street where the spring rain had passed by, his footsteps were silent, and before he knew it, he had already arrived outside Chang'an.

She looked back and saw Chang'an in her eyes.

On the towering city wall, there was also a woman, a slender woman, watching her silently.

Their eyes seemed to penetrate endless time and space.

"Don't worry." Finally, Xia Daoyun retracted his gaze and said softly, "Chang'an, there is me."

At the same time, a golden-yellow Flood Dragon, both tangible and intangible, loomed behind Xia Daoyun. The Flood Dragon suddenly lifted its head high and uttered a long howl towards the sky above.

It resounded through the heavens and the earth.

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