This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 3 under those waves

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Jiaolong is entrenched, even if it is the sky, it dares to look up to the sky and howl, how majestic the weather is?

But Jiao is a Jiao after all, and if you don't transform into a dragon, you have no ability to defy the sky.

"Everything I can help, I have already helped. This last step, in the end, depends on you." Above the city wall, the Grand Queen of Xia, Xia Zhao murmured.

Xia Zhao looked around calmly. Although the city of Chang'an was crowded and crowded, in her eyes, it was empty and empty at the moment.

The qi that the Xia family had accumulated in Chang'an for ten thousand years was gone.

Today's great luck is now all attributed to one person.

"For thousands of years, in history, the first female sword fairy..." Xia Zhao smiled softly, finding it very interesting and looking forward to it, "If you choose her for your sword, then she will definitely be able to do it. of."

"Definitely." The lady was extremely confident.


Xia Daoyun's five hundred years of cultivation have always been smooth sailing.

For most of the monks in the world, for her, it cannot be said that it is easy to cross, but it should be said that it does not exist at all.

——There are no ravines in the eyes of fierce tigers, but there are all ridges in front of the eyes of mortals.

But even if he is as talented as Xia Daoyun, before reaching the gate of Sword Immortal, his progress will inevitably become slower and slower, and he will not be able to comprehend a higher level when he encounters a hurdle.

It's like the road ahead is covered with a dark cloud.

Only when the clouds are cleared can the light be seen.

Jian Xiu cleared the way.

This is a road with little experience to speak of.

At that time, there was only one Sword Immortal left, and when Lu Qingshan asked about the only Sword Immortal, the answer he gave was only "Eating fish and fighting, he became a Sword Immortal".

Is this the path to becoming a Sword Immortal?

Indeed, because Chu Mushen became the Sword Immortal in this way.

But it really isn't.

Because except for Chu Mushen, anyone in the world would definitely not be able to become a Sword Immortal if they did this.

The path of the Sword Immortals is only suitable for them, and cannot be replicated.


Xia Daoyun put away his eyes that fell on the city wall, turned around, only the way out of the city was left in his sight.

Back then, the Sword Immortal whose name was Chang'an took this road out of Chang'an.

The flat and broad avenue leads to the unseen distance, as if there is no end.

"He told me that if you want to walk the path of invincibility, you must first walk through countless paths. Since you inherited his sword, then go and walk the path he walked in the past. Maybe it's for you. It will be inspiring."

The question she was thinking hard about has not yet been answered, but Xia Zhao provided her with a solution and an idea for her to confirm.

Xia Zhao said something specious, but Xia Daoyun wanted to think more clearly.

"Nurture your mind, be clear-headed."

She knew what she was missing.

Cultivation pays attention to one being born and entering the world.

Xia Daoyun looked back on his own cultivation experience, he was born with it, his heart is like a child, his mind is like steel.

But it seems that there is less access to the WTO.

She has never been in the world since she started practicing.

Thinking like this, Xia Daoyun took a deep breath.

The beginning of spring rain.

The soil on which the rain has flowed has a strong smell, and the air is filled with the fragrance of green grass.

This is the smell that she never smelled when she used the sword to traverse the sky.

At this moment, Xia Daoyun completely clarified his direction.

She wanted to trace the path of seeking the Tao that Li Qiubei had traveled in Chang'an year on foot. In the process of walking step by step, she walked all over the mountains and rivers, and finally completed the final step of Jiaohualong.


Whether it is the Sword Sect or the soldiers and demons, they all believe that the beginning of the second Dao and Demon War will take place outside Yumen Pass.

But what everyone didn't expect was that when the three soldiers and demons were dispatching troops and making preliminary preparations for the start of the war, the Asura family from the Black Armor Domain had no reason and almost went ahead against common sense. In one step, they launched an offensive against Guangling Pass, which was guarded by Lunwutang.

The human region corresponding to the Heijia domain is the Zhongwu domain.

The Taoist sect of Zhongwuyu is Lunwutang.

Among the Seven Great Dao sects of the human race, the two sects with the least sense of existence are Jialou and Lunwutang.

Of course, it can be said that Building A has business all over the world, and it is the richest sect in the world.

It can also be said that Lunwutang is a sect of Ming Xiu, and the practice system determines that they are more suitable for low-key practice, so the existence of these two Dao sects is not obvious.

But no matter what you say, it can't change the fact that among the Seven Great Dao Sects, Lunwutang and Jialou are the last two, and the overall strength is also the weakest - no matter how low-key the real power is, it is absolutely impossible to lack existential.

The first building is better. Although the strength of the sect monks is not obvious, they are better than "well-equipped".

In field battles or life-and-death battles, "equipment" is naturally inferior to the strength and combat literacy of the monks themselves, because a strong monk can make you useless with magic weapons.

However, this problem no longer exists when the customs are guarded.

No matter what, all kinds of magic weapons are just thrown down.

Therefore, on the first floor, there is no need to worry too much.

In this way, the weakest guard is the Lunwu Hall.

Ming Xiu is a cultivation system that is strong in life and death. They have extremely powerful latent abilities and martial skills that are so delicate that they can be compared with sword Xiu.

The superposition of these two means that if the cultivator plans properly, he can often kill enemies who are stronger than himself.

But... Mingxiu is not good at group battles, and it can even be said that this is their weakness.

One-to-one, meditation is very strong, and many-to-many, meditation is just average.

And the battle of Dao and Demon is not even many-to-many, but a less-to-many human race.

If the Seven Great Heroes Passes are really broken one by one, then the first one to be broken is probably Guangling Pass.

This is the tacit consensus of all Wutang cultivators.


The endless army of demons, like a torrent, passed through the cracks in the space, from the black armor domain to the outside of Guangling Pass, and then flocked to Guangling Pass.

That scene was like a tide.

On the way of the magic tide, there are some cities built by the human race outside the customs. They were originally used as bridgeheads, but at this moment, they are like insignificant reefs in the tide. They were washed away in an instant, and no waves were stirred up.

The real test is here.


The Asuras, one of the eight holy demons of the demons, are famous for their bravery and skill in battle.

This is a warlike and warlike race.

At this moment, the Asuras showed a moving will to fight.

At the mouth of the space crack, four huge beings stand high above, watching together the demon army that keeps flying out of the space crack in an orderly manner.

The faces of the four are different, the only thing they have in common is that they all have extremely ugly faces.

The four of them are the four Asura kings of the Asura tribe.

The rulers of the soldiers and demons are the three top demons, Chizun, Zunzun, and Mingzun.

The Asura family has four Asura kings.

Bo Ya, Luo Qian Tuo, Vima Shi Tara and Rahu.

The four Asura kings all possessed a combat power that was thirty-five times higher than that of the ninth rank.

Poya's eyes were full of pride.

Because he is the logical ruler of the Heijia domain, and it is under his proper governance that the Asuras have grown to this point.

"Luo Hu, Guangling Pass is the weakest of the seven human races. Slowly trying to win is a sure-fire strategy. Why do you have to hurry at this moment?" Luo Qiantuo said with a frown, clearly opposed to the decision to attack.

"The first person to come forward will fall into the target of public criticism if he is not too careful. The heart demons are in a hurry to get ahead, and they end up with the tragic ending they have today." Not only Luo Qiantuo, but also Bhimodora also did not understand this decision. He looked at Luo Hu, who was slightly ahead of them by half a position.

Obviously there is a lesson in the past, why do you still do this?

Although the Asuras are the four major Asura kings, Rahu was the first to become the Asura king and the one who practiced the longest.

More importantly, the other three Shura kings had challenged him before, and they were all defeated by Rahu head-on.

Therefore, he has an extremely overbearing decision-making power in the Asura family.

The decision to launch an all-out attack was made by him, and he defied all opinions, and finally turned the decision into an offensive.

"Isn't the lesson from the heart demons telling us that even if it is faced with the end of a domain's fall, there are at most a few sects of the human race that will lend a helping hand?" Luo Hu calmly said.

"In the battle of Zhongling, Jianzong lost half of its staff. Could it be that they can send the remaining half of their staff to support Guangling Pass this time? Are they still guarding Yumen Pass?"

"Jianzong doesn't come, what are the other small fish and shrimp?"

"But, what about the rear?" Luo Qiantuo asked hesitantly.

The so-called target of public criticism, UU reading not only refers to the external enemy of the human race, but also refers to the inside of the demon race.

No one knows whether the other holy demons will find their way.

"If other demons really find a way, they will fight on multiple lines."

"We Asuras are born warriors, why are we afraid of war?"

"The war in the rear is all about spending your life. Is half a million enough? If not, then 1 million! Could it be possible that they can use all their troops for internal consumption?" Luo Huan was expressionless.

"Even if it consumes our millions of troops, as long as the Guangling Pass is laid ahead, the loss will not be worth mentioning."

"Will the price be too high..." Vimalakirti hesitated, but he still couldn't understand why Rahu insisted on being so impulsive.

If Poya thought of this, he wouldn't be surprised, he was a brainless guy.

But Luo Huo is clearly the one with the deepest thoughts among the four of them, making it difficult to see through. Why did he make such a "last resort" decision?

Luo Hu didn't explain any further, just kept looking at the direction where the magic tide was heading, looking north.

That is the human domain.

Then, he smiled grimly.

In the realm of people, there is also a "person" who raised his head just in time and looked south.

As if feeling something, he also laughed.

The same hideous.

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