This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 31 I see how charming Qingshan is

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Falling in love with you, this sword cultivator is a bit stable

Lu Qingshan's gaze was still blurred, but the tense heartstrings loosened again and again the moment Xia Daoyun appeared.

The current scene of a young man and woman reuniting after a long absence is really like a scene that only exists in ghost novels.

Especially when one party is caught in a life-and-death crisis, and will die here in the next moment, while the other party comes to the west with a sword, descending from the sky, as if arriving at the exact moment, this form of reunion is even worse than novels. Want a novel.

The only difference is... the stories in the book are usually about the hero saving the beauty, how come it happened to the former master and apprentice, but it was the other way around?

The extremely domineering declaration of "with me, Xia Daoyun, no one can kill him" made Lu Qingshan, who was unconscious and pale, laugh unconsciously—whoever listened to it would think that he is a soft fan of Xia Daoyun There's really nothing to say about his little boy.

But... just eat it, how many people want to eat it but can't eat it.

The next moment, Lu Qingshan, who held his breath tightly, finally breathed out in relief, then closed his eyes, and fell into a deep sleep.

He knew that Luo Hu's incarnation was very powerful, but he believed in Xia Daoyun more.

Why should it be light blue and light red? It is naturally the best among flowers.

Just this comment from the old patriarch Xie Qingyun is enough.

First, not only appearance, but also talent, there is at most one person in a generation, and there may not even be one.

In this era, Xia Daoyun is the most worthy of this statement.


Qin Yitian quickly supported Lu Qingshan who had fallen down.

"Take care of him." Xia Daoyun stood in front of the two of them and said without looking back, her voice was cold.

Qin Yutian pursed his lips, nodded heavily, and immediately helped the unconscious Lu Qingshan to go far away from the battlefield here.

The farther the better.

Because she couldn't be sure how much Chiyu would be affected by the battle between the two.

The four blue eyes of Luo Hu's incarnation narrowed slightly, only looking at Xia Daoyun.

Regarding Qin Yutian leaving with Lu Qingshan, he didn't seem to care at all.

"Sword Immortal?" After watching for a long time, Luo Hu's avatar nodded towards Xia Daoyun, as if exchanging greetings with him, "No wonder you dare to say such words."

"Human sword cultivators come forth in large numbers. The two sword celestial beings have only been away for a few years, and someone has continued to join them. You and him... If that kid doesn't die today, the sword celestial beings will sooner or later .”

"He will definitely not die today." Xia Daoyun interrupted Luo Hu's incarnation in a cold voice.

"Although I still want to know how you came to be here, I think you won't answer." Luo Hu transformed into a ferocious smile, "In that case, let me try the sword of you, a newly promoted female sword fairy. Can't compare to those three!"

Xia Daoyun remained silent, dressed in green clothes, fluttering in the wind.

She held the hilt of the ancient sword named Niu Er with both hands, with the tip of the sword pointing down, and then pressed down violently.

"Falling sword!"

The burly Luohu incarnation sneered and said nothing, his face was still calm, but there was a strange look in his eyes.

No wonder this woman was able to become a Sword Immortal in such a short period of time. It turned out that she had inherited the greatest luck of the human race.

At this moment, thousands of miles of extreme night, the sky was filled with snow and wind, and it was instantly cut into countless criss-cross gullies.

It's Jianguang.

Tens of thousands of sword lights raged in the sky, and the night sky was used as the chessboard to draw chess lines, and the scene was spectacular.

Xiazu's bloodline, Jianzong's inheritance, Li Qiubai's sword, the combination of the three will make people disappointed?

Luo Hu's incarnation stood still, allowing the chessboard in the sky to fall towards him, and then he would be the one who broke the game.



Amidst the blue sky and clouds, a man and a woman are holding swords for thousands of miles, but their postures are a bit weird.

The slender woman carried the man on her back, and the man wrapped his arms around the woman's neck.

The man's complexion was very ugly, pale, and it was commendable that even his pale complexion could not conceal his handsome appearance.

The woman's complexion was not much better either, her face was like gold paper, a sallow yellow, but the same thing was, the bad complexion could not conceal the brilliance of her face.

It looks like a pair of desperate mandarin ducks who share the same disease.

The woman glanced at the particularly conspicuous boundary mountain range in the distance, and said softly: "After passing this mountain range, it is considered to have left the Heijia domain."

The man twitched the corners of his mouth, his smile was difficult but relaxed, "Master..."

"You have already left the teacher." The woman directly interrupted the man's words.

The man thought for a while, and seemed to be thinking about what would be the most appropriate address. After thinking for a while, he spoke again.

"Dao Yun..." This title is a bit unfamiliar, whether it is for men or women, so after finishing speaking, the two of them were unconsciously startled.

"Are you a sword fairy?"

"Well," Xia Daoyun, the first female sword fairy in the history of the human race, hummed softly in a nasal voice, and explained in a neutral tone: "Xia Zun passed on the throne to me, and then I walked through it in ten years. The path that Chang'an Sword Immortal traveled back then gathered Great Xia's fortune by the way, and finally he was promoted to Sword Immortal in the East China Sea."

Facing Jieshi in the east, you can see the sea.

After traveling all over the human domain, she sat quietly on a rock in the East China Sea for a year before finally developing her own way of swordsmanship.

The man carried by Xia Daoyun is and can only be Lu Qingshan.

It has been three days since he slashed the full moon sword. Although he regained consciousness and came to his senses, he was still far from recovering, and he didn't even have the ability to move.

Being in a foreign land with many crises, he had to leave as soon as possible. When Xia Daoyun proposed to carry him on his back, Lu Qingshan couldn't care less about hypocrisy.

At this time, Lu Qingshan's throat was a little dry, and his breathing became heavier unconsciously, "I pass on the throne to you..."

Xia Daoyun said it lightly, but the meaning of this sentence is unimaginable.

In other words, Xia Daoyun's current identity is...


Thinking like this, Lu Qingshan unconsciously widened his eyes.

From his angle, he couldn't see Xia Daoyun's face, he could only glimpse her side face through her hair.

"Yeah." Xia Daoyun hummed softly again in a nasal voice as a reply, and then twisted her neck unconsciously—Lu Qingshan's inadvertently heavy breathing fell on her skin through her hair, making her itchy, and her heart It gave birth to an unprecedented and indescribable strange feeling.

"Why did you appear in that place at that time?" After being silent for a while, Lu Qingshan asked again.

The abyss is as wide as the sky, and trying to find someone who has no news is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Even if it is a sword fairy, it is not the reason why it can fall from the sky. Even if someone can do that kind of thing, it can only be Xiazu.

What's more, how did Xia Daoyun know that she was in danger?

"Great Xia has ruled the sky for 20,000 years, guarded the human race, and the world has returned to its heart for 20,000 years. Therefore, the fate of the country has long been inseparable from the aura of the human race and has been integrated into one." Xia Daoyun explained.

Great Xia prospers, human race prospers, and vice versa.

"As the Lord of the Great Xia, I have the fortune of the country in one body. Correspondingly, I also possess the mysterious and mysterious ability to look forward to Qi."

"When I came to the Sword Immortal, I saw that the Human Race's Qi increased by one point out of thin air..." The reason why it increased so much was of course not only because the Human Race had an extra Sword Immortal, but also because of this The Sword Immortal is the Lord of Great Xia.

"But that's not enough. At the same time, the purple qi came from the east, and the human qi inexplicably increased by half, continuously gathering from the distant abyss."

Lu Qingshan was silent.

He already fully understood the reason for the sudden completion of the advanced task of the Seven Tribulations Realm [Time, Heaven and Earth Are Together]—that moment was exactly when Xia Daoyun ascended to Sword Immortal.

No matter what, Xia Daoyun is the master of Jianlai Peak of Jianzong.

She became a sword fairy, that is to say, there was an extra sword fairy in Jianzong.

Jianzong has one more sword fairy, and as the master of Jianzong, he naturally increased his luck out of thin air, so he completed the task of advancing to the Seven Tribulations Realm ahead of schedule.

As for the fact that the vitality of the human race has increased by half, the approximate reason is that he

It's just that Xia Daoyun, who is the Empress of Great Xia, became a Sword Immortal only added one point of energy to the human race. Could it be that he could increase the human race's energy by half a point from the Six Tribulations Realm to the Seventh Tribulations Realm?


"The abyss is the demon world, the great enemy of my firmament. For the past two thousand years, it has been continuously suppressing and weakening my human spirit, so how could something happen to boost my human spirit?" Xia Daoyun continued.

"After I returned to Chang'an, I found out that you went deep into the Demon Realm alone."

Lu Qingshan's trip to Linyuan is a secret among secrets. Apart from Yu Canghai, Xue Wushen, Ji Chuan and Li Shiyi, he told Xia Zhao that as the Great Xia Master, he must ensure that the information is fully unblocked. to make better decisions.

"In addition to the coincidence of the timing of Ziqi coming from the east, it is obviously inseparable from my achievement as a sword fairy. From this point of view, the source of this half-point increase in Qi for the human race must be you who are in the abyss and were once my apprentice. .”

After a pause, Xia Daoyun continued: "More than a month ago, I discovered that the half-cent energy that had just increased began to flow away again, like a hundred rivers, gathering from all over the sky, flowing continuously into the abyss, and I knew it was inevitable. What happened to you here."

More than a month ago, it was the time when Luo Qiantuo obeyed Luo Hu's order and retreated from the front line to the Heijia domain, just to kill Lu Qingshan.

"So I followed the path of the dispersal of Qi, walked across the Tianhe Sea, entered the Demon Realm from the border of the Liyang Region controlled by the Beimang Demons, and finally found the source of the dispersal of Qi, which is you."

Hearing this, Lu Qingshan couldn't help grinning.

The ability to look at qi was originally convenient for Xia Daoyun to govern the country, but because he is a special existence who can affect the aura of the human race by himself, this technique of **** qi can be used for navigation only for him.


"Nonsense." Speaking of this, Xia Daoyun couldn't help scolding: "I don't mention the matter of infiltrating the Demon Realm alone, but you are not taking your own life seriously if you make such a fuss."

She already knew what Lu Qingshan was doing in the Black Armor Domain during this time.

Lu Qingshan smiled helplessly, how could he dare to explain and refute.

Just because of the scattered energy, knowing that he might be in danger, but he didn't know the specific danger, Xia Daoyun was able to ignore it, and traveled thousands of miles from Chang'an City in the sky to the Black Armor Realm in the abyss without stopping. He didn't stop for a moment, for fear of not being able to catch up.

Finally found him with great difficulty, Xia Daoyun didn't even have time to take a breather, but he wanted to experience a life-threatening fight with the incarnation of Luo Hu who appeared strangely after disappearing for decades, and then fled with him as a burden. Can't breathe for a moment.

In the face of such dedication, how could he dare to talk back when he was guilty?

At present, Lu Qingshan's situation is terrible, and Xia Daoyun is actually not much better, not to mention his face is like gold paper, and the Qi mechanism in his body is extremely disordered, making chaos everywhere—the power of Luo Hu's incarnation is far beyond Lu Qingshan's imagination, even if Xia Daoyun has Sword Immortal is no opponent either.

The first time they fought, Xia Daoyun controlled the sword light, turned it into a chessboard, and fell from the sky, but was smashed by Luo Hu's incarnation without any effort. Next, Xia Daoyun did everything he could, but Luo Hu's incarnation was still seeing the tricks. stroll.

If it wasn't for some reason, the incarnation of Luo Hu always stagnated from time to time in his shots, as if he was unable to exert his full strength due to some shackles, and even at critical moments, his energy stopped, which gave Xia Daoyun a chance, and she might not be able to retreat unscathed.

The two people who survived the catastrophe are a little bit sad at the moment.

"An incarnation, how can it become so strong in decades? It's even not much inferior to Luo Hu's body." Lu Qingshan couldn't understand.

He can be sure that there must be secrets in it, and it is impossible to copy - if it could be copied, the human race would have ceased to exist long ago.

The question is what happened.

At this level, the faint feeling of heaven and man made him realize that this matter is much more complicated than what he saw.

Whether it was the sudden appearance of Luo Hu's avatar, or the soaring strength of Luo Hu's avatar and the abnormal performance during the battle, it seemed too unreasonable.

——The appearance of Xia Daoyun is due to the number of qi, so what should be the explanation for the appearance of Luo Hu's incarnation?

In silence, the two finally crossed the border of the Heijia Domain and entered the Burning Moon Domain to which the Soldiers and Demons belonged.

Xia Daoyun is injured now, and with the burden of Lu Qingshan, if she leaves the Yang domain and returns to the human domain from Tianhehai, it will take too long, and she is very likely to be hunted down, so she can only take risks. Go to the Burning Moon Region, which takes the shortest time, and return to the Eastern Region from the Burning Moon Region.

Of course, this also means that there is a war that cannot be avoided.

Because the Burning Moon Region and the Eastern Region are connected through a space channel, and on the other side of the space channel, there is a demon city guarding it.

Having already left the Black Armor Region and entered the Burning Moon Region, the Asuras and the Soldiers and Demons did not deal with each other. If Luo Hu's incarnation tried to chase and kill them, he would not be as unscrupulous as he was in the Black Armor Region. Xia Daoyun quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

She glanced at the mountains stretching thousands of miles below, "Find a safe place to heal first."

Whether it's herself or Lu Qingshan, they need to recuperate for a while now.

The Mount Everest below is located on the boundary line between the Heijia Domain and the Burning Moon Domain, far away from the demonic city, with few traces of demons and many ferocious beasts. It is the most suitable place for recuperation at the moment.

Of course, both of them knew that this was a very risky decision. Since Luo Qiantuo was able to find Lu Qingshan in the wilderness, it meant that Luo Qiantuo had a special tracking method.

This method of tracking can also be mastered by the incarnation of Rahu.

But Lu Qingshan and Xia Daoyun had no choice, because their physical conditions were really not optimistic.

Xia Daoyun chose a steep mountain with hundreds of feet, and then found a cave on the mountain wall surrounded by ancient trees, and brought Lu Qingshan down here temporarily.

After putting Lu Qingshan off his back, a golden light flashed in Xia Daoyun's eyes, and he immediately looked at Lu Qingshan.

In her eyes, the half of the human race that had been dispersing was finally no longer dissipating at this time. Of course, it has not yet begun to recover.

This situation is just like Xia Zhao looking east on the wall of Yanlan Pass when Jianzong went west.

"It's temporarily out of danger, but don't take it lightly." Xia Daoyun said coldly.

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Seeing that Lu Qingshan barely stood up and was about to fall again, Xia Daoyun frowned, and rushed to his side, supporting Lu Qingshan so that he would not fall to the ground.

"How bad is your situation now?"

Lu Qingshan took a long breath and looked inside himself.

Not to mention the weakness of the whole body, the meridian in the body is even more painful, twisted and deformed, but fortunately, what is lost is only the source of life, not the cultivation base.

Lu Qingshan couldn't lie in front of Xia Daoyun at all, so he could only say frankly: "In order to kill Luo Qiantuo, I slashed at the price of 30% of the source of life. Logically speaking, it is enough to take away 30% of the source of life in an instant. As a result, the monk died, but it was probably because I was still young, and the exuberance of the source of life could not be saved by common sense, so I was lucky, and I survived."

"Of course, even if he didn't die, paying such a high price would almost turn him into a useless person."

Such a serious injury, even if Lu Qingshan recovers, there will be extremely serious sequelae.

For example... Xia Daoyun glanced "casually" across Lu Qingshan's almost white-haired head, feeling complicated

After a sword strike, the black hair turned into hoarfrost.

"However, luck is good," Lu Qingshan comforted softly, "the longevity whale gave me a vitality, and with the help of this vitality, I will be able to return to my full state sooner or later."

In Tianhehai, the whale **** Zhuo gave Lu Qingshan a life, which was used as a voucher for Lu Qingshan to communicate with Changsheng Jinggu and as a reward for Lu Qingshan's help.

The richness of the vitality is unimaginable, enough to save his life at a critical moment.

And now, it is that critical moment.

At this moment, in the depths of Lu Qingshan's body, a bluish, vibrant green light is continuously releasing streams of vitality, flowing all over Lu Qingshan's body, healing his injuries.

If it weren't for the gift of the longevity whale, how could he regain consciousness so quickly and wake up?

"You have many opportunities." Xia Daoyun said.

"It's not just chance, there are many means. Even if I am a sword fairy now, I can't say that I will definitely make Luo Qiantuo fall into that situation." After knowing that Lu Qingshan was fine, Xia Daoyun finally thought about other things. Then he thought of Luo Qiantao, who was almost invisible when he arrived at the battlefield.

"It's a pity that I couldn't kill him, it was almost..." Thinking of Luo Qiantuo, Lu Qingshan couldn't help feeling sad.

Even if Luo Hu's incarnation appeared one breath later, Luo Qiantuo would be dead and couldn't die anymore.

Of course, so did he.

Even if Xia Daoyun arrived late, he would have died.

So, UU Reading Is this God's will?

Lu Qingshan looked at Xia Daoyun, wanted to say something, but couldn't speak.

In his not-so-long practice career, all the monks who have been caught up by him will only have a wider and wider gap with him, and finally be left far behind by him.

Only Xia Daoyun was an exception. It was clear that the difference in cultivation between the two was almost nil, but Xia Daoyun became a sword fairy one step ahead of him, and then threw him away.

Whether it was the status of the master in the past, or the pressure brought by the cultivation base of the Sword Immortal, it made Lu Qingshan difficult to speak.

Moreover, in some aspects, Lu Qingshan really thinks that he is not very good at it.

As if seeing Lu Qingshan's hesitation and hesitation to speak, Xia Daoyun suddenly asked, "What is that sentence?"


"What was that sentence that should have been said to me at that time?" Xia Daoyun was very patient.

Lu Qingshan gritted his teeth and finally spoke.

"Dao Yun, apart from sword cultivation, have you ever thought about feelings before?" He asked.

"Never, except for the sword," Xia Daoyun shook his head lightly and said, "I see that all living beings are grass and trees."

Sure enough... Lu Qingshan had expected it a long time ago, but he couldn't help but be disappointed.

"But you are different." Looking at Lu Qingshan's eyes that suddenly dimmed a lot, Xia Daoyun raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and said softly, "You are only... Qingshan."

As if struck by lightning, Lu Qingshan suddenly raised his head, looked directly at Xia Daoyun's mountainous eyebrows, and met his gaze.

Xia Daoyun doesn't dodge or dodge, he is generous.

I see how charming Qingshan is.

Material Qingshan, see me should be so.

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