This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 32 Devil's Heart

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With the blood moon in the sky, the sparks in the night gradually faded, and the blood color became more and more intense.

There was no complete flesh and blood in the whole body, and the inhuman Luo Qian was supported by the incarnation of Luo Hu, and left the wilderness with difficulty.

"Although Lu Qingshan is a once-in-a-thousand-year sword embryo, after all, he is only a cultivator in the tribulation realm, and he is still far from the sword fairy realm. He should have no chance of winning against you. In such a miserable situation?" Luo Hu's incarnation asked in thought.

"No," Luo Qiantuo categorically denied Luo Hu's incarnation's evaluation of Lu Qingshan, "This Lu Qingshan is not a sword embryo that is rare in a thousand years, but a rare one in ten thousand years."

"It can even be said that the human race did not have such a sword cultivator before, and there will never be one in the future." He said with absolute certainty.

Thinking of Lu Qingshan's last slashing sword, the astonishing sword that turned extreme night into day, Luo Qiantuo's heart was still in his heart.

He didn't find too many excuses for his failure, even if he really wanted to find one, he could indeed tell a thing or two.

"This person must never be allowed to become a Sword Immortal, Luo Hu. When my injury improves a little, I will use the tracking method to help you find the two of them and kill them. You cannot let the tiger go back to the mountain." Luo Qiantuo gritted his teeth and said, In addition to the hatred for Lu Qingshan, there is also deep fear in my heart.

"You don't need to pay too much attention to this matter. Lu Qingshan's injury is more serious than yours, but he is still a sword cultivator with a weak body, so even if he returns to the human domain, he will most likely be a useless person from now on." Luo Hu turned to Lu Qingshan On the contrary, Luo Qiantuo's attitude is not as caring as Luo Qiantuo.

"It shouldn't be that simple." Luo Qiantuo was not relieved by the words of Luo Hu's incarnation, took a breath, and continued: "There is such a big gap between my cultivation and his, it should be a situation where I am sure of winning. But it was him who won in the end, this is not luck, he can do this kind of thing, I don't believe he will become a useless person just because of this."

"Okay, even if Lu Qingshan has the ability to defy the sky, how can he recover from such a serious injury without a few tens or hundreds of years? Is it possible that his resilience can surpass yours?" Luo Hu turned into an avatar for a while, continued.

Luo Qiantuo was silent.

His injuries were too serious, and it would take at least a hundred years of recuperation to recover.

Lu Qingshan's injuries were even more serious, and his physical body was far from being able to compare with him. Even if he didn't become a disabled person, it would take more time to recover.

Rahu was right about this.

"It will take dozens or hundreds of years, and by then the Human Realm will have completely fallen. It will be too late for him to recover from his injuries, or even become a Sword Immortal." Luo Hu's avatar said expressionlessly.

"Of course, it's best to keep them in the abyss."

"If you can't, there's no need to force it."

After listening to what Luo Hu's incarnation said, Luo Qiantuo also had to admit that what he said was very reasonable, and that he was a bit too overwhelmed.

"However, Luo Hu, when did you cultivate such a powerful avatar?" Luo Qiantuo's eyes flickered, and some different thoughts flashed through his mind.

He is deeply puzzled

The method of incarnation is not a top secret, and it is not even the secret method of their Asura clan.

Luo Qiantuo has never practiced this kind of secret method, but he still has some understanding of the method of incarnation.

The so-called incarnation method seems to allow people to create an extra incarnation, which is very powerful, but in fact, it is very tasteless for top magic cultivators like them.

Because the avatar needs to be refined.

The problem is that their Asura clan is one of the eight great holy demon clans, and their own blood is tyrannical and invincible. How can the refined avatars compare with their main body?

The practice system of the Demon Race is based on bloodlines, which means that the refined avatars have limited prospects and are not worth mentioning.

Allocating part of one's soul for an avatar that doesn't have much potential, no matter how you look at it, it's a small loss.

Therefore, Luo Qiantuo, the incarnation method, has always maintained a dismissive attitude.

But today, his disdain can no longer continue, because the incarnation of Rahu in front of him, obviously, is no longer in line with common sense.


Facing Luo Qiantuo's question, Luo Hu's avatar did not give an answer.

Seeing that Luo Hu's incarnation didn't answer, Luo Qian grinned, not surprised, and didn't ask any further—this must be Luo Hu's big secret, so it's normal not to tell him.

"If you hadn't arrived in time today, I would have become a stepping stone for the new Sect Master of the Sword Sect. I dare not forget the grace of saving my life." After being silent for a while, Luo Qiantuo thanked the incarnation of Luo Hu again.

After finally gaining the current level of cultivation and status, it would be an unjust thing to die at the hands of a cultivator in the Transcending Tribulation Realm like this!

"You're welcome, how could I let you die at someone else's hands?" Luo Hu's avatar suddenly laughed.

His smile was a little weird, and it made Luo Qiantuo feel chills in his heart.

"My injury is very serious, and it will take a hundred years to fully recover. I will not be able to contribute any more in the upcoming battle. I must heal my injuries in the Black Armor Region. Guangling Pass can only be handed over to the three of you." Luo Qian Tuo opened his mouth again, trying to ignore the weird smile of Rahu's incarnation.

"It doesn't matter," Rahu's incarnation said again: "It doesn't have to go to the front line to contribute to the Asura clan."

"Huh?" Luo Qiantuo was stunned for a moment, unable to react.


The sudden sound woke Luo Qiantuo, and it was only then that he realized that the incarnation of Luo Hu had not brought him back to the Buddha King City.

winter! winter!

Two consecutive shocks made Luo Qiantuo, who was already extremely weak, turn paler.

At the same time, a vast and unpredictable force rushed like a tsunami, trying to overthrow him.

If it wasn't for Luo Hu's incarnation to stop him, Luo Qiantuo would have been thrown into a mess on the spot.

He looked up at the scene in front of him in shock, almost lost his mind.

"What is this place, and what is that?!"

A huge lump of meat suspended in mid-air came into view very abruptly.

The piece of meat is like a huge deformed heart, which is constantly shrinking and expanding. Every time it contracts and expands, it will make a sound like a heartbeat, full of rhythm and full of majestic breath of life.

And after every heartbeat, there will be a vast force sweeping in all directions, and at the same time, the piece of meat will release a so thick that it is almost liquefied, rendering this area dark and gloomy.

All these scenes looked extremely strange, but the meat itself was as bright as a red agate, and the blood-colored divine splendor lingered around, and the endless breath of life radiated out, which was extremely holy.

winter! winter! winter!

The sound of the heartbeat was still coming out continuously, and every time this strange but holy heart beat, Luo Qiantuo felt the blood spurt, and the blood vessels seemed to burst.

"The Heart of the Demon Sage." Luo Hu transformed into Luo Qiantuo to solve his doubts.

"Demon Saint?!" Luo Qiantuo was so shocked that he couldn't help but let out an exclamation.

The Holy Realm is the ancestral realm of the human race's practice system.

But for the demons, the holy realm is really just a legendary realm.

Xia Daozu has been born in the human race, but a demon saint has never appeared in the demon race.

"Yes," the incarnation of Rahu nodded, pointing to the heart, "but it's not yet fully conceived, and there are still defects."

Luo Qiantuo subconsciously looked towards the direction pointed by the avatar of Luo Hu, and it could be seen that there were eight thick and thick blood vessels protruding from the heart of the devil.

It's just that among the eight thick blood vessels, only one blood vessel is flowing with blood, providing a source of power for the beating of the heart, and the other seven blood vessels are empty.

Just one blood vessel can make this heart have such a majestic power, what if there are eight?

This thought subconsciously flashed across Luo Qiantuo's mind, and he was horrified on the spot.

"The heart is the source of physical strength."

"As long as the defects are filled, and then this devil's heart is transplanted here," Luo Hu's incarnation pointed to his chest, "replace my original heart, and the heart of the devil will give me a devil Holy flesh."

"This..." Hearing the words of Luo Hu's incarnation, Luo Qiantuo's eyes flashed with horror.

He never thought that Luo Hu had such a big plan in secret, and it had even progressed to this point.

Luo Qiantuo asked almost subconsciously: "Is it possible to achieve the Holy Realm in this way?"

"Of course not, the holy land is not so easy to complete, this is only half," Luo Hu's incarnation said everything, and then showed a strange smile, "It's just that I've almost completed the other half."

"What's the other half?" Luo Qiantuo had already sensed that something was wrong, but the curiosity that almost broke his heart made him continue to ask.

"My demons cultivate the body, but practicing one way is like crossing a boat through the sea of ​​suffering. The body is the boat, and the gods are the people in the boat. If you want to cross the boundless sea and reach the other shore, you must have a good boat and a helm. A good player." The incarnation of Luo Hu didn't mind explaining his understanding to Luo Qiantuo.

"This is just your guess." Luo Qiantuo said.

The holy land has not been reached by anyone, and it is an unknown road, so what Luo Hu's incarnation said today is his own guess, his own judgment, and he cannot know whether it is correct or not.

But Luo Hu had sufficient self-confidence, confident that the path he was taking was right.

"I already have the God of the Holy Land." Luo Hu did not explain the origin of the God of the Holy Land, but said to himself: "It is also after having the God of the Holy Land that I am more and more sure of my thoughts. correct."

"That woman is not my opponent, and there is a huge gap in strength between me and me now." The woman Luo Hu said was naturally Xia Daoyun. "The reason why I couldn't keep her is because my current body can't carry my strength." god."

"I can feel the power of my god. Once it erupts, it will have the ability to destroy the world, but it is precisely because the **** is too powerful, and it is hindered by the physical body. Instead, it is hindered everywhere, and it cannot be satisfactory."

"The holy land and the top Demon Lord seem to be just a step away, but one is the sky and the other is the earth..."

"There is no comparison between the two," Luo Hu's incarnation continued, "But you won't understand if I tell you. Only when you truly experience the power of the holy realm can you understand."

"For example..." Luo Hu's incarnation suddenly chuckled, "You must be wondering why I brought you here without a sound, and didn't realize it until now?"

Luo Qiantuo was startled, and then reacted abruptly, "God of the Holy Realm?!"

"That's's the power of the **** of the holy realm. I can't even use one percent of its power due to the burden of my body, but it's enough to be carried here by you, Luo Qian."

Luo Qiantuo seemed to have guessed something, suddenly fell silent and kept silent.

But the incarnation of Luohu opened up the chatter, but he didn't want to stop like that.

"Do you know how to conceive a heart of a demon saint without defects?"

Seeing that Luo Qiantuo didn't reply, he continued talking on his own.

"Asura, Giant Spirit, Void, Soldiers Demon, Beimang, Heart Demon, Thunder Beast, Dream Demon, collectively known as the eight holy demon clan..."

"Holy devil, holy devil, isn't it conversely a devil saint?"

"If you want to achieve the heart of a demon saint, you must first gather the blood of the eight great saint demons!"

"Aren't you going to let even the Asura clan go? Just for an opportunity where you can't be sure whether it will succeed?" Luo Qiantuo asked.

"Hahaha..." the incarnation of Rahu laughed heartily, and asked back: "If it were you, faced with such an opportunity to become holy, would you let the Asura tribe go?"

"No..." Luo Qiantuo was silent for a long time, as if he had lost all his strength.

"It's good that you can understand me," Luo Hu's incarnation said loudly, without changing his face, "In this case, I will trouble you, Luo Qiantuo, to contribute to this devil's heart."

The voice fell.

The crystal-clear devil's heart beat powerfully, and then shot out a blood-colored divine light, enveloping Luo Qiantao with magic flames.

At this moment, Luo Qiantuo, who was already seriously injured and extremely weak, only felt that he had been corroded by some indescribable and irresistible force, and instantly turned into indescribable twisted flesh and blood, merging into that crystal heart.

Afterwards, his bones and flesh and blood were turned into "residues" and were discarded, falling to the ground below the heart of the devil, leaving only pure blood.

That is the Asura bloodline, the Asura bloodline of the top Demon Lord.

It was feeding into one of the seven empty blood vessels.

After a few breaths, a tangible blood line appeared in that thick blood vessel, shimmering with blood color.

"Don't say that I don't think of kinship, at least let you understand." Luo Hu's incarnation said to the blood line in the blood vessel, and then flicked his right hand, **** of **** light flew out and melted into the blood. into that blood vessel.

Soon, blood began to grow in that blood vessel, and it began to flow.


With the revival of the second blood vessel, the beating sound of the Devil's Heart became stronger and stronger, and the breath of life became more majestic and vast.

"Not enough," Rahu's avatar squinted slightly and looked at the blood vessel. Although the blood has flowed continuously, it has not yet filled the blood vessel. "The quality is enough, but the quantity is not enough."

The gestation of the Devil's Saint's Heart requires not only top-level quality, but also huge quantity.

Obviously, this level of quantity is still not enough, and it cannot make this second blood vessel completely sacred.

"Sooner or later."

The most difficult step has been completed, and it is not a difficult task for Luo Hu.

"Eight points have been completed and the second part..." He glanced at the other six empty and thick blood vessels on Jingying's heart, and muttered to himself, his voice was like a devil and a saint.

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