This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 35 Luoshen Sword Fairy

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The breath of death and desolation pervaded the air, and the withered yellow river was surging and rushing non-stop, winding like a giant dragon, extending all the way, spreading to the end of sight, and even the end of the world.

This is the Underworld.

The most special realm in the nine heavens is the final destination of the creatures of the other eight realms, and has completely different operating rules from the other eight realms.

In this world, there have always been only dead spirits and no living beings.

If any living beings strayed into this world, they would be corroded by the ubiquitous death energy of the underworld, and eventually turned into undead.

Ripples suddenly appeared in the sky above the peaceful river.

The next moment, the water of Wangchuan came up from the sky, and yellow river water gushed out, wrapping two figures in appearance.

Afterwards, the boundless river disappeared.

Lu Qingshan and Xia Daoyun appeared in this realm of the underworld where living beings are forbidden to enter.

The surroundings are quiet, only the sound of the river wind blowing in my ears.

Xia Daoyun looked up.

Wang Chuan is so vast that you can't see the edge at a glance.

She was secretly surprised.

Even as a sword fairy, Huangquanjie is a place she has never been to before, so it is natural to be very surprised when she comes for the first time.

But soon, Xia Daoyun frowned subconsciously.

Because she felt the erosion from the dead energy of the underworld.

Lu Qingshan didn't feel much.

With the talent of eclipsing spirits, he can ignore Huang Quan's death energy, but he also knows the damage of Huang Quan's death energy.

"It's not suitable to stay here for a long time, let's leave as soon as possible." Lu Qingshan said.

As for Huangquanjie, he was born once and familiarized twice, let alone Gu Yiyi, a local snake.

Xia Daoyun nodded slightly, letting Lu Qingshan make arrangements.

Then, Lu Qingshan straightened his body and led Xia Daoyun forward along the river, heading for the boundary wall.


The sky is blue and the ground is yellow, and the vast land stretches as far as the eye can see, revealing a magnificent atmosphere, which is extremely magnificent.

It's just that there are countless demons gathered here now.

Roaring, roaring, continuous ups and downs.

The sky was filled with billowing black clouds.

A black cloud composed of demonic energy, from which endless evil energy emanates.

And under the black cloud of devilish energy, one can see an incomparably huge mask, and within that mask is a majestic city.

Guangling Pass.

The city wall is majestic, with mottled traces, revealing a sense of thickness and indestructibility.

It's just that such a majestic city wall is now crumbling under the erosion of heavy devilish energy outside the mask.

In the billowing demon cloud, there are overwhelming demon shadows.

Those phantoms were in different shapes, but they all stared fiercely at the bottom, and there was a violent black glow in the depths of their eyes.

The huge mask flickered on and off.

Whenever the mask is dimmed, groups of demon cultivators will be seen rushing out of the demon cloud and heading towards the city below.

And in Guangling Pass, there will be many monks rising into the sky to stop the advance of these demon cultivators.

The majestic Yuanli and the billowing demonic energy erupted and confronted each other.

Then came the most tragic war of attrition.

The screams kept ringing.

Although the Guanglingguan monks are trying their best to resist with extraordinary combat power, the demons are not hesitating to lose and have a large number of people. Facing the overwhelming offensive, the Guanglingguan monks are also constantly sacrificing.

Blood splattered over Guangling Pass, looking extremely tragic.

"Everyone, kill demons with me and protect me at Guangling Pass!" Among the Guangling Pass monks who roared out, some of them looked up to the sky and roared in filial piety, and they were already ready to sacrifice.


The other Guanglingguan monks beside him also shouted, **** aroused.

At the same time, their bloodiness also aroused the fierceness of the demon cultivators, and the offensive became more and more violent, and they kept strangling forward.

Located in the most dense position of the black cloud, several figures are looking indifferently at the battle ahead.

"Intensify the offensive." A figure in the lead ordered lightly.

"Yes, King Rahu."

The Demon Lord of the Asura clan behind him immediately took orders, and then shouted loudly.

More phantoms rushed out of the black cloud.

"Hehe, Luo Hu, according to the current trend, it will definitely not be a problem to break through Guangling Pass within ten years." Beside Luo Hu, Po Ya said with a smile.

"The day before yesterday, there were two honorable cultivators from Guangling Pass. Both of you were repulsed by the two of you and suffered serious injuries. I am afraid that it is not appropriate to make another move in a short time. In this Guangling Pass, except for one Lin Xiu, there are no other people. It's not enough to watch." Vimazhitara also agreed.

There was a strong black light in Luohu's eyes. Facing the great situation, he shook his head solemnly when he heard the words, and said, "Don't underestimate the human race."

"Huh?" Both Boya and Vimazhidora were taken aback, their faces slightly puzzled, and they obviously couldn't think of any trump cards for the human race to turn the tables.

But Luo Hu just said that and didn't continue, keeping silent.

"By the way, it's been so long since Luo Qiantuo went back, why hasn't it been settled yet?"

"Is it really so difficult for a human monk?" After changing the subject, Vimazhidara asked in a low voice.

It has been more than two months since Luo Hu sent Luo Qian back to Heijia Region, and Luo Qian's delay in returning made him feel a little uneasy.

"The human monk is probably too cunning. Luo Qiantuo has already shot himself, so what is the human monk?" Although Boya is not very good at dealing with Luo Qiantuo, she still has enough strength for Luo Qiantuo Confidence, so I don't care about it.

"What Boya said is that no matter what happens, that human cultivator will never be able to overthrow the sky in Luo Qian's hands." Luo Hu said with a strange smile.

"That's right." Seeing that both Rahu and Boya said that, Vimazhitara also began to feel that he was thinking too much, so he responded, stopped asking, and turned his gaze to the battlefield ahead.

In front of him, demonic energy and elemental energy intertwined, and the sound of various spell collisions continued, accompanied by wailing and roaring, which was extremely intense.

Clouds of blood mist exploded like fireworks one after another, the setting sun slanted, and the sound of fighting resounded all over the sky, extremely tragic.

Blood poured down from the sky like rain, and then quickly disappeared into the earth.

Everything looks normal.

It's just that everyone's attention was focused on the fierce battlefield ahead, so that no one noticed that the speed at which the blood disappeared and melted into the ground seemed a bit too fast.


Yumen Pass, Qingshan Palace.

The eaves of the high-rise buildings are tilted, and the eaves climb up to the half-round moon, and the moonlight and the lights compete with each other.

In the night, a man and a woman came with swords and entered this palace, which was particularly eye-catching in the night.

Not long after, several people entered the Qingshan Palace.

Those who come are the core of Jianzong, and they are the pillars of Jianzong at this time.

Yu Canghai, Xue Wushen and Ji Chuan.

The three big sword cultivators who are used to seeing the world and have their own bearing, when they first met Lu Qingshan, they also lost their minds for a moment.

Ascending the building and leaning on the railing, the breeze was blowing, their young and handsome suzerain, the silver hair on his temples fluttered gently.

Black hair goes into the abyss, white head returns to the human domain.

The white-haired Lu Qingshan felt the hesitation of the three of them, stretched his waist, and said relaxedly: "This trip to the abyss was a bit miserable. I was hunted down all the way. If you don't give up The price, I really can’t get it back.”

"I'm still young, so the loss of my source of life is not painful or itchy. It just so happens that the outside world says that my suzerain is too young and unreliable. Now my hair is as white as their ancestors, so I can't say anything more."

He waved his hand, "Let's not talk about this first, I called you here because I have good news to tell you."

"Good news?" The three of them frowned in the same way.

Lu Qingshan stopped talking, and turned his gaze to Xia Daoyun who was at the side.

So the three of them followed their gazes and looked at Xia Daoyun.

"I have become a sword fairy." Xia Daoyun said calmly facing the gaze of the three people.


After twenty years, Jianzong finally has a sword fairy again.

"Too fast." After a moment of surprise and joy, Yu Canghai couldn't help frowning.

"Sword Immortal who entered the realm of Seven Tribulations?" he asked.

Xia Daoyun nodded slightly and remained silent.

"You could have..." Yu Canghai sighed.

"Time doesn't wait for me," Xia Daoyun said calmly without much emotion, "Jianzong needs this sword fairy, and Yumen Pass also needs it."

Lu Qingshan pursed his lips and did not speak.

With Xia Daoyun's talent, he has the opportunity to challenge the Nine Tribulations Realm.

No matter how bad it is, you can enter the Sword Immortal at the Eight Tribulations Realm, and you will never stop at the Seven Tribulations Realm.

He knew in his heart that the reason why Xia Daoyun entered the Sword Immortal Realm in such a hurry was to leave him the opportunity of the Nine Tribulations Realm Sword Immortal in the final analysis.

Of the two, one of them will enter the Sword Fairyland first and carry the Yumen Pass for Jianzong.

Jianzong needs a sword fairy, and Yumen Pass also needs a sword fairy.


Xia Daoyun has already inherited the position of superior from Xia Zhao, but the two have reached an agreement on this matter, and they have kept it secret for the time being.

Because the current human race needs Xia Zhao as a superior, and Xia Daoyun also needs Daxia's luck—she wants to leave the luck of Jianzong to Lu Qingshan.

Therefore, Xia Zhao maintained the name of Empress, and Xia Daoyun took over the title of Empress, and continued to assist Lu Qingshan in guarding Yumen Pass in the name of Sword Immortal.



The time span of the Tianyuan year seems to have been extended.

For example, the era of Qingyun Sword Immortal seems to be still yesterday, and the new era of Sword Immortal is coming quietly.

When the news that Jianzong had another sword fairy came out, the entire Yumen Pass was stunned.

It was passed on ten to ten, and everyone was skeptical and had some expectations, until an older monk came to the door to inquire about the situation.

Then, Yumen Pass was almost crazy, with lights and festoons everywhere, and the momentum was even better than that of the ordinary Lantern Festival.

Luoshen Sword Immortal, Xia Daoyun.

New sword fairy, new invincible.

At this moment, the cultivator of Yumenguan, who had been harboring a certain kind of uneasiness since learning the horrifying news of the death of Qingyun Sword Immortal, finally let go of his heart.

Only when the Sword Immortal is there, can they really have the confidence to stick to the Xiongguan.


After Lu Qingshan and Xia Daoyun returned to Yumen Pass from the abyss, they both stayed behind closed doors.

Xia Daoyun is a newcomer to Sword Immortal and needs time to settle down.

Lu Qingshan is doing his best to heal his wounds.

Even with the vitality bestowed by the Longevity Whale and countless elixir from Yumen Pass for him to take, the speed of recovery from his injuries is still not satisfactory.

Of course, Lu Qingshan has nothing to dissatisfy.

After all, if it wasn't for luck, he might be useless this time.

Besides, although it was a pity that Luo Qiantuo could not be killed at the cost of serious injuries, as far as Lu Qingshan was concerned, after this battle, both his mood and cultivation were greatly benefited.

As the sharpening stone for Lu Qingshan to sharpen his sword and temper his invincibility, Luo Qiantuo has done his duty.

It's just that if he can take his own life again, it would be more considerate to add a rich experience value to him.

The harvest of this battle is more than that.

Lu Qingshan looked at the dark blue panel, the advanced task of the Eight Tribulations Realm [I am invincible in the Eight Realms] is shining brightly, shining with moving golden light.

This means that the task is already in a completed state.

In the 20-day life-and-death fight between him and Luo Qiantuo, after the sword that evokes a bright moon, everything has come to an end. It was transformed into a completed state with a sound.

Facts have proved that the judgment mechanism of this task belongs to the third type-it can almost be called an impossible task.

If it weren't for Lu Qingshan's Lie Que, Dragon Sparrow, the power of mountains and seas, and his origin power background comparable to that of a four-step Taoist monk, he would have died in Luo Qian's hands long ago, let alone counter-kill.

When Lu Qingshan thought of this, UU Reading couldn't help frowning.

The Eight Tribulations Realm is rare in the world, and it is reasonable that the difficulty of advanced tasks is higher.

But reaching this level of difficulty is unreasonable.

——The difficulty of the advanced tasks of the Eight Tribulations Realm has come to this point, what about the Nine Tribulations Realm? Isn't it more difficult than the advanced task of the Eight Tribulations Realm?

But the advanced tasks of the Eight Tribulations Realm can only be completed by defeating a top-level Demon Lord. Can the more difficult tasks really be completed by the cultivators of the Transcending Tribulations Realm?

Although you always talk about dog planning, but game planning can't set a mission that is impossible to achieve, right?

There were entanglements, but Lu Qingshan didn't have much time to think about the things that haven't come yet.

His first priority is healing.

Although the task of advancing to the Eight Tribulations Realm has been completed, Lu Qingshan did not dare to rush through the Heavenly Tribulation and advance to the Eight Tribulations Realm without recovering from his injuries.

All is ready except for the opportunity.

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