Thunder Martial - v2 Chapter 2232 The highest state of the black shop

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Dark night, moonless, suitable for killing.

"Die, I want to kill them all!"

Liu Jia, who was lying in the tent, had hatred in his eyes.

He has never suffered such insults since he was a child.

Even after swallowing the elixir and reconnecting the bones of the whole body, it still takes several days to recover.

"How many people were sent there?"

"Thirty people, I guess now, are already killing people!"

The butler next to him looked respectful.




The man in black approached the market town like a shadow in the night, but before he could get close to the market town, he collapsed inexplicably.

One, two, three...eight...ten...all.

An hour later, Wang Yiling came back with a tired expression.

Zi Chen poured her a bowl of wine.

Zilan squeezed her shoulders.

"It's all resolved, they're just some miscellaneous fish, the highest is no more than the fourth heaven of spiritual enlightenment, some look down on us."

Wang Yiling drank half a bowl in one gulp.

Zi Chen nodded, "It's hard work, I'll go to the management office tomorrow morning."

Nothing to say all night.

Safe overnight.

The next day, the sky brightened and everything was as usual.

The diners came early and waited outside the store door. They were all relieved to see the store door opened normally.

Zi Chen did not squat with everyone to eat meat and drink as usual, but went to the management office.

The gate of the administration has also been opened, and the staff are busy.

Zi Chen's arrival did not attract anyone's attention.

"Excuse me, where is the steward?"

Zi Chen asked politely.

The result was ignored.

What should everyone be busy with, what are they still busy with.

Such as drinking tea, chatting, eating melon seeds, and talking dirty jokes.

Zichen asked several times, until the fifth time, finally attracted dissatisfied attention, a big sister was eating melon seeds, and asked impatiently: "Who are you? Do you know where this is? Shout out here Xiaoyue?"

"I want to find your person in charge." Zi Chen said.

"Who are you, the person in charge is someone you can meet if you want? Today is full, so come back tomorrow."

Looking at the empty hall, Zi Chen felt a little funny.

It seemed that these people regarded him as an ordinary citizen.

Then, Zichen stomped his feet.

The building begins to shake, dust falls from overhead, and cracks appear at the edges.

This scene scared everyone to scream and ran out.

A building turned into a dangerous building in an instant.

The building was about to collapse, and the high-level executives of the administration finally appeared, angrily yelling at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen said: "Am I the shopkeeper of the black shop? I received a notice yesterday that we were removed from the list. Today I will come to refund the money!"

"Refund? You are **** courting death!"

The other party roared and rushed towards Zi Chen, "We have always asked others for money, who dares to reach out to us!"

He rushed towards Zi Chen quickly, and then flew out quickly.

The bones on his body creaked.

All off!

This is a great master of spirit exploration, and that's it for a face-to-face meeting, and the other staff members are all stupid.

The elder sister who was eating melon seeds before was even paler, huddled in a corner, as if reciting a spell, "You can't see me, you can't see me."

Next, several strong men from the spirit exploration realm came to kill Zi Chen.

No accident, all Puffy was bounced off, and they were disabled after landing.

"Boy, you actually came here. It seems that you survived a lucky night last night, so you don't know the heights of the heavens and the earth."

The administrator who had been communicating with Zichen appeared, and he was very surprised and furious when he saw Zichen.

"Money back!"

Zi Chen has only two words.

"Back your mother!"

The other party was furious.

Then it flew out, and the moment it landed, Zi Chen stepped on him.

"Dog, if you..."

The other party wanted to threaten, but before he finished speaking, the bones of his body were shattered by Zi Chen's kick.

"Is there anyone else? If not, I will demolish the building!"

Zi Chen glanced around, his expression full of provocation.

There is nothing to discuss, he came here today just to find trouble and ask for money!

"court death!"

The great masters of the Spirit-seeking Realm appeared, and there were five of them. When they charged forward, they changed their positions with each other, as if they were mastering a combination attack technique, which looked mysterious.

Zi Chen waved and swept away.

A light flew out, and several people vomited blood and flew backwards.

Can't even stop a face to face.

After landing, everyone was shocked.

Only then did I wake up and encountered a hard stubble.

"Who are you, how dare you come here to make trouble, do you know..."

An old man appeared, but before he could finish his sentence, Zi Chen slapped him until he vomited blood.

"Don't pretend to be garlic here, who am I, you don't know?"

Zi Chen said coldly: "If you are not convinced, just come here! If you dare to waste a word on me, I will kill you!"

&nbssp;This is the threat!

In the face of absolute strength, the little power of the Administration Bureau is obviously not enough.

Another old man appeared, who seemed to have a long memory, but he didn't ask Zi Chen who he was, but asked directly: "What is the purpose of you coming here to make trouble?"

Zi Chen stretched out his hand, "Repay the money! In the past few months, I will return all the money you have taken from us. We counted it before coming here, and it is about 300,000. I will give you a discount. Just give 400,000."

The corner of the old man's mouth twitched, what do you call a discount?

He looked at Zi Chen, "Over the years, you are the first one who dared to come to the management office to rob money."

Zi Chen sneered and said: "I paid the money, if you don't protect me, then you don't have the right to take my money! If you come back now, I will pretend that nothing happened, and everyone will break up. If not, don't blame me You're welcome."

The old man said: "It seems that you are determined to threaten our administration, have you thought about the consequences?"

"It's not that I threaten you, it's that you are not benevolent first. If you take the money and don't do anything, then you are not entitled to take my money."

Zi Chen said: "Also, I know you are delaying time, waiting for your strong man to come, I can wait, but if I wait a little longer, you will have to pay the corresponding price. Now, I will give you a stick The price of incense time is 450,000 spiritual coins."

The old man's pupils shrank, obviously he didn't expect this Boss Chen to be so powerful.

At first they thought it was a soft persimmon, so they squeezed it, but now the development of the situation has exceeded their original expectations.

There are more and more people around.

There are people from the administration, and some come to watch the fun.

Seeing Boss Chen dealing with everyone in the management bureau with his own strength, everyone was surprised.

A Qiling Wuchongtian didn't believe in evil, and was the first to rush over because of the extra call to kill.

As a result, his chest was smashed by a punch, and after landing, he coughed up two large pieces of blood, and passed out directly.

This is the result of Zi Chen's mercy, otherwise he could be killed with a single punch.

This hand also suppressed the others, and they did not dare to go forward again, until another old man in sackcloth appeared.

He stood in an inconspicuous place in the crowd, just staring at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen said: "The time is up, and the people you are waiting for have also come, give me a discount, 500,000!"

Everyone was startled, not knowing why, until they saw the adult in the corner.

Immediately there was a look of joy on their faces, as long as the adults appeared, they would naturally be able to tear this lifeless thing into pieces.

But soon, they discovered that this lord was like a passer-by who only watched the fun and didn't make a move.

This attitude is very memorable.

Zi Chen smiled slightly, "It seems that you are not satisfied with my discount, don't worry, I will give you a more favorable price later."

About 300,000 spiritual coins, with a discount, became 500,000.

It's hard for everyone to imagine how much it can rise if another discount is given.

Among the crowd, many of them opened black shops. Hearing Zi Chen's tone and the strength of the discounts and discounts, everyone was ashamed to death.

Look at what other people's business is doing.

My role model!

In the end, an enlightened old man gritted his teeth and said, "Give it to him!"

Everyone was taken aback again, thinking to themselves, is this the administration's admission of cowardice?

The administration is in charge of all the taxes in Gesha market town, black and white, with strong financial resources, and quickly collected 500,000 spiritual coins.

Zi Chen took it and opened it, glanced at it, put away the spirit money, turned and left.

Before leaving, he turned his head and glanced at the old man in the corner, and smiled at him.

Not provocative, just a friendly greeting.

After Zichen left, the old man's face gradually became gloomy.

This time, the Authority has lost face.

Just when many people don't understand why the authority wants to admit latest news came.

Outside the market town, a group of men in black died and were lined up neatly.

"It's not that the Liu family didn't take revenge, but the people who came were killed!"

This news caused a huge shock.

When Zi Chen returned to the store, there were already many people squatting at the base of the wall.

Seeing Zichen come back, the eyes that looked at Zichen one by one were full of admiration.

Obviously, the news was one step faster than his footsteps.

Boss Chen is definitely the first one to get money from the administration for many years.

When Zi Chen came to the back kitchen to guide, the six cooks looked at Zi Chen, as if they saw heaven and man.

This is the highest state of black shops!

They are in admiration.

After a busy day, everyone had dinner together in the evening.

Zilan was talking with Lao Chen's family and asked her if she was used to it.

Originally, he wanted her to rest for two more days, but she insisted on helping, and her son was also very good, listening to the adventurers chatting in the corner outside.

Zi Chen sat with Wang Yiling, and Wang Yiling brought out the information about the Liu family, which was sent over today.

It turned out that the man in black that the adventurers were talking about all day was arranged by the Liu family. This time, they were mobilizing the crowd in order to find the mantra.

The Liu family is in the entire Jizhou. Although it is not a top-ranking family, it is also an absolute second-rate force.

It can be as famous as the Du family.

Zi Chen put down the information, Wang Yiling asked: "What are you going to do?"

"Come one to kill one, come two to kill one pair!"

In Zichen's eyes, there was a rare coldness.

In fact, he didn't plan to intervene at the beginning, and he also had the idea of ​​calming down the matter, but who knows that the opponent is pressing every step of the way, and he can't wait until he is cornered to fight back.

Tonight, there is no danger.

The next day, Wu Haoqi came back.

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