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Looking at Zi Chen who was drinking in the corner, Wu Haoqi was a little speechless.

The moment he heard the wind, he hurried back, thinking that Zi Chen was already too worried.

Seeing him come back suddenly, he will definitely cry bitterly, feeling that the backbone has returned, and there is hope for future life.

Unexpectedly, this guy's heart is really not ordinary.

"There's a new joke, would you like a bowl?" Zi Chen invited.


Wu Hao snorted angrily.

After a while, Wu Haoqi held the bench, pouted his buttocks and listened to the jokes, laughing from time to time, which was his lowest point of laughter.

Two valuable pills were swallowed, and Liu Jia's injuries were fully recovered.

The last defeat made the hatred in his heart unabated, but because he didn't have a strong man by his side, he could only suspend his revenge plan.

Now, a new batch of powerful players arrive.

Looking at the twenty people in front of him, Liu Jia gritted his teeth and said, "Remember, kill everyone in that store!"

Everyone was dressed in black, and they were all in the state of enlightenment. They nodded immediately, expressing that they would protect the rights of the family with death.

The leader is the Eighth Heaven of Enlightenment.

Taking advantage of the dark moon and high wind, twenty people set off.

With such strength, I am afraid that it can overturn the entire Gosha market town.

The next day, early in the morning, someone found twenty corpses neatly arranged.

Their uniform black clothes, uniform wounds, and uniform waist storage bags disappeared.

The news caused another uproar.

This has become the talking point of diners who are not black shop after drinking.

These days, Wu Haoqi stood by the wall early in the morning and listened to the story. In the first two days, because he didn't have much knowledge, he often got drunk by those adventurers.

Now that he has experience and has a higher vision, he can only exchange wine with him unless it is a good joke.

If it is a story about love between a man and a woman, sometimes two bowls can be exchanged.

Wu Haoqi's eyes immediately lit up when he heard a vigorous love story caused by taking drugs.

Zi Chen knew what was wrong in his heart, and reminded: "He is telling stories, what you are experiencing is life, so don't get overheated."

While speaking, Zichen glanced at Wu Haoqi's lower body, which immediately made him feel chilly, and his eager heart was also half chilled.

have to.

Continue to listen to the story.

The time is still comfortable and leisurely.

Occasionally there are three or two flies.

Wu Haoqi seems to have thrown the mantra into the sky long ago, and now hangs out with adventurers all day long. The two sides call each other brothers, and you come and go, both wanting to get two dollars from each other's pocket to buy wine.

When someone comes, someone goes.

Familiar faces are missing one by one.

Unfamiliar faces, turned into familiar people, and finally disappeared.

Wu Haoqi sometimes sighs with emotion, and adventurers will also sigh because of the disappearance of a certain life.

Knocking the edge of the bowl lightly is practice.

After Gou Er went into the desert, he never came out again.

Life is fragile, yet tenacious.

Lao Gao refused to listen to the persuasion, and went to the desert again. After three days, he came back with injuries all over his body, like a xiaoqiang who could not be beaten to death.

The comfortable life is still going on, and Liu Jia is still accumulating new revenge power.

Only fifty people were lost twice, and they were all family elites, which aroused strong opposition from the family.

It wasn't until Liu Jia tied the interests of the family with his personal interests that the family agreed to revenge.

For example, the thing of spreading rumors is on Zichen, and troops can be sent to encircle and suppress him.

There are also twenty enlightened spirits, all above the fifth heaven.

Among them, two Qiling Nine Heavens.

Liu Jia even went into battle in person, followed by the butler beside him.

The butler is Cheng Shan!

He is also one of the few powerhouses in his lineage.

At night, there are stars.

Bits of starlight fell down, and outside Gesha market town, it was hazy.

Zichen, Wu Haoqi, and Zilan stood outside the market town, looking ahead.

A dark shadow is fast approaching.

A signal came, and the three began to accelerate and run forward.

Five kilometers away, the three collided with the man in black.

Zilan shot first.

But also just waved.

There are flowers blooming in the dark night.

Countless flowers grow and bloom with Zilan's thought, and the people in black seem to be trapped in the sea of ​​flowers.

They took out their weapons and slashed wildly, trying to break free from these shackles.

At this moment, small burrs suddenly grew out of these plants, piercing their robes, and their skin, like a root, pierced into their bodies.

Their bodies were numb and numb, their consciousness began to be in a trance, and the power in their bodies was disappearing.

puff! puff! puff! …

Zi Chen and Wu Hao rushed forward and began to harvest these lives.

Liu Jia and the butler followed behind, and after suddenly seeing an abnormality ahead, the two began to speed up, trying to save these people from the siege.

But just halfway forward, the housekeeper grabbed Liu Jia and soared into the sky.

In the place where the two stood before, there were ripples flashing past.

The butler flew into the air with Liu Jia and came to the battlefield.

Liu Jia originally struggled and wanted to go on, but after seeing the situation below, his face changed drastically in an instant.

In the sea of ​​flowers, his subordinates were as motionless as sculptures.

"how so?"

Liu Jia murmured: "Are they bewitched by magic?"

The steward sighed: "They are dead, it seems that we have offended some terrible existence."

The sea of ​​flowers disappeared, and those who were standing still fell to the ground one after another.

Wu Haoqi began to search for their wealth.

Zi Chen looked up at the housekeeper and Liu Jia, and said with a smile, "Since you're here, why don't you sit down?"

The butler said in a deep voice, "Who are you?"

Zi Chen smiled and said, "Am I the shopkeeper of the black shop? Everyone calls me Boss Chen."

"Fart! I am the shopkeeper, and the big shopkeeper! You are just a cook!"

  Wu Haoqi expressed his dissatisfaction while picking up the storage bag.

"Hand over the things, and this matter will be considered over!" Liu Jia shouted from above.

Zi Chen smiled, "Come down and get it."

There was a gleam of joy in Liu Jia's eyes, "Haha, you finally admitted it! The thing is indeed in your place!"

"I admit, you two come down first!"

Liu Jia looked at the butler at the side with a very excited expression.

At this moment, he finally completed his mission.

So those losses, the family will bear, after all, they have found the right direction.

The butler pulled Liu Jia and flew away.

"Grandpa Wu, you...?" Liu Jia looked at the butler beside him in disbelief. The other party had already admitted that the things were coming soon, so why did he leave?

"Wait for the family to come."

The housekeeper sighed, "I'm afraid there's no way to deal with such a big incident."

"How could it be? He has already admitted that the next step will be for the family to send strong men to encircle and suppress him. Maybe even Gesha Market Town will be crushed!" Liu Jia said.

The butler shook his head. After all, he is a Chengshan, he can't play with his temper, and he has a good brain.

As the news came back, the senior members of the Liu family were furious.

So many people have died, of course we must thoroughly investigate this matter.

The two families, Cheng Shan, came to the scene in person, separated Liu Jia and the housekeeper, and asked about this matter alone.

"That thing must be in his hands! If it wasn't in his hands, why would he meddle in this matter? Moreover, he admitted that the thing was in his possession the night before, Grandpa Wu can testify! And I am 100% sure , the thing is with him!"

Liu Jia swears so hard that he almost swears on his whole family.

"Whether the thing is there or not, we can't be sure. We investigated during the period, and the two parties have no apparent relationship..."

Naturally, the butler can't be willful, he has to inform the matter in detail, as for what judgment the family will make, it depends on the results of discussions with the senior members of the family.

a new day.

Neat people lined up outside the market town.

Once again caused a sensation.

On the administration side, he reinforced the building with a magic circle, and never mentioned the matter of revenge.

Even the Liu family suffered such a big loss, let alone them?

In front of the behemoth of the Liu family, they don't even count as local snakes.

The whole story has been known to the senior members of the Liu family.

According to the information they got, that Boss Chen is a businessman. If there is any difference, he is more conscientious compared with other businessmen.

It can be seen from the introduction of some cuisines aimed at adventurers.

It is also understandable to buy a coffin for a fairly familiar customer.

They even investigated that old Gao.

It's nothing more than weak strength and poor family background, and they only order half a portion of meat. Chen Zheng has spare money in his hand, and he is hospitable, so he will treat him to eat.

And this kind of little people often have no scheming, knowing how to repay their kindness, and risking their lives to bring back Chen Zheng's body, just to have a whole body.

After investigation, they determined that the source of all this came from Liu Jia's aggression.

If he hadn't been determined to go his own way, or even made trouble out of no reason, Boss Chen would never have made a move, and the Liu family would not have suffered such a big loss.

And according to the butler's description, the boss of Wan Chen and the others didn't seem to be afraid of Cheng Shan.

According to their prediction, landing on Chengshan that night may be fatal!

They still have more important tasks in the desert, so they decided to ignore Zi Chen for the time being.

In Gesha market town, everyone is waiting for the strong revenge from the Liu family.

Unfortunately, it took a long time to wait.

One day, two days, one month.

The Liu family agreed.

This made the people in the management bureau even more afraid to provoke non-black shops.

It's not that the black store has experienced its third expansion in just one year, whether it's an inn or a tavern, it's full every day.

Of course, the most beautiful scenery is the group of adventurers squatting in front of the bench at the base of the wall.

There are endless jokes and endless laughter here.

Wu Haoqi went into the desert again, he wanted to know what the people of the Liu family were doing, but this time there was no news for half a year.

Everything is back to normal again.

There are already more than 30 service staff in the store, and the number of people in the back kitchen has also doubled.

A few of them were adventurers back then, and they stayed in the store after they lost their energy to go to the desert.

As for the people in front most of them are family members of adventurers.

On the way, Zichen also disappeared for a month. He took a trip to the desert and added some exotic animal delicacies to everyone's table.

By the way, the border was broken.

One and a half years after opening the store, Zichen has become the third heaven of enlightenment.

Another month later, Wu Haoqi came back, and he said mysteriously that this time the Liu family might have found something in the desert, and he would keep watching.

At the same time, remind Zi Chen to be ready to shoot at any time.

eighth month.

Lao Gao, who disappeared for more than half a month, came back, "Serve two plates of meat, and give one to Boss Chen."

When everyone looked at it, their expressions changed, and someone laughed and scolded: "Old Gao, I haven't seen you being generous in two years. You disappeared for so long, did you meet a rich woman?"

There was laughter all around.

"Get lost! It was my girl who successfully entered the Chenfeng Academy after testing her talent. Forget it, I'll tell you **** that you don't understand."

Lao Gao smiled complacently, "I am happy today!"

Lao Gao left the market town for Yiyang County before, and sent his daughter to Chenfeng College.

It was an old-fashioned academy with extremely high requirements for talents. As long as there were no accidents in the middle, after graduation, there must be a talent.

Lao Gao took out another oil-paper bag from his arms, "Boss Chen, the dried meat I bought in Yiyang County tastes good, and I specially packed a few pieces for you to try."

"Even if you have a conscience, Lao Gao, it seems that I can develop new business."

Zi Chen took the oiled paper bag with a smile, opened it and tasted a piece, " tastes good, it seems that we need to discuss it. There are not a few pieces in it, so you can save it, and I will give you a taste after it is made."

Everyone looked regretful.

Zi Chen took the oiled paper bag and entered the small shop.

The material of the oil paper bag is wrong.

There is a mezzanine inside.

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