Trafford’s Trading Club - Chapter 2788 Of course it's teaching

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   Chapter 2788 Of course it's an example

   Even in front of Iron Rakshasa, Wang Qianyu has never been so restrained.

   Being restless is not enough to describe her mood at the moment, but her good upbringing still makes Wang Qianyu appear calm... At this age, she is still frizzy and unseemly.

  The little nurse named [Xia Ji] brought tea at this time—the maid, who was supposed to be in charge of this work, went to the kitchen.

  Wang Qianyu subconsciously thought: They are really preparing for dinner...

   "How is Ms. Wu recently?" Boss Luo's voice suddenly sounded.

Wang Qianyu, who heard the words, put down the tea cup quickly, and said after deliberation: "She is no longer in serious trouble, and she is willing to go out for a walk recently. We have a puppy. Yes, she likes it."

   "It sounds pretty good." Boss Luo smiled, "I'm glad that Ms. Wu was able to get out of her grief. Next, let time heal her slowly."

  Wang Qianyu hummed softly.

She knew that these were just words of comfort, let time heal... Unless the time is long enough to completely forget everything - very polite words, but for some reason, from the mouth of this Doctor Luo, Wang Qianyu seems to be able to feel it hope in it.

   Maybe he really wants a good person.

   "Mrs. Wang came to me, is there anything?"

  Wang Qianyu calmed down and said solemnly: "That's right, Mr. Luo. My lady plans to hold a celebration banquet in three days. I hope you will be able to attend... That evening, my lady will announce something important."

   "Important things?" Boss Luo said, "I wonder if Mrs. Wang can reveal one or two in advance?"

   "It needs to be kept secret at this time." Wang Qianyu said sternly: "But it's not a bad thing... In detail, that night, my lady should come to you again, before the announcement."

  Boss Luo blinked, "Could it be that the announcement has something to do with me?"

  Wang Qianyu just shook his head and showed an apologetic look, "Mr. Luo, I promise, this is not a bad thing... It's not just about you, it's a big matter that concerns the entire Huoyun."

  "In this case, it seems that I have to attend. Boss Luo smiled and said: "Please, Mrs. Wang, go back and tell Mayor Tie, I will be there on time. "

   "Then, I also leave." Wang Qianyu stood up at this time.

  Boss Luo also got up and sent them off.

"There is one more thing." Wang Qianyu suddenly whispered at this time, "About the ninth prison... I don't know why recently, the day-to-day wandering **** of the ninth prison has not gone out. I don't know that it's just Huoyun here alone. , or the entire major league."

  Boss Luo showed a look of listening.

  Wang Qianyu said sternly: "I don't know if Mr. Luo intends to inquire about the ninth prison, but please be very careful."

  Boss Luo said: "Thank you Mrs. Wang for telling me, this information is very useful to me."

  Wang Qianyu didn't say anything... It's nothing for her to provide these - compared to the other party's rescue of Wu Qiurui. As for Wang Qianyu, she owed that woman too much.


   "Has Madam Wang already gone?"

  The maid cut some fruit and came in.

   But in the living room, only [Xia Ji] was left waiting for the narrator - Boss Luo was reading the alliance newspaper subscribed to on the tablet.

   "I won't go to the City of White Steel for a few days." Boss Luo watched the news without looking up.

  The exploration of the cave that was promised with Yuhuatian, and now there is still a line after Huoyun's celebration feast... After Huoyun has finished some things, Boss Luo also has to go to [Kunlun].

   But there is plenty of time, Ma SIR2.0 still has a month before he officially resigns from the Fire Cloud General Administration.

   The conversation they only saw was very short, and most of the time they were silent companions... [Xia Ji] who was waiting by the side suddenly had a feeling that if he was not a puppet, he could adapt to this atmosphere.

   It even felt that even if it was just a puppet's self, it seemed superfluous here.

   "This news is quite interesting." Boss Luo suddenly smiled, and then his finger swiped things on the screen to open up... This is an entertainment news about investing in a certain movie.

  The title of the film is tentatively set: [Passionate Swordsman and Hatter Girl].

"Oh, this is... the investor, [Luoshen] Holy Land." The maid blinked her eyes, and then said with a chuckle: "It seems that, Master, your dependents have been able to integrate into the life of [Kunlun] very well. ."


  【Xia Ji】's pupils swayed imperceptibly... There are many situations in which you can become a dependent, but the premise is—【Luo Shen】Holy Land.

   Did it hear something wrong?

  【Xia Ji】can't help but instinctively start to self-examine his own thinking circuit...especially the auditory aspect.

   "[Luo Shen] Saint Si Wuxie of the Holy Land will be one of the heroines of the movie." The maid narrowed her eyes at this time, "It seems to be a movie with two heroines."

  Boss Luo's face was a little weird, "I seem to have seen this movie script somewhere."

   His eyes finally fell on the line of the report: this film will be directed by the famous director of the alliance, the best director of the 88th Alliance Hundred Immortals Award [Li Xiaoer].

   "The 88th consecutive year..."

  —【Li Xiaoxiaoer】What the hell.

  Boss Luo shook his head. It seems that Lord Tianzun also has an interesting soul... He flipped another page of the electronic newspaper.

  I saw on the news that:

  [Recently, the Demon Realm Palace will send a mission to visit the Grand Alliance. The two parties will discuss new cooperation in various aspects. 】

  【This is three hundred years ago, Yaojing once again officially announced an official visit, the last time was when the chairman of the alliance parliament, Donghai Emperor Shen Gongbao was in office...]

  [Between the alliance and the demon realm, the tense situation may be expected to break the ice and end the Cold War phase that has lasted for more than two hundred years...]

   blah blah blah.

   "By the way, Miss Nan won't come back tonight?" Boss Luo suddenly asked.

   "Looks like yes... They said they were busy."



  Fire Cloud…Military base.

  Teacher is definitely an action school...the kind of MAX executive. After Murong Wufu and Baili Daxiong ended the secret office chat and took their actions, the teacher immediately found Murong Wufu.

   Until now, [Red Boy] still didn't know what Teacher Xiao Nan was going to do.

   At this moment, she appeared in front of Murong Wufu in the appearance of [Bing Brother No. 2]—a military uniform was messed up, the buttons were misplaced, the sleeves were pinched up, and the air was flowing.

  【Brother Bing No. 2】Just like that, he walked past Murong Wufu without looking at him, without even salute.


  I saw Murong Wufu frowning slightly at this time. For someone like him who can remember clearly whether a fire box is placed in an inconspicuous corner on weekdays, it is really hard to tolerate such a sloppy image of the soldiers below.

   "Adjutant, what's the matter?" [Brother Bing No. 2] turned around, scratched his head and said, "I was going to take a shower..."

   "Who are you." Murong Wufu asked directly, "What is the purpose of sneaking into the military base?"

   [Bing Brother No. 2] The [Red Boy] in his body was suddenly shocked... The base's adjutant's sense of touch is too keen, or is the teacher's transformation technique seen through?

   "Mr. Murong, didn't we meet just now?" I saw [Brother Bing No. 2] blinking his eyes calmly at this time: "You reached out and touched me just now."


  I saw Murong Wufu's eyes condensed, and a nine-section whip had an instant it went straight.

   "Really, I've been very careful!" [Brother Bing No. 2] said seriously, "The fire box you touched just now is me!"

   "What?" Murong Wufu couldn't help but be stunned.

   However, at this moment, the arm of [Bing Brother No. 2] unexpectedly changed into a cannon... The purple-red light beam shot directly at Murong Wufu at a terrifying speed.

   "What is this?" Murong Wufu changed his face subconsciously, but he was wearing a high-strength body protection fairy clothes, as long as the shield of the fairy clothes was not emptied, he would not...

   Consciousness was rapidly blurring... Murong Wufu swayed slightly before falling straight to the ground.

[Brother Bing No. 2] At this time, carrying the artillery on his arm, he slowly came to Murong Wufu, raised his foot and kicked twice, seeing that the adjutant had no response, he spit out [Red Boy] directly, "Niu , get ready to work."

   "Teacher, what kind of weapon are you...?" [Red Boy] looked at the teacher's hand cannon slightly absentmindedly, only surprised.

   "Hello." Miss Nan said casually: "This is just a low-power concussion cannon. I'm afraid that he can't hold it for more than one ten thousandth of a shot at this guy."

  —The teacher is bragging again.

  —But I don't know why, I always like to see the teacher's self-confidence when he is bragging.

  The girl quickly said, "What should I do?"

   "The enemy is ashamed, I will take off his clothes!"



  The base training ground, a group of soldiers just finished a day of training, covered in sweat... But under the strict military regulations, they still maintained order, and exited the field neatly under the leadership of the officer.

   "Stand at attention! Salute!"

   The commander drank abruptly in a deep voice, only to see the base adjutant, walking forward with both hands, as if he was inspecting.

   All the soldiers did not dare to make mistakes, and instantly stopped their chests, waiting for the inspection by the adjutant of the base.

  【Murong Wufu】At this time, he was walking by the rows of soldiers, and from time to time, he would stretch out his hands and squeeze the arms of these soldiers, beat them back, and even lightly pat the soldiers' strong chest muscles.

   "The training is good." [Murong Wufu] said indifferently at this time.

   Not to mention, being able to get the praise of the highly authoritative Adjutant Murong in the base is a very proud thing for the soldiers and brothers... It seems that the fatigue of a day's training today has disappeared.

   "To protect Huoyun!" Everyone shouted in unison.

   "I'm going to get something." [Murong Wufu] then named a big-muscle tyrant brother with huge chest muscles, "Come with me to carry things."

  The officer who led the team said directly at this time: "Second Class Chen Liang is out of the queue, listen to the commander!"


   The second-class soldier with big pectoral muscles stepped out of the queue and hurriedly followed the adjutant of the base under the envious eyes of the soldiers.


The second-class soldier followed the adjutant of the base all the way, but he came to the training hall of a base. This is a venue that can only be used by senior officers. It has a separate training room, a full supply of spiritual energy, and can adjust the gravity... The training is completed. Afterwards, there are guards who specialize in massage to help relieve fatigue.

  I saw that the adjutant of the base opened one of the separate training rooms at random, "Come in."


   The second-class soldier didn't dare to be wrong when he heard the words, and quickly walked into the training room... It was just that the training room was clean and tidy, as if it had not been used, and there was no sign of debris.

   Brother Bing couldn't help but wonder, this place doesn't seem to have anything to move...


The door of the    training room suddenly closed.

Brother   Bing was still standing upright at this time. As a [Vulcan Congregation], he completely obeyed the orders of his superiors. Before the orders of his superiors, he could stand until he couldn't carry it.

   At this time, Brother Bing only felt a palm on his shoulder... He was gently pinching his shoulder.

   "It's really good training, and your body is good. How long have you been at the base?"

  Although he had doubts in his heart, Brother Bing responded quickly: "Back to the adjutant, I have been at the base for three years!"

"I've been here for three years before I got promoted to Second Class? The speed is too slow." [Murong Wufu] shook his head at this time, walked in front of Brother Bing, and said solemnly: "Second Class Chen Liang, now I have an important issue. The task is to be given to you, and if things are done well, you will be promoted."

  Brother Bing was stunned for a moment, and then he was ecstatic... Could it be that the adjutant has taken a fancy to him and wanted to be a sparring partner in the training room?

   Will he be beaten to death by Murong Adjutant?

   Never mind, as long as you can resist and become the adjutant's exclusive sparring, you will have a chance to get out in the army in the future!

   "Listen to the commander's orders!" Brother Bing said loudly at this time.

   At this time, he saw [Murong Wufu] sitting directly on a chair, and said indifferently, "Take off your coat first, then put on this one."

   The adjutant of the base threw a bag to Brother Bing.

   Brother Bing took off his military jacket without saying a word, leaving only the little vest with bottoming inside... He took the bag and subconsciously thought: It seems that it is a training uniform, and the adjutant is well prepared.

   He squatted down quickly, opened the bag, and stretched out his hand to take out the clothes from the bag—the soldiers always do things quickly.

   But in the next second, Brother Bing was completely stupid.

   Brother Bing was devoured by electricity at this time, like petrification.

However, the adjutant of the base sneered at this time: "Why, don't you want to? I called you here because I look up to you, you'd better not be ignorant... You must know that if you offended me at the Huoyun military base, you will What happened."

   "Lord you kidding me?" Brother Bing took a deep breath, "I respect you, but I didn't expect you to be..."

   saw the base adjutant sneer at this moment, his arm shook, and a nine-section whip instantly shook out, and slapped the ground fiercely.

  Bing brother suddenly felt cold.

  [Murong Wufu] licked his lips and said, "Little cutie, even struggling can make me excited."

  The adjutant of the base walked up to Brother Bing step by step, and suddenly pulled out a whip. Brother Bing was stunned, and his body was firmly slapped. Immediately, the flesh was pulled open, and a scarlet bloodstain appeared.

   When the adjutant of the base drew the second whip again, Brother Bing instinctively reached out and grabbed the nine-section long whip.

   "Second Class Soldier, are you going to disobey your superior's order?" [Murong Wufu] shouted fiercely at this time, "Stand me in a military posture!"

   Brother Bing was furious, green roots protruding on his forehead, but he still held the whip tightly.

  [Murong Wufu] sneered: "You can resist me, but I wonder if your family can resist me... I'll open the door of this training room for you now, and you drive away."

   Brother Bing was stunned, only to see that the door of the training room suddenly let out the air, and it was really released.

"Going out of this door, you will be arrested on the charge of treason and treason." [Murong Wufu] narrowed his eyes and said, "Listen, you betrayed the secrets of the Huoyun Army, and you are connected with your parents, your family. They are all spies sent by foreign forces and have been lurking in Huoyun for many years."

   "You!" Brother Bing gritted his teeth, his angry fists could no longer be suppressed.

   "You attacked me, and the crime is confirmed." [Murong Wufu] said indifferently: "Trust me, your parents will never survive tonight."

   "Scholars can be killed, but not humiliated! I came to the Huoyun Army to protect Huoyun!" Brother Bing roared, and the fist finally slammed out.

   However, the moment the fist was about to focus on the adjutant of the base, it stopped.

I only heard a thud, Brother A Bing was already kneeling on the ground, and the fist that punched with all his strength actually hit the floor... He pressed his fist against the floor, trembling all over, opened his mouth and said with difficulty: "Adjutant, please ...please spare my family! I do...whatever you ask me to do, I will do it!"



   At this time, he was pressing instant noodles in the research room, and Li Jianyi, who was looking at anything because he was bored and waited, couldn't help but drop his chin... I just felt that the fragrant instant noodles were not fragrant in an instant.

   "Hey... This Huoyun military base is really dirty!"



   "How can this happen... how can this happen..."

Baili Daxiong was stunned at this moment, as if he had been struck by lightning. At this time, the entire Huoyun military base, from the officer's lounge to the big screen in the dining hall, was the soldier Chen Liang humiliatingly changing his clothes. closeup.

   "Close...Close! Shut down the monitoring of training room No. 17!" Nobita Baili roared at this time: "Close it for me!"

   Murong Wufu what he wants to do!

   Moreover, it is necessary to use such a vicious method of coercion... From now on, do you need to bring the team!

   "Who the **** is doing the little husband?"

   All the screens of the base, it is impossible for this scene to be played by coincidence... Nobita Baili is almost going crazy at this time!

   (end of this chapter)

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