Trafford’s Trading Club - Chapter 2789 The ultimate test of becoming a branch manager

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   Chapter 2789 The final trial to become a branch manager

   Baili Nobita hurried all the way, while continuing to roar at the subordinates in the control room... However, the content in the training room could not be prevented from spreading in the base.

   "Won't you cut off the energy?!"

   "No, Commander... The energy lines here are basically out of control, unless the main switch of the base is closed. But once the main energy switch of the base is closed..."

  Nobita Baili's face was terrifyingly gloomy at this time... It was naturally impossible to pull the main energy gate of the base - some equipment, even two or even three sets of energy supply systems, was to maintain its non-stop operation.

   But on the corridor, in the dining hall, in the training hall, in the major equipment rooms... and even in the soldier's dormitory, all the images in the training room are about to enter the restricted level... Nobita Baili felt that things were starting to get out of control.

At this time, the second-class soldier brother, who had already changed into the [Thousand Sakura] suit, his eyes were red, and his face was painful, but he had to kneel on the ground in submission, in a voice that was almost choked, "Mr. Murong, I hope you can keep your promise... When you're done, just let my family go!"

   "Well, it depends on your performance! Now... put this whip in the back for me, and then slowly climb over for me."

   Murong Wufu's sinful and powerful smile is everywhere.

   "Cut me! Cut off the energy supply to the entire base!"

   Nobita Baili made a decisive decision at this time.

   "But Commander..."

   "What's the problem, I'll take it!"

Nobita Baili took a deep breath, he had to do this - because another worse thing has happened... In a certain area of ​​​​the base, there was a riot at this time, and a group of senior officers couldn't stand it. The soldier who used coercion to intimidate his subordinates... angry!


  No one can use their parents as a threat!

   Not to mention this kind of thing that tramples on dignity.

"I'm going to fight with Murong old man!" At this time, in a large area, a short, but handsome in profile, a soldier brother who insisted that he was a male, was accusing in an angry crowd, "I originally I thought I was the only victim, but I didn't expect... I didn't expect it!"

   The little soldier brother, at this time, punched the wall of the base with a punch, and the fire on his fist seemed to be the anger in this soldier brother's heart!

   "I was brought up by my grandmother since I was a child... I have only one relative! Murong old man, he even sold her into a fire pit! She is over 150 years old!"

   "True and False..."

   "Of course it's true! That night, he said he was going to guide me in my practice and ordered me to go to his room. Then he, then he..."

   The short soldier is too handsome... The big muscle tyrants practice every day, all year round, and they are beautiful in everything - not to mention really beautiful.

   "He, what happened to him!"

   There are sounds of inhalation all around.

I saw the little Brother Bing grabbing his collar with one hand, his face pale and his lips trembling... Suddenly, the little Brother Bing jumped out of the crowd, "Grandma is gone, I don't care anymore... Today, everyone I can't stop me from killing the old Murong husband! Those who stop me die!"


  The energy supply of the Huoyun military base was cut off... The entire base was dark at this time, and the soldiers could no longer see the prohibited content on the screen.

   But Nobita Baili was not happy at all at this time.

   "Fight the old man Murong!"

   "Rescue Chen Liang!"

   "Reject workplace bullying!"

   "Return my Huoyun military base to the bright world!"

   "I recommend Rakshasa with my blood!"

   "It's a brother, go and hack him to death with me!"

Nobita Baili could no longer take care of it, he broke out all the way, rampaged, and rushed to the training hall site - but when he arrived, the passage of the training hall was already filled with anger... The runaway soldiers and brothers were completely blocked, especially that was full of sin Yes, the unnamed [Room N] single training room!

   "Are you going to rebel!"

   Baili Nobita roared... He even used the sound wave technique, which instantly shocked the soldiers around him, dizzy.

But there are so many people that even his sonic technique can't cover the audience. I saw in front of the door of [Room N], a few leading soldiers have poured all their strength into their arms at this time, crazy. bombarded the door of the training room.

boom-! !

   "It's open!" an elder brother shouted.

"let me!"

   Then I saw the big soldier on the other side kicked out with one leg and kicked the door of the training room open in one piece... The evil [No. N] training room's ugliness was instantly reflected in everyone's sight!

At this moment, in the room, I saw the adjutant of the base, lying on the body of the second-class soldier in the [Senben Sakura] suit... When the door was kicked open, the loud sound made the adjutant of the base subconsciously lift. head over.

   Murong Wufu looked at all this blankly at this time, but when he felt that he was completely naked, there was a man under him, and someone broke into the door, he knew that something was wrong.

   is overcast!

"What are you going to do! Is there still military discipline?" Murong Wufu sighed in a deep voice. He knew that what he had to do at this time was to control the environment under the block - all the members were male, and he didn't care whether he was covered or not. The thing, stood up directly, "Get me out!"

   He believed in the majesty he had accumulated in this base.

  Suddenly, the faces of the crowded soldiers and brothers outside the door changed slightly, maybe it was really because of their great prestige.

"Humph! Are people like you worthy of military regulations?" An angry voice sounded from the crowd: "Brothers, look at the second-class soldier Chen Liang on the ground! If you don't eradicate this demon today, you will lie down tomorrow. It may be you and me who are humiliated on earth!"

   "Fight the old man Murong!"

   "I hit the Murong dog thief!"

"Wait, you guys..." Murong Wufu was horrified at this time, and he seemed pale and powerless to say anything. I saw that the out-of-control soldiers and brothers had rushed into the training room frantically, and rushed towards him. !

  Murong Wufu is also a veteran who has experienced hundreds of battles, and his first-hand army punching is also superb... However, when the shock was about to defend, a numb feeling made him unable to increase his energy.

   But in the blink of an eye, Murong Wufu was directly pressed to the ground by the crowd!

   "Kill this old dog to death!"

   "Break up his evil tools!"

   "Fight the power!"

   "Hit... You guys come on~~"

At the end of the corridor at the other end, [Bing Brother No. 2] shouted and retreated at the same time... As he retreated, the person disappeared—[Bing Brother No. 2] was soon at another part of the corridor, with the short Brother soldiers meet.

   I saw the short brother Bing retreated his clothes, and immediately walked into the body of [Brother Bing No. 2].

   "Teacher... Would it be too miserable for Adjutant Murong to do this..."

   "You acted so hard just now?"

"Isn't this what you asked me to do..." The girl muttered in the gray fog space, and then said: "In this way, can you really bring down Murong Wufu? But Baili Daxiong is still nothing. nor?"

   "What's the hurry, this is the beginning." Seeing [Bing Brother No. 2] smiling at this moment, he immediately took out a stack of dictionary-thick photos, counting them like he was counting money.

  【Red Boy】Looking at this stack of photos in disbelief, everyone was dumbfounded, "This... how could this be?"

   "Just printed it out... let's go, let's go to Murong's room first, and then go to Baili Daxiong's room, then wait for the play! Your mother... Oh, your empress should be here too"

Of course she knew that it was printed out... But when did the teacher fight, it was as if she had prepared it a long time ago - the girl at this time did not know that almost one-third of Huoyun's military base was already She was revitalized by her important teacher [Xiao Nan].



   "Give me, stop!"

   In the roar of anger, the soldiers and brothers who were already in a hurry did not stop. As a last resort, Nobita Baili burst out with an incomparably fierce aura, blasting the crowd directly.

   Then Baili Nobita punched out with a punch, forcibly blasting a path through the crowd—in the end, Nobita Baili saw Murong Wufu.

   But at this time, the childhood playmate who had been with him for many years and had been regarded as a confidant was dying at this time... Murong Wufu's whole body was almost incomplete, only the slightly undulating chest.

Not far away, the male (female?) protagonist of the scandal, the second-class soldier Chen Liang, was wearing a blanket and was guarded by several soldiers... As always, Chen Liang still bowed his head and said nothing. , as if he had lost his soul.

   Baili Nobita's mouth twitched a few times, and he walked towards Chen Liang with a gloomy face.

   However, at this time, a group of soldiers stood directly in front of Nobita Baili—one group after another, row after row.

   "What are you doing!" Baili Daxiong said coldly: "Who do you think I am!"

"I'm sorry, Commander." I saw a soldier brother said sternly at this time: "Today, we must keep him... Otherwise, how can we be worthy of the blood of this body! We are the [Huosheng], who protect Huoyun. Soldiers! Not the playthings of high-ranking officers!"

   A pair of cold eyes stared at him.

Baili Daxiong couldn't help but shudder... If he is partial at this time, it is almost equivalent to being the enemy of the soldiers in the entire base... Just kidding, he is not the eighth-order Taoist ninth-order emperor, I am afraid that people have not climbed out, they have already been Drowning in saliva.

   "Don't worry!" Nobita Baili took a deep breath and said, "I thought the commander of the base assured me that I must investigate this matter and give you an explanation!"

   "What more needs to be investigated! Something we all saw with our own eyes!"

   "Are you going to abuse lynching!" Nobita Baili said angrily.

"Isn't Adjutant Murong abusing his power?" Everyone said angrily, "Look at Chen Liang, look at him like this! What a hot-blooded man he is! He was tortured like this! Do you know how much he has endured in his heart? Pain! He will definitely not be the first victim! God knows how many people have not escaped the murderous hands of the Murong thief over the years!"


   There was a loud noise, and Baili Daxiong slapped the floor with his palm at this time, and the entire floor could not help but vibrate a little.

   Everyone was shocked at first, and then said angrily, "Commander, do you want to use violence... Commander?"

   But he saw that Nobita Baili stabbed a saber directly on his right chest... This scene shocked everyone.

"Me! Nobita Baili! Guarantee my life!" Nobita Baili, who was enduring the pain, said solemnly: "I will definitely give you justice in exchange! If you don't trust me, you can fight now. kill me!"

   He looked around with eyes like a tiger, but blood kept oozing from his chest and dripping onto the ground.


   I saw Nobita Baili walking forward step by step at this time, and the elder brothers who were standing in front of the second-class soldiers had no choice but to move away silently.

   "Your name is Chen Liang." Nobita Baili stood in front of the private at this moment.

  Chen Liang subconsciously raised his head.

   Baili Daxiong said solemnly: "Do you believe me or not."

   "Si...Commander..." The second-class soldier, brother, banged his brain at this time, and his heart broke in an instant, and he said hoarsely: "Please let me call the shots! Commander!"

   "I will never tolerate it!" Nobita Baili pulled the knife out of his chest.

   Immediately, the blood-stained dagger shot out in an instant, and it was thrown at Murong Wufu, who was dying on the ground... At this time, Daxiong Baili only sighed inwardly.

  —Xiaofu, don’t blame me…

  —even if you were framed this time...

  —Only in this way can I maintain my reputation... The Fire Cloud Army is my hard work!

  The dagger contained a powerful force, and it was easy to penetrate an unsuspecting person... However, at this time, the dagger that flew out was knocked into the air by something.


   Baili Nobita's eyes narrowed, and in the crowd, there was a young man holding a silver-black hand cannon, wearing golden glasses, a suit and leather shoes... There was still gunpowder smoke on the hand cannon.

   "Liujinghe?" Baili Daxiong said in amazement, "Why are you here?!"

   "Hello, General Baili." The young man with golden glasses just greeted indifferently, then withdrew his hand cannon and turned around slowly.

   At this time, among the crowd, Tie Luosha came with a cold expression on his face... In addition to leaving the Iron Rakshasa, he was accompanied by several senior generals from the [Fire Dragon God].

   Nobita Baili's brain was pounding at this time, and the situation finally became clear, but at this time, it became extremely complicated because of the arrival of Iron Rakshasa.

   Suddenly, Baili Daxiong was enlightened.

   It's not that someone is messing with Murong Wufu... someone is messing with him!

   "Baili, I hope you can give me an explanation."



   "Tell me what the **** is going on."

The    soldiers have dispersed...but not far away, this matter has spread to the entire base of the Red Cloud Army.

   Nobita Baili frowned. In front of him and behind him, the group of senior non-commissioned officers on the [Fire Dragon God] almost blocked all roads alive or secretly.

   "This matter is completely what Murong said, and I have been kept in the dark!" Nobita Baili said sternly at this time: "I didn't expect that you would be alarmed... It's really my dereliction of duty!"

   Thinking of the uncontrolled period of the entire base, Nobita Baili couldn't help but have a very bad idea at this time... Could it be that the surveillance at that time was not only broadcast in the base, but even the Tie Luosha was also broadcast live simultaneously?

  In that case...

   "Neglect? I think it's not just dereliction of duty, right?" I only heard a general of the [Fire Dragon God] sneer: "I think this is complete dereliction of duty, General Baili!"

   "What do you mean by that?" Baili Daxiong said solemnly: "Make it clear!"

  The general sneered and said nothing.

  Nobita Baili looked at Tie Rakshasa, "Mayor, I am a soldier, and I must not be allowed to slander me like this! You'd better give me an explanation!"

   Tie Luosha breathed a sigh of relief at this time, waved his hand, and saw Liu Jinghe take a few steps and threw out a briefcase.

  The bag was spread out, and a pile of documents and photos were scattered inside.

   Seeing those scattered photos, Baili Daxiong was completely blinded... In these photos, not only Murong Wufu, but also many pictures of soldiers who were [played with] by Murong Wufu, and even... him!

   "I have to say, General Baili, you played really well." The battleship general said with a strange yin and yang: "I don't know the entire Huoyun military base. How many wives do you have?"

   "Slander!" Baili Daxiong suddenly shuddered and said excitedly: "This is completely slander! What era is this! Can't you see such a simple forgery!"

"General Baili." Liu Jinghe said indifferently: "I still have an informative letter here... The letter says that over the years, you have used various illegal means to force soldiers to conduct immoral transactions, and through this means, you have been promoted to one. The approved middle-level officers, in addition to embezzling military expenses, deducting wages, developing illegal weapons without permission, etc., a total of 17 items."

   "Slander! Slander!"

   "You just wanted to kill Murong Wufu, did you want to kill someone! He knows you have too much!"

   "Slander! Slander!"

   "Huh, we found a lot of similar photos in the secret room of Murong Wufu and yours! It seems that you not only play, but also aftertaste, right?"

   "Framed! I'm not convinced!"

   Nobita Baili was covered in cold sweat at this time, like a mad lion!

  However, the officers around him were questioning him repeatedly. Under the repeated questions, Daxiong Baili was furious, "I'm not! I didn't! You frame me! I'm not convinced!"

   "Do you still want to take Huoyun as your own, occupy the Iron Mayor, and become your plaything!"

"Damn! How could I like a woman like Tie Luosha who was ridden by Niu Daguang! The most I want is fire clouds..." At this time, Baili Daxiong seemed to be possessed by ten thousand years of ice, and suddenly hit Chills.

  Damn...what did he just say!

  I saw death all around, and everyone looked at Nobita Baili as if they had seen a dead man.

   Baili Daxiong panicked at this moment, swallowed subconsciously, and when he looked at Tie Luosha again, he saw that Tie Luosha was just looking at him with a blank expression.

   "Continue." Tie Luosha said indifferently: "I want to continue listening. Besides being a woman who was badly ridden by Niu Daguang, what else do I have? Why don't you say anything?"

"No...Princess Rakshasa, I'm just...I just lost control for a while, I just..." Baili Daxiong knew that something was wrong, he instantly dared to be evil, and gritted his teeth, "Iron Rakshasa! Today is either your death or my death. !"

   But in the next second, all the officers around the battleship, Liujinghe, had already shot, and everyone shot in unison, and in a single meeting, Nobita Baili was directly pressed to the ground.

  Liu Jinghe even took a special suppressor and put it directly on Baili Nobita's neck, imprisoning his Reiki application.

   I saw Tie Luosha waved his hand directly at this time, and said indifferently: "I don't want to see this person again in the future."



  Huoyun Military Headquarters, hills outside the base.

  Two beers stuffed with lemon slices touched each other slowly.

   The girl had a look of excitement at this time, and a flush of excitement after doing something bad quietly came out, "Teacher, you are really amazing!"

"What kind of power do I have, such absurd actions... it's just a surprise. The real power, the real decisive factor is your mother's power." Miss Nan shrugged, "Sometimes, for powerful parents, you have to do Yes, it's just a matter of adding fuel to the flames."

The girl held her face in her hands and looked at Teacher Xiao Nan, "Before, even Uncle Sun wouldn't teach me to do these things... teach me how to help my parents. Teacher, you... will you leave me in the future? ?"

  Sand Ah Nan drinks and does not speak.

  Girls worry about gains and losses.

   "I'm very expensive." Miss Nan said coldly: "And she's still a bad woman, I'm not sure one day, I'll sell you?"

"I'm not afraid!"

  Miss Nan chuckled lightly, but snatched half of the beer from the girl's hand, "Minor, that's it."

   She took it and drank it herself... Thoughts were drifting.



  —Then, Miss Nan, you...have you got the answer?

  —yes… as you wish, my boss.

  —Then, your final trial before you become the manager of the [Blue] branch... Please give me the soul of that girl.

   (end of this chapter)

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