Upgrade Beyond Rampage - Chapter 4267 Golden Blood Holy Rat Kingdom

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]Supreme Divine Skill Three: Mysterious Crystal Barrier (Samsung River)

Obviously, Zeng Hu misunderstood Tang Yi's meaning.

【Merit】: 96635600

4267--Andrew Golden Blood Holy Rat Kingdom

But Zeng Hu didn't understand this meaning, but thought that Tang Yi felt that the top of the world palace was not satisfied, and wanted to go to a wider world.

[Power of the Universe]: two hundred and twenty-two thousand and eleven

[Sub-profession]: star-level alchemy (refining alchemy stars), star-level blacksmithing (forging stars), Shinto-level puppetry (puppet quasi-god)...

While the two were talking, they headed deeper into the cave. Tang Yi also killed the golden blood holy rat he met on the road, and quickly raised his level.

After walking through the narrow passage of the cave for about ten minutes, Tang Yi and Zeng Hu left the narrow passage and came to a...huge lair!


Supreme Skill One: Flying Star (Ten Thousand Galaxy)

[Halo]: Galaxy halo (one hundred and fifty galaxies)

Huge lair!

Supreme Divine Skill Four: Ice Soul King Butterfly (10,000 points in Three Star River)

What Tang Yi wanted to express was just to improve his strength and protect his relatives, so enough, not to be full of ambitions to climb to the top of some realm palace.

[Special Item Bar 5/5]:

[Shen Technique]: Yulong Tianqing Technique (Ten Star River)

Supreme Divine Skill 2: Nine Nether Divine Light (Two Galaxy)

[Title]: Lord of the Galaxy (One Hundred Universes)

"With Tang Yi's goal, the top of the Boundary Palace is far from your limit. You should not only be limited to the Boundary Palace, but a wider sky. I heard that there is a wider sky outside the Boundary Palace , the territory there is wider, and the strength of the warriors is also stronger. Tang Yi, you should belong there."

[Finishing Move]: Eye of the Universe (One Hundred Universes)

Maybe even in the center of Jinshan, the entire center of Jinshan might be hollowed out.

And next, Tang Yi didn't stop improving, let alone that he didn't want to improve.

【Angel coin】: 34773100

Main Weapon: Tai Ah Black Biter (Ten Billion Galaxies)

Zeng Hu said.

[Level]: 33 (three-star fourth-tier) 6-star fourth-tier

[Stellar Passive Special Effects]: Galaxy Barrier

Supreme Divine Skill Five: Eternal Slash (One Hundred Universes)

It was a huge space, this space was extremely wide, at least bigger than dozens of football fields, it looked like a completely different world, completely different from the narrowness, jaggedness and messiness in the cave before.

[Special parts]:

Body: Legendary Body (One Hundred Star River)


[Weapon bar]:

[Galaxy Technology]:

Of course, that's not the point.


Of course, there is obviously a mistake in it. Tang Yi also knew that Zeng Hu had misunderstood it, but he didn't intend to explain it.

Special props column 4: Power Talisman (5000 points of power of five stars)

Hands: Hand of Apotheosis (---)

Obviously this is a hollow area in Jinshan!

[Vehicle]: Black Demon Battleship (one million galaxies)

"The top of the Boundary Palace?"

【Armor column】:

The two left the passage, and immediately saw another world.

Secondary Weapon: Qinghong Sword (1500 Galaxies)

Here is orderly, the gravel everywhere has basically been filled up, and everywhere is flat.

The point is, the huge space in front of me has become a huge golden kingdom!

【Stellar coins】: 80 pieces

After all, the more you explain this topic, the deeper the misunderstanding will be. It is better to let Zeng Hu continue to misunderstand.

[Star point]: 1/999999 points

"Actually, I don't care about the top of the Boundary Palace. I just want to keep getting stronger, so strong that no one can threaten me. Only in this way can I protect the people I want to protect and do what I want to do." Things. I only have such a small goal, as for the top of the Boundary Palace... this is not my goal."

Instead, he had already left the narrow passage.

[Special column]: Jiuyou Endless Boundless Fire (10000000), Tianmu Zifeng Bottle, Tianquan Yuye.

Eye parts: Eye of the Galaxy (Hundred Star River)

[Player]: Tang Yi

Special prop column 2: Fairy Ball (Ten Star River)

Tang Yi said.

Special item column three: universal amulet (5000000)

On the basis of the original, it has been upgraded by three levels, officially breaking through the seventh level, and becoming a warrior of the seventh level of star realm.

Special item column 1: Heaven and Earth Promise hand card (5000)

After walking forward for about ten minutes, Tang Yi's level reached the seventh-order star level!

[Forging Column]: Divine Gong Tianzheng Hammer (200,000), Yehuo Burning Heaven Furnace (200,000)

Helmet: Ultimate Helmet (One Hundred Universes)

Special item column five: Qinglong Talisman (one million stars + 5% promotion)

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