Wizard: Lord of the Elements - v2 Chapter 1232 Reincarnated God Fish

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He is the other, and the other is him, coming from nothing, disappearing from nothing, without any memory at all. And all the memories were born in these decades.

He is the first creature ever born in this world.

Even so, this world no longer belongs to him. The world evolved, the godhead was born, and the world has handed over the rights to the gods.

Doré was once just a tool for the birth of the world, but now, his tool gave birth to consciousness, and he no longer belongs to this world.

He has a unique emotion for the world, but the world has no interest in him.

He looked at the ground under his feet with some fascination, and then the scarab clone slowly flew out of the city.

This city is just a scenery on his journey, not the end. Duo Lai doesn't care much about the grievances and resentments that happened here. After getting the memories before, these are just like the wind blowing on the cheek So boring.

The scarab left the city, or even the world, and came to the God Realm.

This time, he didn't hide any power, but unscrupulously released his power to swim freely in the God Realm.

In the God Realm is a dense energy, and there are many **** kingdoms of the gods, like floating islands, forming the whole world.

When he saw the Kingdom of God, he shook his head slightly.

The world here evolved slowly after him, and it was not created by him, but the rules here are very strange, which is also an important sign of world changes.

In the future, if the Alpha world becomes a big world, a God Realm will also be born.

While he was thinking, four powerful forces that would destroy the world shot out from the respective divine kingdoms in all directions, and shrouded in his own direction.

One is from the kingdom of light, one is from the kingdom of darkness, one is from the kingdom of life, and the other is from the kingdom of destruction.

The four forces, one stronger than the other, surged unscrupulously, as if they wanted to submerge the place where Dole was.

Seeing Dole's avatar, none of the four major powers made a move, and they were more restrained. They all knew that this was an avatar, and it didn't make any sense to do it.

Four tyrannical forces surged out, the huge power radiated inside and outside, even the entire God Realm was shaken, and all the God Kingdom was in turmoil. I don't know how many people looked at this area in fear.

Duo Lai was surrounded by many forces, and his expression didn't even change. Around him, he was surrounded by the causal forces of fate, earth, fire, feng shui, and space.

As the first **** born in the world, he even made the tablet of fate and slate of cause and effect by himself, how could these people do anything to him.

Seeing this, the four **** kings all showed shocked expressions. At this time, a demon was born in each of them, and they looked at Dole with ambition and fierceness.

The God King of Light took the lead in attacking, "Who are you? After obtaining the Space Godhead, are you planning to establish the Kingdom of God?"

Looking at the four great **** kings, Duo Lai felt the energy almost overflowing from them, and said with a faint smile, "I want to tell you a story, can someone listen?"

The Dark God King immediately became irritable, "Who will listen to your story, hand over the space godhead quickly, otherwise, the Light God King's Holy Order of Light will kill even your real deity."

Dole turned his head calmly, looking at the Dark God King.

"The Tablet of Fate is in my hands, who can kill me?"

Hearing this, the God King of Life, the God King of Destruction, and the God King of Darkness were all shocked, and they all looked at the God King of Light.

The face of the King of Light is a bit ugly. What does Dole mean by bringing this matter up now? Is he trying to hit his glorious image?

He snorted coldly and stopped talking.

But at this time, the other three **** kings became a little jealous. When did these two fight against each other, and even the slate of cause and effect was snatched away by the other party. Who is this person?

At this moment, in the void, a small fish suddenly jumped out of the power of the four great **** kings. He seemed to have no power on his body, and he ignored all kinds of power, like a fish in a painting, Jumped out, spitting bubbles, and disappeared back to nowhere.

Seeing this little fish, everyone's expressions were ugly. The real supreme **** king, the reincarnated **** fish, is said to have mastered the power of time, so he couldn't grasp it at all.

The four **** kings looked at Duo Lai together. The reincarnated **** fish hadn't come out for many years, and it was obvious that it was not for them to come out now.

Duo Lai looked at the four people, standing high in the sky, ignoring all the energy around him, and then said slowly, "Let me tell you a story."

"Void is the nothingness of everything, and it is dark. Suddenly, one day, a bubble was born in the void. Void felt that it would be interesting to have one more bubble, so it added a lot of things to this bubble that should not have been born."

"Thus, the bubble slowly turned into a ball with a substance. As more things were added, the more things were inside the ball. Later, the ball exploded."

"The ball has become a universe, a world, and the most essential part of the ball has become a lump of iron."

"Hundreds of thousands of years have passed quickly, and he has deteriorated, becoming a place covered with all kinds of dust,

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