Wizard: Lord of the Elements - v2 Chapter 1233 end

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At this moment, Dorai waved his hand, and the God of Light seemed to be drained of strength suddenly. With a scream, the light emitting from the dog's body suddenly went out, and a huge godhead was stripped from his body. At the same time, several godheads flew out together.

As soon as these godheads flew out, all the power of the God King of Light collapsed and dissipated. The power that had almost enveloped the entire God Realm boomed, retracted, and then disappeared.

The King of Light God turned into an ordinary wizard at the law level. He stood in the sky and looked at Dole in horror.

Everyone was shocked at this moment, they looked at Dole in disbelief, the story he told was true.

Dolei glanced at the God of Light, and the God of Light suddenly exploded with a bang.

The other three **** kings were stunned.

They quickly withdrew their strength and stood in front of Dole as if they were elementary school students.

He killed a **** king with just one look, how terrible it is, the story he told is true, he is the giant who created the world.

Dolai stretched out his hand and took each of the godheads of the light **** king in his hand. He glanced at the dark **** king and said lightly, "Except for the dark godhead, take out all the other godheads."

The dark **** king's face was quite ugly. How could he have suffered such humiliation in so many years? He immediately roared, and the infinite divine power was about to surge on himself.

At this time, facing him, Dolai's face was still calm. The Dark God King thought that the Light God King who had been right with him for countless years would die in an instant, and his heart seemed to be poured with cold water.

The end of resistance is very likely to be death. Between life and death, the balance in his heart gradually compromised to give up.

His breath gradually decreased, he gradually lowered his eyebrows, and finally disappeared into nothingness.

Life and death, he can only choose to live.

As soon as he raised his hand, all kinds of godheads, with seventeen or eighteen marks, flew out together.

Dole held these godheads in his hands casually.

He didn't even look at the God King of Life and the God King of Destruction, turned around and disappeared in place.

The next moment, he came to another world, where there seemed to be streams of milk flowing in the dense snow-white air.

These milks are the laws that maintain the survival of the entire world. From here, it can be seen that some laws are strong in those places, and other laws are strong in those places. The laws of the whole world are not unified.

He watched it over and over again and thought about it carefully.

This is the bottom layer of the whole world. Everything in the world revolves around this white world, and the birth of this world was originally caused by myself. I should be like the creator **** in those novels, standing on the high High top, overlooking the world.

But because of making the rules, I consumed all my strength. Finally, with the help of Xiao Yu'er, after countless years of silence, I was able to reincarnate successfully.

It's just that the master of the world is no longer himself, and he is not the creator **** in people's hearts. Duo Lai feels a little bit silent in his heart. Since this world has little to do with him, then it's time to leave.

He glanced around, feeling a little bit reluctant.

At this moment, the little fish jumped out of the void, spitting bubbles, and a light voice sounded.

"Are you leaving?"

Dorai looked at Xiao Yu'er and nodded. He raised his hand and threw all the stone slabs in his hand to Xiao Yu'er.

"This is a gift for you."

Xiao Yuer happily swallowed the stone slabs one by one, "Thank you."

Dolle looked at each other and said with a faint smile, "I should thank you."

Xiao Yu'er smiled lightly, "Stop talking so much between us, decide where to settle down, and I'll find you when I have nothing to do."

Dolly nodded.

Xiao Yu'er jumped and disappeared into the world again.

The world around him was empty again. He looked at the world around him and sighed slightly.

Fortunately, this life started from zero. If I had been high and high from the beginning, I am afraid that I would be lonely and empty and cold at this time.

He thought about it, and felt that he should return to the world of Alpha.

As long as the Alpha world is pushed to the big world, then I will still be the creator of the world. At that time, I will still be on top, but at that time, there will still be many people with me.

Thinking of this, throw all the godheads obtained from the cubic world in the bottom of the world. These godheads are here, and sooner or later they will be obtained by destined people. The birth of this world will belong to this world, the godhead Contacting the world, there is no way to take it away, he can only comprehend the laws contained in the godhead, and there is no way to directly use the godhead in other worlds.

After doing all this, the body shattered and disappeared between heaven and earth. The body is not his own, it belongs to the former dream **** king, so there is no need for Duo Lai to occupy other people's body.

In the Alpha world, as before, what happened in the cubic world has not been transmitted here at all.

As the most powerful deity in this world, Duo Lai can feel his power growing all the time. It is the continuous concentration of divine power and passive growth. However, he no longer needs divine power. Divine power is for him Totally pointless.

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