World Defying Dan God - Chapter 5200 Temple Warlord

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Just now, both Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing's sister felt locked by a powerful soul consciousness, and they couldn't determine whether it came from the ancient catastrophe or where it came from.

In short, for them, that soul consciousness is very dangerous, so they must immediately distance themselves.

The Mirror of the Six Paths leaped away in an instant, and just as sister Xiaojing and Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief, they suddenly sensed that powerful soul consciousness and chased after them.

"It's a human, not an ancient catastrophe!" Little Jing's younger sister exclaimed, "Brother, this guy is very strong, and it's very likely that he is a time celestial being!"

There was a flash of green light in Chen Xiang's hand, and the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife appeared in his hand. He held the knife tightly, and said in a deep voice: "If it's an ancient catastrophe, it's still quite terrifying. If it's just time and man, it's nothing So scary."

He once had a finger burned off by the Tiangu Dajie, and it disappeared in an instant, but now the Tiangu Dajie on the first floor of the Tiangu Purgatory is getting stronger and stronger, so he is afraid of the Tiangu Dajie. robbery.

If it's just time for heaven and man to come, he is not afraid, and dares to fight with it.

Chen Xiang stood on the mirror of six paths, waiting for the arrival of heaven and man at that time.

"Are you the one who killed Xuanyuan Ling and the others?" Suddenly there came a voice, it was a man's voice.

Chen Xiang looked around, but he didn't see that person, and he couldn't lock where.

However, Chen Xiang probably knew where that person was hiding, most likely in a small space.

For example, he hides in Tianxuan's space, and others have nothing to do with him.

This also shows that this person is really strong!

"I killed it, I am Chen Xiang! You are also a man of time? Are you here to avenge them?" Chen Xiang asked.

The opponent's strength is very strong, and he didn't attack right away, and he was still hiding in the deep space he opened up, which showed that he had some scruples about Chen Xiang, so he didn't show up.

"You killed the people of the Tianren clan in my time, of course I want revenge! What's more, you have come near our Tianren Temple with impure purposes, so I have more reasons to do it!" said the man.

"It can be seen that you have quite a status in the Temple of Heaven and Man. Who are you? What is your last name?"

Chen Xiang is not afraid of the other party, because he can see that the other party is a little imaginary, after all, this is very close to the Temple of Heaven and Man, but the other party is timid.

"I'm Ji Wubai, from the Ji Family of the Time Celestial Clan, and I'm also the ten War Lords of the Celestial Temple!"

Chen Xiang was a little surprised, because this person sounded very powerful, he asked: "Then what level is your strength in the Temple of Heaven and Man? If it's at an average level, I'm not interested in fighting you!"

"Hmph, arrogance!"

Ji Wubai seemed to be irritated by Chen Xiang, he roared, and saw a huge arc of light suddenly flashed in the distance, as if swept out with a knife.

The Mirror of Six Paths immediately stood up to block Chen Xiang's front!

The magic mirror came into contact with this power, and the surrounding space exploded.

Chen Xiang also felt an uncomfortable squeeze, there was a force coming from all directions, squeezing his body.

He circulated the divine power in his body, then surged wildly, and erupted in his body, dispelling the force that was squeezing him.

Also at this time, Ji Wubai appeared behind him, holding a very long machete and sweeping towards him.

With a backhand swing of the Qinglong Demon Slaying Saber in Chen Xiang's hand, it blocked Ji Wubai's blood-red machete.

However, Chen Xiang was also sent flying far away by the opponent's power!

Ji Wubai's divine power was extremely strong, and also had a strong explosive power, Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, he did not expect this person to be so strong.

"Brother, this guy is using the power of the Temple of Heaven and Man! I can feel that there is a space vein connecting his body, giving him power." Sister Xiaojing said.

"No wonder when he makes a shot, there will be such a strong spatial fluctuation, this guy!"

After Chen Xiang knew why the opponent's power was so terrifying, he felt more at ease, because he also had the support of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

"Is this all you have?" Ji Wubai said coldly.

At this moment, Chen Xiang also saw Ji Wubai's appearance. He was tall, thin, handsome, with long flowing blond hair. Although his features were beautiful, his whole body exuded a cold and murderous aura.

He was wearing a white robe, suspended in the void, and the long scimitar in his hand was higher than others. Although he looked at Chen Xiang from a distance, he still gave Chen Xiang a strong sense of oppression.

"My abilities are great!" Chen Xiang said with a smile, "I'm afraid that your Celestial Temple won't be able to withstand it!"

"You are really arrogant. You don't know anything about the power of the Temple of Heaven and Man, and you don't know the power of Heaven and Man in our time." Ji Wubai sneered: "You just use the power of the stars to kill us." Time God, you are not as strong as you imagined."

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "It seems that you also think that I am borrowing the power of Tianguxing? So what? By the way, aren't you using the power of the Temple of Heaven and Man? The power of Temple of Heaven and Man , didn’t it come from the stars?”

Ji Wubai said coldly: "Of course not, the power of the Temple of Heaven and Man comes from time!"

"The power of the stars also comes from time." Chen Xiang laughed.

"But you don't understand time, but we do, we are the sons of time!" After Ji Wubai finished speaking, the long scimitar in his hand pointed at Chen Xiang: "You die!"

Ji Wubai attacked Chen Xiang again, like a golden light beam shot over, the person and the knife seemed to be integrated into one, and it was a very strong knife in an instant.

The space around Chen Xiang was floating, as if Chen Xiang was bound in that space, waiting for Ji Wubai's machete to judge.

In a short moment, it was difficult for Chen Xiang to break free from the constraints of space, he could only block it head-on.

The Mirror of Six Paths appeared, facing Ji Wubai!

Ji Wubai's scimitar landed on the mirror, creating an extremely violent air wave.

Ji Wubai was blown away by the force bounced off the mirror!

At this time, Ji Wubai also knew that the mirror was very scary, and it could easily block his knife and bounce back the power.

If Ji Wubai hadn't dealt with the rebound force just now, it would be equivalent to being attacked by his own knife, and he also felt scared in retrospect.

The moment Ji Wubai was sent flying out, the Magic Mirror of Six Paths flashed golden light.

Chen Xiang also disappeared in the golden light.

When Ji Wubai went to look for Chen Xiang's trace, he found that the space around him began to shrink.

Chen Xiang wanted to use Ji Wubai's tricks against him just now to return it.

"Don't try to succeed!" Ji Wubai's body seemed to burst out with powerful energy, and streaks of dazzling golden light shot out from his body.

The shrinking space around Ji Wubai suddenly stabilized.

And the hidden Chen Xiang was also locked by Ji Wubai's soul consciousness.

All around Chen Xiang, there were golden space fluctuations, and he was banned by space again. ?.

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