World Defying Dan God - Chapter 5207 I don't know the danger

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After Ji Wubai was slammed into the distance, he rushed to the position where Chen Xiang was just now, but Chen Xiang had already flown away, leaving only his voice echoing in his ears.

The two war masters of the temple were also a little angry, because someone rescued people under their hands.

"Ji Wubai, is that guy the one who almost killed you last time?" asked a war master of the temple.

"Yes, he is definitely not my opponent now, so he can only run!" Ji Wubai cursed in a low voice, "This guy's ability to escape is really top-notch!"

"He rescued the starman... Shall we go after him?" asked another war master of the temple.

"We are far away from the Temple of Heaven and Man, so it is very likely that we can't beat him!" Ji Wubai shook his head, and said: "Chen Xiang is very evil, anyway, we will kill all the stars sooner or later, didn't the female star die in our hands , is to die in the hands of the Temple of Time, let's go back first!"

After traveling through the space, the Mirror of Six Paths flew quickly. Chen Xiang was healing Qingxing's wounds. She was seriously injured, and her body was pierced by spears in many places. She was sobbing softly at the moment.

Chen Xiang didn't say anything, he was just helping her heal silently.

"Why...why...those people, why did they kill us? They clearly said before that they wanted to be friends with us..." Qingxing cried, "They killed my two brothers without giving any explanation...why ..."

Qingxing looks like a mature and stunning beauty, but in Chen Xiang's eyes, she is just a little girl who has not experienced much in the world.

"People's hearts are sinister!" Chen Xiang only said four words.

As long as you come into contact with all kinds of human beings, you will be beaten by all kinds of evil sooner or later. If you are lucky and strong, you can survive and learn a lesson.

"But...we didn't enmity with them at all. We never offended them. We were guests at their place before, and they invited us warmly. Why did they suddenly attack after we left?" Qingxing couldn't figure it out.

"They wanted to kill you from the very beginning, and they deliberately treated you nicely, just to make you relax. When they finally chased you out, did you still think that they were sending you away?" Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed.

Sunshine continued to cry.

She now somewhat understands why Chen Xiang said that people always feel pain when they are alive!

She also said before that she wanted to show Chen Xiang a happy life, and it hasn't been long since she experienced this kind of encounter. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang's actions, her encounter would be even worse.

"They killed my elder brother first, and then planned to take me back, saying that they would study me and make me have many children... They... are really a group of demons!" Qingxing's eyes were full of hatred.

"The most frightening thing is that these guys don't think they are doing evil." Chen Xiang said.

"I want to kill them all!" Qingxing shouted.

"It's difficult!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"Little brother, do you have a problem with them? You said earlier that that guy was your defeat? Can you defeat him? You don't look very strong!" Qingxing hoped to kill Ji Wubai quickly.

"They weren't that strong before. After the star change era began, they became stronger. It's mainly because of the Temple of Heaven and Man..."

Chen Xiang simply said that after the Celestial Temple devoured the stars, they became stronger, and then Ji Wubai and the others also relied on the power conveyed by the Celestial Temple to become strong.

"They didn't come after them because they couldn't stay away from the Temple of Heaven and Man, otherwise they wouldn't be my opponents."

When Chen Xiang fled, he intentionally left a lot of breath and clues, but Ji Wubai just didn't chase after him, so he was sure that Ji Wubai's power came from the Temple of Heaven and Man.

"Then why did they kill us?" Qingxing still didn't understand.

"Because you are stronger than them! They believe that you are difficult to control!" Chen Xiang said: "Those guys will think that everything beyond their control is caused by time disorder, and they want to correct all the power that cannot be controlled by them." Existence, for which it will not hesitate to destroy everything.”

Chen Xiang has long seen through, the Temple of Time and the Temple of Heaven and Man, they said they want to correct the disorder caused by time, but in fact they just don't admit that there are existences stronger than them, so they want to kill those forces that can override them.

For this reason, they used the power of time to distort time and space, resulting in many collisions and entanglements of time and space, which led to such chaos. This kind of chaos cannot be repaired, and it will only become more and more chaotic, and finally lead to destruction.

Chen Xiang told Qingxing a lot about the Temple of Time, the Heavenly Man of Time, and the Star Spirit Race.

Qingxing is only now gradually understanding how chaotic this world is.

"You stars, when you were stars in the past, you may have only seen humans passing by or descending on the stars. You can't understand human activities and various behaviors." Chen Xiang said: "Now, you have turned into humans , if you still maintain the previous thinking, then the end will definitely be miserable."

Sunshine is listening carefully.

Chen Xiang saved her, and she knew this place so well, she was also very grateful to Chen Xiang.

"In Tiangu Purgatory, or in other words, in this world, no one is invincible, and survival is the kingly way."

Chen Xiang took care of Qingxing's injury, and then began to **** out the remaining power in her body.

After Ji Wubai pierced her body, he injected a lot of messy tyrannical power, and was mutilating Qingxing's body.

"Chen Xiang, then what should I do to take revenge? And in the future, I have to resist being killed by them!" Qingxing asked.

"Unity! You need to unite the stars, or unite the forces of all parties." Chen Xiang said.

Qingxing just nodded, then closed her eyes and rested, her mood is much more stable now, and she also accepted the fact that her brother died.

The Divine Mirror of Six Paths flew towards Tianguxing at this time.

When he went back, Tian Guxing was still going through the tribulation.

Coming here, Qingxing was awakened.

Qingxing looked at Tianguxing in the distance, frowned and said, "What's the matter with this star? It's a very special star..."

Chen Xiang asked: "Qing Xing, what do you think of this star? It's been a long time since the tribulation has passed, and it still hasn't ended!"

Qingxing took a serious look, shook his head and said, "I'm not sure, I just think this star is a different kind, and it doesn't have the breath of a star."

Tian Guxing was originally a purgatory blood star!

What Chen Xiang is worried about now is what kind of mistakes Tian Guxing encountered when he was crossing the tribulation.

Qingxing said: "Brother Shen, I want to stay here, I want to watch this star survive the ancient calamity, is that okay?"

Chen Xiang nodded and said: "Yes!"

Chen Xiang was originally waiting for the end of the Tiangu Xing's tribulation.

They waited for a few days, but the ancient catastrophe was still going on.

But at this moment, there was a sudden strong spatial fluctuation in the distance.

Sensing that terrifying aura, Qingxing's expression changed, because it was the aura of the Temple of Heaven and Man she was very familiar with.

"The Temple of Heaven and Man is here!" Chen Xiang's face darkened, and he looked towards the area of ​​space fluctuations in the distance.

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