World Defying Dan God - Chapter 5208 Liu Dao Tian Gu

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The movement of Tiangu star is getting louder and louder, and the Temple of Heaven and Man has already sensed it. They are also worried that Tiangu star will bring them a great threat in the future, so they use a lot of energy to jump in space.

Chen Xiang watched from a distance, while Qingxing was extremely worried, she knew very well that they would definitely not be able to defeat the Temple of Heaven and Man now.

However, if the Temple of Heaven and Man gets the ancient star, it will definitely be stronger, and it will be even more difficult for them to beat them in the future.

"Is there any other way?" Qingxing was very sad and frustrated, and even shed tears.

"Of course there is a way!"

Chen Xiang still has one last move, but he is not sure if it is feasible, if not, he can only think of a way to detonate Tianguxing in the end.

Tianguxing is shrinking while crossing the catastrophe. After shrinking, it can enter the magic mirror of six paths.

But now that the Temple of Heaven and Man has arrived, the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths is no longer allowed to survive the Great Tribulation.

Chen Xiang still has an ancient star of the Six Paths in the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths. What he needs to do now is to release the ancient star of the Six Paths and integrate it into the ancient star of the sky.

In this way, Tianguxing will definitely undergo great changes, and the robbery power will definitely increase at that time.

The advantage is that the powerful calamity brought by it will definitely scare away the Temple of Heaven and Man, but the disadvantage is also great. If the ancient star cannot stop the great calamity, it will definitely be destroyed.

So Chen Xiang is gambling now!

Even if you can't keep the ancient star, you can't let the Temple of Heaven and Man get it.

Chen Xiang secretly contacted Lingxu and told his plan, Lingxu also agreed.

Chen Xiang released the Magic Mirror of Six Paths.

A black ancient star of six paths emerged from the mirror surface of the huge mirror of six paths, and then rushed towards the ancient star of heaven.

Seeing the Ancient Star of Six Paths, Qingxing was also taken aback, because she had never seen such a powerful yet small star.

"Brother Shen, did you create that? How did you create it?"

Qingxing has a strong feeling for stars, she can feel that the stars are not natural stars.

"The creation process is very complicated!" Chen Xiang said.

"Brother Shen... You intend to enhance the Great Tribulation of the Ancient Heaven and scare away the Temple of Heaven and Man, don't you?" Qingxing also saw Chen Xiang's intention.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Although that star entered Tianguxing, the enhancement of Tiangu Great Tribulation is limited, because Tianguxing is stronger than that star." Qingxing shook his head and said: "With the current strength of Tianren Temple, I am not afraid at all. "

Chen Xiang also knew this, but he can only gamble now, he sighed and said: "Let's take one step at a time!"

Qingxing said: "Let me enter that star, I can guide the star, I can make the Great Tribulation stronger, and I will definitely scare away the Temple of Heaven and Man."

"But it's dangerous!" Chen Xiang said.

"It's not dangerous, I know the stars very well! This ancient star is very confused now, although there are protoss, but the prosthetics don't know what will happen in the future." Qingxing said.

"Okay, you go and try! If it's really dangerous, remember to run out quickly." Chen Xiang hesitated for a while, and agreed to Qingxing.

He took Qingxing there, and then let Qingxing fly to Tianguxing by himself.

At this time, the Temple of Heaven and Man has released its power, ready to attack Tianguxing.

While dealing with the Great Tribulation, Tianguxing resisted the interference from the Temple of Heaven and Man.

Qingxing quickly entered the interior of that star, and without knowing what she did, she soon dominated the operation of Tianguxing.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that Qingxing could actually control Tianguxing to move fast, which was something Tianguxing could not do before.

You must know that the current Tianguxing is not the same. While surviving the Tiangu Great Tribulation, it also faces pressure from many parties.

But Qingxing can control Tianguxing to move quickly, how did it do it?

Lingxu can't do this, but he is still in contact with Chen Xiang now.

"Master, a woman came in just now, is that the Qingxing girl you mentioned? She is really powerful!" Lingxu said: "As soon as she came in, she completely controlled Tianguxing."

"Really? You couldn't do this before?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can't do it. Although I am the protoss of the ancient star, I can't do anything beyond my strength." Lingxu said.

Although the ancient star is moving, the ancient catastrophe is still moving with it.

After the ancient star circled far away, it suddenly rotated rapidly, and then rushed towards the temple of heaven and man.

The Temple of Heaven and Man did not expect this huge star to be so flexible suddenly, and could only immediately mobilize the strongest energy to avoid it.

Under Qingxing's control, Tianguxing kept chasing the Temple of Heaven and Man.

Although the Temple of Heaven and Man is large, because it has enough energy reserves, it can move quickly by relying on various large formations.

If this continues, the Temple of Heaven and Man will definitely not be able to hold on, because once the ancient star approaches, it will definitely attract a strong celestial calamity.

Chen Xiang also understood Qingxing's thinking, that is to use offense instead of defense, anyway, Chen Xiang has already decided to go all out, this method is really worth a try.

"Brother, it's okay for her to be on the road so soon!" Sister Xiaojing laughed.

"After the experience, you will grow up!" Chen Xiang said: "The Temple of Heaven and Man can't take it anymore, facing the ancient catastrophe, everyone is very afraid."

Two days later, the Temple of Heaven and Man couldn't survive, so they could only retreat, otherwise they would consume a lot of energy and be very dangerous.

After the Temple of Heaven and Man left, Qingxing still did not come out from inside Tianguxing, as if guiding Tianguxing to cross the catastrophe.

Chen Xiang has taken the ancient star of six paths into it now, and the ancient star of six paths has merged into the ancient star of Tian, ​​so he doesn't know what the situation is now.

Chen Xiang originally planned to ask Lingxu, but found that Lingxu could not be contacted.

Just when he was in a hurry, he suddenly saw a white light flying out. He thought it was a sunny star, but saw an old man flying towards him.

What flew out turned out to be Lingxu!

"Lingxu, why is it you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Master, why are you so disappointed when you see me?" Lingxu laughed and said, "Tian Guxing is given to that Qingxing girl, it's better to let her take care of it, she's more professional, I'm too useless."

"Is this the result of your discussions?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yeah! She told me a lot of things, I can't remember... I only know that she is a person who is transformed into a star, and she has experienced the process of star transformation that the stars have experienced, so she is the most suitable star spirit of the ancient star. "Lingxu smiled and said: "Now I can be at ease, and I can travel to the ancient purgatory."

Chen Xiang didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, but if there was no Qingxing, Tianguxing couldn't get rid of the Temple of Heaven and Man just now.

Chen Xiang also knew that when Qingxing entered Tianguxing, he would definitely want to use Tianguxing's power to fight against the Temple of Heaven and Man, and this coincided with him.

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